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insha Allah

da'wah itu ada seninya,maka sampaikanlah al-haq itu dengan bersungguh-sungguh.

Z generation,they are cooler than you expected

I'm still here,even though being in a stuffy room which is cramp and having an insufficient air ventilation.After a day full of bliss and joys,I would just like to heave a relief for getting through the whole day,SubhanAllah.
Before i start on ranting about something I shouldn't,lets just say we had an awesome nisa' race,conducted by sisters from europe areas.There were four checkpoints and each one of them,had there own ibrah.And so,as a whole,what I could just say,we are all tied with a bond.ukhwah,and due to this bond we hold together,insyaAllah until we reach heavens, the bond stays there.
And now comes the highlights of the day,the playground invasion.
before I start,I would clarify a bit regarding this playground,it is situated in the middle of the neighborhood,where today,it was swarmed by childrens and bibiks,teehee.
all of us,decided to do some practical da'wah after learning theoretically the ways to da'wah.We swarmed the playground and everyone…

alunan kesedaran!

Ketika tuhan berkata kepadaku Takkah kau malu bermaksiat kepadaku?
 Kau sembunyikan dosa dari makhlukku         Tapi dengan penuh noda kau menghadapku?

puisi yang dibacakan oleh Abu 'Abdullah,salah seorang murid Imam Ahmad Al-Muntalaq Muhammad Ahmad Ar-Rasyid

grateful to still be breathing oxygen

Allah took care of everything!
Every single bit.

Ummi shared some words of wisdom,
we shouldn't fear the future and regret the past as Allah is wth us all the time.The more we sujud the closer we get to Him.

I love You.

flabbergasted to see 88 on the certificate!

what part have you played?

I had a small outing with my aunty,cik rah,her husband,ayah mi and their only girl,sumayyah.We went to nilai for dinner,and I was so hungry since I was fasting so I was so eager to start and gobble anything up.

So,one of a franchise restaurant was chosen.

As we sat down and finished ordering,my uncle went out to seek for a prayer room for maghrib.

He asked and sadly there were none in the restaurant.To bottle up the sadness,the workers said,they even prayed in a store near the kitchen.


gere banga sero!peseng apo ni!kato negaro isle,tapi bakpola isle ngekok kat negaro sdiri.nok smaye pong kena gi laing.bengong ko!(monolog dalaman)

And I found a prayer room inside a small cafe.My hypothesis was,exclusive places don't have prayer rooms and non-exclusive places do.

Berkiblatke kebarate banga-banga doh ni,tunduk ko set dio,kito pong ado maruah nge tanggung jawab weh sebaga muslim!(monolog dalaman)

The anger inside me stayed there until the whole dinner,but I wa…
have we reached halawatul iman?

"tiga perkara yg sesiapa memilikinya, maka dia memperoleh kemanisan iman;
1. Allah dan rasulNya lebih dikasihi olehnya 2. dia tidak mengasihi seseorang melainkan kerana Allah 3. Dan dia benci untuk kembali kepada kufur sebagaimana dia benci untuk dilontarkan kedalam api neraka."
(riwayat al-bukhari)

don't worry,it's just a blip!

Yes the heat is felt.results are coming out in less than a week and the people are posting ke'nervous'an of their feelings!
I don't know why,but I feel it too.A2 is months to go,but I feel that I am near the verge of giving up already.MashaAllah.
a lecturer once asked,
"who feels like they suit the position as a dentist?"
I rose my hand nonchalantly and I was the only one in the room to feel that way.
Oh yes,I am currently taking Alevels medicine though.
A levels - medical degree - housemanship - work as a medical officer
the pathway isn't as easy as typing it,its going to take ages! and I don't know whether I'll survive.Its painful to get exam results below fifty percent.Its choking me up when I don't get to understand stuff easily.Its suffocating me when I easily forget things.
all in all,I'm just tired of all these.
some may ask,whats wrong with you? yes,it may seem to them and to myself that I'm facing conflicts with myself,indeed so.I'm sca…

now I know why people can't simply say 'tak nak'

Whenever I start to lay cosily in my slumber,the strength of getting up and do daily job is uber difficult.I just have this strong addiction to sleeping and I can't say no.

