Saturday, December 26, 2009

i've been hiding in my cocoon and it hasn't done me good.those who have been sticking up for me ,for the past several weeks , thanks a bunch kay! and now i choose to go back to my old URL and just act like nothing has happened,i hope this does me good in the end.insyaAllah

Friday, December 25, 2009

such a beautiful week,yet it ended ugly

last night was a blast,spent the whole night at mimi's and I felt free to pour her with my super sad devastated I was that day because I just felt dumb.DUMB.i'll tell you briefly about the situation .when you learn something , you may get into confusions.its ok to have misconceptions at first.but as you tend to get along the learning system and unfortunately you tend to always I repeat well nearly always have misunderstandings its sickening!its almost making me bonkas knowing that I always have misconceptions in learning , but to be TOLD straight on my bloody face that I'm always facing misconceptions makes me feel like a damn klutz!after that,I became irrational and spent the hours in a tale of woe and puddles of one cared and no one took me times to knock some senses out of me and realise.He was with me all along.through joys and sorrows He was always with me.How self-centered i was all along.i know some may see
'nah,its not a big deal'
''ll learn as you go through'
but all i wanted was some comfort,listen to what i was saying and pleasing me with warm smile.thanks a lot for the piece of advice last night,it really did build some strength in me.

thanks to mimi and jannah for total darlings,thanks wanee for caring and such thankful appreciation to jawaher for being there and hope you will always be there.

p/s i tend to like this picture lol

its a picture of smiling faces from jawahir,aini,anis and azila.try look beyond these four people in the picture and you'll see me and mimi.hope we are all blessed by Allah.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

24 12 09 an amalgamation of blissfulness

dear ifah,

happy birthday~
thanks to Allah you've reached 17
its not like everyday you get to be at this particular age
may your wishes come true
and be delighted of what you've become,
know that we all love you ok!
i love you so much!
be a darling ~


dear una

congratulations dear
for getting 9As
reminiscing the good old days when I was at you place
there's so much a head
don't feel cosy and tend to sit down and relax
buck up and prepare for next year,
being a form four student is way tougher and challenging
but then again
enjoy the days of victory and never forget Him who answered your prayers,alhamdulillah!

from aqeelah the kakak mithali
call me a bummer or even a wimpy matter how bright the sun shines or how wonderful the day was,i just can't seem to get out and generate sweat.i'd rather sit at my cosy place in the corner of my apartment or rather get exhausted from running upstairs and downstairs of the staffroom staircase,or else be at the freezing library till late evenings but to see me at the field, i don't think so.i know you need to at least,get out!capture some fresh air,they always try to convince me to get out and run around,but i politely deny and escape myself.well,lets call it an end for 2009 which means an end for the monsoon season in simple words goodbye rainy days.and to think for three consecutive days,my housemate,well not entirely all but one of them has been playing around getting all muddy and sweaty at ktt's fine field.she even came back with a grin last night,saying she won over futsal 6-2 and scored nearly half of it.bullseye!so yeay!i'm happy for her alright.but then again,when will i be dragging my lazy bones to at least do a breeze walk outside the apartment?suddenly i'm starting to have nauseate feelings because i haven't been refreshing the air inside me efficiently due to lack of fresh air inhaled!and to think i was just after reading about emphysema.briefly,rupture of the elastin walls,lead to some alveoli burst and bronchioles collapse and so the air can't be refreshed.and all that is thanks to mr tar!but I know I'm no where near emphysema (i hope so) so I should be thankful and actually take care of my own health instead of being  a total nuisance!so i'm not vowing or anything,i just hope that i'll be at the field one day.i should do that as soon as possible,right?

how on earth could you be excited about feskot?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I go to malls, I see christmas trees everywhere and glittery decorations dangling here and there.I here christmas carols at every corner and every shops seem to be having mega sales(I guess I'm counting on that one).but deep down in me,I still don't see the rational reason why we actually have to do all these things and decorate thoroughly.wait!this has definitely got nothing to do with racism.of course not.its just,whats up with the christmas tree,santa and rudolf the red nose reindeer thingy?It's not like Malaysia's going to be snowing this december(and everyone knows that)!Unless,I definitely mean unless,Allah wants it to snow here,then it'll snow.Regardless,what's the fuss about it?I reckon I should sit back and think again.Have a merry december.

credits to patty
should have done this ages ago...
and i do really mean long time ago
oh well here goes nothing


