Friday, December 4, 2009


Waking the girls up was quite an exhausting thing to do.they'll just peep behind their duvet and continue their so long never ending dreams.
well that includes me.and it nearly took the whole morning for everyone to get ready for breakfast.abah took us to uitm's cafe and everyone started choosing what to gobble up.i was totally ravenous,so i decided to have cheese omelet.and i must say if you mix it with baked beans,toast and sausage what do you get?a classical english breakfast, which leads to SUPER-LICIOUS.while waiting,ifah was suddenly Berita Harian which she took out of no where and started to pre-occupy herself with it.while flipping the pages,something caught my eyes.
*eyes shining*
Anugerah UPSR Negeri Terengganu 2009.

Abruptly I started to find my former primary school's name.after torturing the poor little newspaper,at last I caught the name of my school Sekolah Kebangsaan Sura.proudly,they produced many 5As kids.i must say Well Done to the adik-adik.
and to think its been nearly a decade well,approximately 6 years and I've never, even once been there again.There's always something that's stopping me from going there,but frankly speaking everything that happened during those special years at that schoolare kept safely inside my heart.I've never forgotten dear teachers,cikgu zawibah,teacher norlaila,cikgu sabariah,cikgu rohani.and my dear friends for being so quiet and isolating myself.i've never forgotten being scolded because I was too cheeky,never forgotten the puppy love that i once had.never forgotten the ups and downs that i had emotionally.never.
i yearn for you guys!and all I can wish that is,May Allah Bless you All.

from left(standing):me,sakinah,farahin,saadah,syaza,khairummin,salwani,syafinaz
from left(sitting):zawahir,hazwani,syuhada ,khalisha

p/s I love you~

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