It's tedious actually,especially when you have piles of jobs in front of you and just waiting for you to finish it up.But,you choose your precious 'baby' sleep instead of the jobs.For simplicity,I'll just say I'd rather procastinate  than do it immediately.Don't get me wrong, I'm not just simply using 'baby' sleep because I think I'm cute or anything.It's just that,I feel it is preposterous to sleep so soundly albeit an earthquake happening around you.But it happens.

And sadly,I'm among these preposterous people.

It's been prolonged since my childhood days the fact that I'm just into sleeping.Although ummi has nagged me numerous time,I just can't help it.

Whenever I sleep late,I wake up late and I've even tried to sleep early,but they gave the same…

kita bebas terbang laksana burung

thanks for the hospitality my dear spontaneous geek,

the marathon from 11 and upwards was a blast,



A note to God

is it a norm to feel scared?

is it a norm to feel butterflies and lots of other insects moving vigorously in the stomach?

is it a norm to feel restless ?

thats always felt when there are major things going on,especially when the time left is less than 24-hours.

but alas,

I almost forgot,I almost put aside,that the most vital part after our endeavors,is to leave the rest to our 'wakilan',who else than Allah the Almighty.

It is He that determines our ability and capability instantaneously.

It is He who will comfort us doing these stressful moments.

It is He who will be there for us.

It is He who loves us eternally.

It is He who awaits us in paradise.

Who are we to deny and who are we to forget,

Slaves who are always ungrateful and easily take things for granted.

I am sorry Allah for being ignorant and careless,

Bless me tomorrow and for the days onwards.


a glimpse of the past

In less than a week,I will be sitting for IELTS.An examination that is required to for a placement in the landa of Agra.Everyone are having hectic days,hustle and bustle here and there to prepare for this examination.

I am one of the thousand candidates who will sit for it this upcoming friday.To begin the story,so there I was nearly everyday having consultations with lecturers regarding loads of things.

Its a norm to see lecturers and let them talk to us,advice us and smile at us,but i was flabbergasted with this one lady for something she did,which was simple but remembered me of my memories in colchester a few years back.

I was with jawahir and we met her to check some essays and when we handed it in,coincidently,the the both of us forgot to put our names on it,now,how silly is that?

and so,she asked for my friends name and wrote it down for her.When it was my turn,she gave the sweetest smile that i have ever seen and in her gentle voice, said,

"and what is your name?"

I …

an e-letter from jakarta


alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah!

It's enchanting to chant gratitude to Allah the Almighty,besides,its just the matter of wanting or not.Today was a great day,despite of waking up late and missing the trip to Kuang,I'm just glad to say,it's good to be here,in ktt.

The excitement started when akhawat from new zealand and australia came to meet up with us.I was reunited with sis zayana,whom I just recently met during DI in taman botani,putrajaya and alhamdulillah,I got to meet more of them,sis izzati,sis husna,sis jannah,sis adnin,sis naya to name some.

we did a small liqa' on the field and after taarof they shared a lot experience they faced along the tarbiyyah journey , it was so inspiring.whenever we have liqa' like this,it was felt warmth and good.there was always a strong feeling of belonging and belonged and eventhough we just met.It felt like i had known them for years,thats why,what kak arifah said regarding ukhwah itu indah!, means a…

another day of sunshine which ended with a smile the other way round.

As we carry on our life,living to the fullest,the sun doesn't always shine brightly through out the day because it can start to rain in between.Recently,the days haven't been shiny days till the end,there were always thunderstorms in the middle.
I am categorized as a very impatient person,thus whenever I'm being pressured or I feel I have problems,I will start blaming people,and say bad stuffs.Now i know that isn't a very good habit to preserve,isn't it?So,I really do want to get rid of it.
So,thats one issue,another issue is I easily breakdown whenever I am in situations that make me stumble or easy said stressful,and I did it again today.After throwing my temper in front of my housemate,she managed to calm me down somehow,but because my anger had reach the verge of blowing up,I abruptly stood up and went to the rest room.I let everything out and wet my attire.It was so painful i couldn't care more,and so i went to perform my prayers.
Moving on,I met with the swe…