All 12

from left : fauzi,safwan,amirul,nuril,zulhilmi,wafie,zaim
miss halimahtun,sufian,faizal,idris,zakwan

from left (behind):nadirah
nadiah,ayunie,jawahir,miss halimahtuh,zuraidah,nabila
zawani,azila and ilani

salam maal hijrah

salam maal hijrah to all muslim readers out there!Its good to start a new year with a new refreshing is already 2 muharram 1431,and yet if we reflect the islamic history,we realise that islam has always faced its ups and started ages ago when our great great ancestors prophet adam (as) was sent down to earth from heaven.him and eve help make the earth alive with the help from our creator, and since then islam has been evolving.every prophet had there own teaching style of the ad-deen accordingly and our generation as we are all well awared,that obviously we are following the Al-Quran and sunnah.we heard sometimes about sacrifice of the sahabat to protect islam , how bilal bin rabah managed to yell Ahad! Ahad! eventhough the musyriks was jeopardizing him.and to think many more of these cruel intentions and actions done by the musyriks in order to weaken the muslims,but alas! none gave up nor did they step back,but Rasulullah and the sahabat became more determined that Allah was with them no matter what.after various villain actions until the islam people had reach a dangerous level to continue living in mecca,Allah insisted rasulullah and the sahabat to move on and migrate to madinah.ever since then,islam has been spreading vigorously that in no time,islam was known world wide,after generations and generations and way long after Rasulullah last breath,Islam had conquered 2/3 of the earth.superb, wasn't it!and the main factor at that time was due to magnificent leaders.khalifah played a very big role in an islam community.but as islam got more developed and everyone was living in their comfort zone,in 1942 the khalifah was pulled down by the laknatullah mustafa kamal and the ummah went trembling down with it.since then,islam has been gasping for help but seem to continue falling and falling until,i know that it doesn't seem logical islam has fallen,because we live in malaysia a harmonious country,where everyone is practicing islam and we label ourself as an islamic country,but nevertheless is it actually agreed that islam is practiced nationwide!we see girls flicking there hairs left and right and proud to show it off!we see girls half naked and sometimes not even embarassed to show their whats not to be shown!we see tonnes of boys smoking and injecting themselves with heroins,marijuana to name some.we see girls and boys holding hands,smooching and rubbing each other in public without having a certified relationship.what the heck is this! whats happening to Malaysia! why isn't anyone practicing islam when they claim they're muslim.hey! the word ISLAM on the identity card wasn't written there just for fun.there is a reason,a reason that needs us to go back to the main road,the road which takes us to no other than the most place all people want to be, to ensure all of us actually managed to be on that road,we have to correct ourselves and know the priority of living,its not JUST to succeed and have a career,its not JUST to have everlasting fun while we are still alive,its not JUST about having a perfect family with a loving ahlul bait but its all about being a khalifah and being an 'abid (that is performing any type of ibadah).the alquran has stated in surah al baqarah:30 and surah ad-dzariyat:56


وَإِذْ قَالَ رَبُّكَ لِلْمَلاَئِكَةِ إِنِّي جَاعِلٌ فِي الأَرْضِ خَلِيفَةً قَالُواْ أَتَجْعَلُ فِيهَا مَن يُفْسِدُ فِيهَا وَيَسْفِكُ الدِّمَاء وَنَحْنُ نُسَبِّحُ بِحَمْدِكَ وَنُقَدِّسُ لَكَ قَالَ إِنِّي أَعْلَمُ مَا لاَ تَعْلَمُونَ﴿2:30﴾ 

When your Lord said to the angels: ‘I am placing a caliph on earth,’ they replied: ‘Will You put there one that will do evil and shed blood, when we have for so long sung Your praises and sanctified Your name?’ He said: ‘I know what you do not know.’ 

He taught Adam all the names and then set them before the angels, saying: ‘Tell me the names of these, if what you say be true.’ ‘Glory be unto You,’ they replied, ‘we have no knowledge except that which You have given us. You alone are wise and all-knowing.’ Then said He to Adam: ‘Tell them their names.’ And when Adam had named them, He said: ‘Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven and earth, and all that you hide and all that you reveal?

