Eid-ul adha 1441

Smiles and laughters,  Are certainly the symphony of life,  Bringing joy and hope,  To a humans soul.  Hush hush go away,  Evil eyes and devils tear,  Bringing misery and doomsday,  To a dead soul .  Our prophet ibrahim,  Went through sacrifice,  One after another,  To prove the love of a soul to its Lord.  Eid ul adha,  Comes and go,  Year after another,  Does it enlighten us this year? 

What i like to do most.

Hi all, its me again(while sweeping dust and cobwebs of this blog). Its the 3rd day of raya aidil adha, 2nd day of august and still the days of tasyriq. Alhamdulillah, this year i managed to celebrate the month at home with my family again. Even though im a house officer and there are those outside who have to cover the floor to work on holidays like this, but God gave me the chance to have a break. Actually bila fikir balik, there is always a chance during my 2 years of working, I manage to squeeze in to celebrate it at home , syukur ya allah. Now we were at the loving room. As usual it was a place to talk about everything under the sun(besides the dining table that is). Anyway ummi was fondling her new Iwatch she got for her birthday, abah was on his favourite sofa scrolling his phone, maryam was on the floor, lying down minding the ceiling, and me and una was scrolling the phone too(oops, socializing in our own ways). i suddenly stopped and gave out a remark of how i think im ag

Malam ke dua puluh enam, ramadan 1441

Its midnight. And my eyes aren’t yet droopy. Probably because today is my off day thus i had plenty of time to rest. But im tired of myself. Tired upon realising how laid back i am this ramadan, and by the time i come to my senses, ramadan dah nak habis. I still remember i came across one poster my best friend shared about not to make this ramadan a hunger strike, only not eating and drinking. But not enough additional good deeds done 🙇🏻‍♀️. I must say this Ramadan is unique as its mco(movement control order). We have currently gone through restriction of movement due to a spread of a novel virus, coronavirus or now known as covid 19. Its pandemic and spreads globally to fast that the whole world had to go under certain quarantine to reduce spread. So all mass gatherings had to be withheld, kenduri, meetings, out and about to restaurants, malls etc was restricted. Including all religious gatherings. Thus ending up in a very quiet ramadan. Sudah lama tak tengok people berkerumujnfor s
why do I keep wanting to look at him. It must be an instinct, a basic instinct. Our eyes are alwasy drawn to pretty things. It doesn't mean we have affection for them. We just can't help but stare at them. Instinctually, that is. My ID is gangnam beauty, Ep 8

First day of life as a House Officer

Retrospective Entry on the 1st of December 2018 First poster and first tagger Bangun super duper lambat, thumb printed at 8.21 yet kena ada pada 8.15. My heart nearly stopped beating. That feeling was mixed with shock and frustration, I had a nerve wrecking feeling that my life has ended. What if they kick me out because I was super duper late? Impulsively, I didnt take any bath, I was just able to wash my face thus straightaway ran to pejabat pakar, we had to be there for briefings. Sighed with relief, belum start lagi briefings.Then by the time jumpa PA medical, Dr Kumutha(medical sp) and leaders, at that time Khai and Nabilla, we could buy some more time to relax thus i took a shower and properly prepared my bag(mind you at that time, I just lived next door, I stayed in the hostel) I Went back to work at 12 pm. Medical department, ward 10C. Many blood takings. Just too much. Because it was a dengue ward, so we had to take the patients blood according to the phase of dengue

5 mac dua puluh delapan belas

Hari ini sudah memasuki bulan ketiga untuk tahun dua puluh lapan belas ni. And its the fifth month since i last sat in the examinations hall. I'm just glad I've finished my bachelor degree after nearly a decade of battle to get that piece of scroll. So now is the moment of actually reflecting and reflecting of what lies ahead of me. Hmmm Dan kan masa lapang dan syabab adalah dua entiti yang membahayakan, dan sesungguhnya aku terasa bahang itu. Sampai satu masa, diri sudah tak tertahan dan memesej murabbi untuk nasihat. kata murabbi, awak tengah idle phase, as long as awak still ada rasa sensitiviti bahawa sesuatu itu salah atau dosa, maka keep on moving and keep on asking from Him. keep on swimming and swimming - finding nemo I'll try, inshaAllah.
Where can I find the city of shining light,  In an ordinary world? How can I leave a buried treasure behind,  In an ordinary world? The days into years roll by,  It's where that I live until I die,  Ordinary world   What would you wish if you saw a shooting star ,  In an ordinary world?  I'd walk to the end of the earth and afar In an ordinary world Baby, I don't have much.  But what we have is more than enough,  Ordinary world. Where can I find the city of shining light?  In an ordinary world.  How can I leave a buried treasure behind?  In an ordinary world. Baby, I don't have much.  But what we have is more than enough.  Ordinary world - green day Life is to continue living in this ordinary world and feeling contented.