Tafsir (Commentary):
Everything in nature is required to function according to a norm set for it by God. To follow this norm is to “make peace,” while to deviate from it is to spread corruption. No individual or nation has the permission of God to act in a manner that disrupts the order of nature as established by Him. For example, no man should take the life of another: all actions of this nature disqualify mankind from receiving God’s mercy. But when God created man, He decreed that man should have power and the freedom of will to wield it. This is what God meant when He spoke of Adam as a ‘caliph’. (The literal meaning of ‘caliph’ is ‘one who takes another’s place’—a successor. In the age of hereditary rule, it was generally used for a monarch who took the place of another monarch. According to this usage, the word came to refer to one invested with power.)
The angels, for their part, were apprehensive of man being corrupted by his own power and free-will. As it turned out, their fear were well-founded. Man’s greatest crimes, next to denial of His Lord, were to spread corruption and cause bloodshed throughout the world. And this was a possibility of which God was fully aware. But He had a particular reason for investing man with power and free will: if many human beings were corrupted by their power, this would be morally counterbalanced by the acknowledgment on the part of a substantial proportion of mankind that, in spite of their power and freedom on earth, they were in actuality powerless before the one Almighty God. Such people would, of their own accord, adopt the path of submission and obedience to God. Albeit comparatively few in number, they would be specially prized above all others, just as the foodgrains at harvest time, although greatly outweighed in bulk by chaff and straw, are the truly valued part of the crop. (Indeed, if the chaff and straw are permitted to grow, it is solely for people to have access to the grain.) 
The mixture of good and evil in mankind became evident when God, in His omnipotence, brought all the progeny of Adam before their first father. He said to the angels: ‘Look, these are the progeny of Adam. Can you give me the name of each one of them, and say what sort of people they will be?’ The angels, having no knowledge of them, were unable to answer. Then God told Adam their names and characteristics, and then commanded him to pass the knowledge on to the angels. When Adam had explained to them the nature of the human race, they realized that, besides the wicked and the corrupt, there would also be among their number great, righteous and pious souls.


Sahih International
And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.
Tafsir al-Jalalayn
And I did not create the jinn and mankind except that they may worship Me: the fact that disbelievers do not worship [God] does not contradict this [statement], since a purpose does not have to be realised [in an act, for it to be valid], as when you may say: ‘I sharpened this pencil in order to write with it’, even though you might not actually write with it.

 try inculcating these visions in our hearts because our heart will help us relocate our position and bring us back on track!try digging back our old habits where we used to read the holy quran daily,recite ma'thurat as early as dawn and as late as dusk,performing sunah prayers and many more to list down.where exactly is our iman level?try sit down and give some thoughts about it....
try putting three adorable little kids in a room
what do you get?
sweet chipmunks!

ainul mardhiah
ainul madihah
sumayyah adni

kudos to their parents for raising three sweeties as healthy as ever!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

suddenly i feel like humming this song
again and again
oh no...
the tears are flowing again
i'm heart broken...
i know ... its a christmas song
but try read between the lines
all i want for christmas is YOU
jolly i need the love of my family back
is there something really wrong
or i'm the one who's fidgeting!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

rise and shine people!its such a wonderful day today.and it is the feeling that you gain whenever you are in cloud nine.its not everyday you get to be on that cloudy you know!its nearly a week the curtains of the new semester has been pulled open.and as everyone in sepang knows.the weather has been always bright and shiny as are the days there.just got all my results.i guess i'm going to be a permanent library consumer.well what do you expect!its only average but above my own par.I aimed for 70 above and alhamdulillah I got all B's.
I feel so grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to get this kind of result.i know its not a big deal and WTH its not like I got all As.duh...still can't seem to beat the awesome loony or even pass the cut off point,pity me.But when you are the kind of student,who always stares dumbfounded at the board whenever lectures over,the regular faces seen in the staff room,always difficult to understand a topic and typically slow in's the sweetest thing to ever put in simple words,I'm glad Allah answered my DOAs.Alhamdulillah.But,it's not like I'm satisfied or what,its not even close to that,theres still a long way to go,tonnes to catch up and understand and loads of endeavors to be put in,in order to pass Alevel course.I still am going and will always ensure that I'm the typical so called geeky kiki, to be stuck up in the gigantic refrigerator,none other than KTT's beloved library.

wish me luck y'all
lust wears of just like sweeping off dust

i guess i wasn't in love with you after all!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I was blog walking and I came across this blog who i obviously don't even know.then I suddenly couldn't let my eyes off a caption he wrote

to stalk is capricious , being stalked is a compliment.
it is a little preposterous, yet funny.


Friday, December 11, 2009

it's raining cats and dogs with thunderstorm whacking your bedroom window every are scared to death and try to curl yourself  as small as possible because you feel you're as cold as ice cubes and wish you had fur like the polar bears to resist the wander in your labyrinth of thoughts and end up drift off.the moment you awaken,it has stopped raining.what a relief!you peep out of the windows and is mesmerized too see the most captivating rainbow ever!you are in cloud nine and the whole world is enlighten by the smile on your face.


voila bean.literally-rainbows are AWEsome and they can put a smile on anyones face.figuratively-life has the ups and downs in it.if you always face the dark side.don't sink into misery.there will always be the bright side in matter what.

its been long and i really mean  L O N G time since i talked to you bean.and i enjoyed every minute.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


time constrain:a couple years ago
damsel A and damsel B were walking hands in hands.they knew they were going to be best pals forever.both were noisy and sometimes a little outrageous but they were definitely the down to earth type.they had differences that were negligible enough to complement each other.they were each other's shining armour and shared giggles,tears,gossips and the list goes on.but one day which turned out to be a turning point towards their friendship,B was asked out and began courting.Their friendship started to mess up and A and B wasn't seen anymore holding hands.


time constrain:a couple of years after school
damsel A and damsel C were always seen walking twosomes.they still weren't best friends yet,but A secretly adored C.whenever C was distressed A felt the pain too.she didn't know about C but she just had to protect was loud,the other was a little loved to talk and she could bear talking till the wee hours,while the other one merely scarce,they both had each other.they continued having each other until one fine day came,C was eyed by someone,she was proposed and A was once again left behind.their friendship began to scotch and A immediately remembered her relationship with B back then.was it going to end like that too?

all in all

  • their friendship were always in harm when the opposite sex interferes
  • A was always left behind ,forgotten and eventually vanished
  • B and C were happy enough to lead a future with colourful rainbows ahead
  • when will A ever meet her soulmates
  • A still misses the golden times with B and C and them too.
the story above is merely a tale told by an amateur story teller.gosh,hope that didn't sound cheesy.

swiss quote

unus pro omnibus , omnes pro uno

one for all,all for one

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

thanks for the poem abah!

How does it feel when the amalgamation of sadness and joy linger together?How can you cherish love to the beloved ones?What do you do when you request for something and straight away get it?absurd,overjoyed and bizarre is what I can merely say for now? Since little,I was the apple of the eye.I get what I desire.They play the games according to my rules.I can boss anyone I like.I conquer everything.But sadly,due to all these,I lose respect,they don't turn to me,and the most thing I fear is they will hate me so much.That is why,day by day I'm determined to change.yet,I've never change but continue being a pain in the ass!I love these people.Terribly love them that if I lose them I end up shattered into pieces and i don't think it's going to be an easy task to fix me up again.Enough said!
Pin-drop silence
I need to get back into reality,I splash water to my face to wake up.To realise where I am standing and obviously to get going.So, while the time continues tick-ticking,the sun never fails to brighten the earth,the stars aren't tired to keep on dazzling and shimmering in the darkness and I,still standing on earth due to gravitational attraction and respirate,shall I bear in mind,that the most valuable piece that is bestowed upon me,is my heart.No matter what my future is,the heart needs to be seeded with iman and faith for Allah.When you tend to diverge from the right path,reevaluate your heart and ensure it is on the right track.

credits for my dearest abah because he accepted my request and dedicated a poem.he's the best father in the universe!here it goes~

The Light of Life

The sky is so high  ….
I never bother to notice
The sea is so deep….
 I never bother to dive in
The land is so beautiful….
 I never dare to scale
The wind blows swiftly ….
 I never feel the breeze
All things beautiful around me 
I never wanted to appreciate

How ignorant I was …..

What if …..
The sun stop shining
Or the rain stop pouring
There be no more rainbows
To paint the sky
What if ….
The heart stop pounding
Or the eyes stop blinking
There be no more rhythm 
To play the song of life
What if
The bees stop buzzing
And the birds stop tweeting
There be no more sounds
To play the music of nature

How ignorant I was …
To know to deny
The bounty and the blessings
From Allah Rabbul Jalil
But Allah is The Most forgiving
For giving me another chance
To see and to feel
The miracles of living

I could see
The light at the end of the tunnel
That will end the darkness
To open a new chapter 
Turn a new leaf
Start a new journey
Deep into the soul
Tattered with filthy actions
And dirty intentions

ALlahumma anta robbi  Laalila haiLla anta
kholaQtani wa ana abduka  wa ana ala ahdika
wawa’ dika mas tato’ tu
aboo ubi ni’mati ka ala ya wa aboo hu bizanbi
fagh fir li  fainnahu la yaghfiruzzunubaiLla anta

O Allah please accept my taubah
For You are the most forgiving
…and thank You
For this life…..

p/s I know the structures of sentences are quite mixed and match.Thats what I tend to ramble when my mind is muddled and disorganized,forgive me.When am I ever going to learn to sort out my priorities?
*heavily sighs*

think about it

On the authority of Abdullah bin Abbas, who said;One day I was behind the prophet and he said to me:

"Young man,I shall teach you some words[of advice]:be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect mindful of Allah,and you will find Him in front of you.If you ask,ask of Allah;if you seek help,seek help of Allah.Know that if the nation were to gather together to benefit you with anything,it would benefit you only with something that Allah had prescribed for you,and that if they gather together to harm you with anything,they would harm you only with something Allah had already prescribed for you.The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried."

narrated by Termithi,who said it is true and fine hadith.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

there's this new thing I just love doing right now.searching for super-duper cool icons.i'm going to paste some here and the person who designed these icons,thanks a did a great job!

credits to : 750virago
when will A levels end?
the journey's too long and I just can't wait to I come

credits to 750virago
when I was in primary,the first time I went in front of public was during a story telling I stammered and  tears of sweat dribbled down my body.I totally freaked out at first and nearly passed heart ached of misery and I felt like I better climb into my show boat and row all the way out of school!but deep down in me,something whispered,'just bear for one second,its nothing' and what shocked me was that I survived the competition,not only that I sang and did funny stunts that I had practiced with my abah and ummi.gosh,wasn't that a nice piece of experience i went through.and when I tend to think back about it,I chuckle to myself!I even remember the so long story's title.The Gingerbread Man

credits to fanel
i feel a little down today
does someone care to delight me with some candies?

credits to fanel

p/s thanks a bunch najwa!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I just love white so much...

credits to quatrex
the holidays are coming to its end.i guess i'll be closing the curtains of this year with piles and piles and definitely more piles of book

current addiction:

never take someone for granted,hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

srebrenica massacre

I was helping myself with this heartbreaking documentary.It was about Serbia or it used to be known as was particularly about ethnics cleansing. I realised that Bosnians Serb's didn't only act as villains to the Bosniaks (muslim) but they commited the attack in a very indescribable way.this massacre in serbia happened more then a decade ago yet ironically it happens everywhere,anywhere.the issue is simple,non muslims hate muslims and want to get rid of the muslims so they do anything as long as no muslims are left on earth!Iraq,afghanistan and now the latest news is regarding gaza in palestin.what's wrong with the non muslims?after torturing,tormenting,assasinating, what do they get?seeing rivers of bloods streaming within their feet,hundreds of bodies stacked high enough to build a mountain and people here and there dreading for their loved ones.I repeat,what do they get?satisfaction!fame!glory!Sadly in Malaysia,the citizens here just adore these west people,their lifestyle are exactly like 'those' fellas.from the tip of their heads to the lowest part of the body,everything is based on the western style,dreadful attires,scarred bodies,coloured hairs and the list goes on and what happened to the muslim community!hey ummah,rise up in the name of our ad-deen,bring back Islam!

islam Pictures, Images and Photos

for more info's about this genocide,feel free to browse


still under some ferocious attack
I can't even ventilate my air breathing properly
millions of thanks to ummi and abah for the support
I'll utilize it to the maximum and never again
will you hear any whining or grumbles
OMG what have I been doing

suddenly start thinking to make this blog a private blog.should I or should I not.(while plucking out petals)

Friday, December 4, 2009


I tend to blog every hour.whats wrong with me!but I must say my posts sometimes are super-duper lame.I want to write freely.I want to use English.I repeat proper English!yet how do you write posts that use appropriate language at the same time come out looking superb!I'm influenced by writing details of what happen to me that bores people to death.who the bloody hells want to know whats happening to your dead boring life.
Then again,the guilt has creeped in me again.Its like a silent killer.why should i care about what people care when they don't even care about you.fuh...thank god I stpped,it nearly turned into a tongue twister.
why do I blog?
for my own sake.
there's just this feeling when you spill everything out,you get a satisfaction that you get once in a blue moon.I must continue blogging.never ending posts.

get my own Pc
volunteer somewhere,somehow
get a sling bag
read bio,chem,physics('s the holidays!get a rest!)


Waking the girls up was quite an exhausting thing to do.they'll just peep behind their duvet and continue their so long never ending dreams.
well that includes me.and it nearly took the whole morning for everyone to get ready for breakfast.abah took us to uitm's cafe and everyone started choosing what to gobble up.i was totally ravenous,so i decided to have cheese omelet.and i must say if you mix it with baked beans,toast and sausage what do you get?a classical english breakfast, which leads to SUPER-LICIOUS.while waiting,ifah was suddenly Berita Harian which she took out of no where and started to pre-occupy herself with it.while flipping the pages,something caught my eyes.
*eyes shining*
Anugerah UPSR Negeri Terengganu 2009.

Abruptly I started to find my former primary school's name.after torturing the poor little newspaper,at last I caught the name of my school Sekolah Kebangsaan Sura.proudly,they produced many 5As kids.i must say Well Done to the adik-adik.
and to think its been nearly a decade well,approximately 6 years and I've never, even once been there again.There's always something that's stopping me from going there,but frankly speaking everything that happened during those special years at that schoolare kept safely inside my heart.I've never forgotten dear teachers,cikgu zawibah,teacher norlaila,cikgu sabariah,cikgu rohani.and my dear friends for being so quiet and isolating myself.i've never forgotten being scolded because I was too cheeky,never forgotten the puppy love that i once had.never forgotten the ups and downs that i had emotionally.never.
i yearn for you guys!and all I can wish that is,May Allah Bless you All.

from left(standing):me,sakinah,farahin,saadah,syaza,khairummin,salwani,syafinaz
from left(sitting):zawahir,hazwani,syuhada ,khalisha

p/s I love you~

Thursday, December 3, 2009


i was going through pictures that i put up on friendster and i found out too many memorable pictures,with families and friends.still i need to reminisce the days when i was addicted to edit photos or picniking,nearly every picture that i took was edited.i guess i should store them here after series of computer formatting ,my pictures have been deleted numerous times and i cant afford to lose more!!

with Tun Dr M during 2002 for the LHDN essay award

motivational quote during SPM

best buddy :shakira

English Language Society High Committee

sista's at school,kak long-farah,me and adik-meyo

a will by our debate leader kak ain

internet clan FAQE-farah,ezza,munira and me

my sisters for life-me,ifah,una,maryam


thats all for now

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it's a reminder for always demolish any temptations either physically or emotionally to still perform the solat.InsyaAllah

going bonkas!

I've just found out my holidays has been extended!
how good does that sound!
now i have to alter my plan before i end up hibernating this whole month
i thought beavers were just like that
didn't know I'm following their footsteps
anyway,if we sleep too much,is it going to deteriorate our mind?
hope not though.and i'm still wondering about the volunteer stuff,where am I suppose to do it?when should I start?am I going to finish up my days in front of the pc?

p/s i love questioning myself,yet no answers seem to pop soul is going dry and mind is clueless.really missing usrah's with sisters.
shoot for the moon,if you miss,you'll still land among stars!

question mark

the insanity of being outrageous has to be put to its end.
the feeling gets numb if it happens frequently
the fact of being uncontrollable isn't a good omen
the solution needs to be done immediately
do i have the will to do it
how on earth should i do it
please tell me

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

without words the heart knows

after tormented and battled through Finals,I'm currently home and addicted to the drama you're beautiful besides my routine that is arising at midday.the plot is cliche where the lady mi nyeo who has to possess as her brother mi nam being a singer of the most loved boy band of all time ANJELL.When the members end up to know shes a girl ,they all end , well what else can you think of,loving her of course.well theres of course the leading cast where the lady is acted by park shin hye and the man is jang geun seuk and they are pertty hilarious.its a mix of a pinch of coffe prince with some spray of boys over flowers,so why dont you give this a try.

theres this one scene that actually turns out to be the scene that makes me fall for this drama.when mi nam has to debut a song wrote by tae first she was pushed by her manager to sing it with her heart because they say she sings it she goes back to her village where in coincidence was her father's funeral and tends to try find the right feeling .as expected tae kyung follows her and she falls for him but can't actually tell him directly that she likes in the studio when she starts singing and tae kyung comes in,her heart explodes showing her affection towards him and she sings superbly well,but she turns out to feel sad because she can't directly say,i like you to dear tae kyung.and it hurts if your heart burst by the feeling of love towards someone but not telling that particular person,doesn't it?

hope you guys enjoy it though