Saturday, February 25, 2012

don't you know she is my favourite girl
want to run away for days with her

I thought I was mad with you,
I thought I was done with you,
but the bond lasts forever remember,
who am I to deny,
I'm sorry.

| until when ? قصة طفل سوري

where is the khilafah of the ummah,
to protect every single people of the ummah ?
where are the people of the ummah,
to say out loud the shahadah ?

| phase four

This is serious ukhti's and akhi's,
Let's shower the spirit of jihad just like our brothers and sisters in Syria !

Saturday, February 18, 2012

| when the lady falls in love

And it's true,when you are in need of someone,this hero of you will always come along,to embrace your heart,and will always be the knight in shining armor.

Friday, February 3, 2012

| the smile on your face makes me know that you need me

skyped with ifah,maryam and una and it made my day ! We had such a long conversation and just as I was about to close the computer, I saw wanee online and decided to have some chit chat with her,the thing was, I was able to chat with mayang and nadhirah!



Its like you were given an ice cream with chocolate toppings and with a strawberry on top,awww thats scrumptious isn't it?

Anyway,alhamdulillah,the talks with beloved really was pengubat rindu to me :)

loves to all that I love <3

| one freezing day

“Orang mukmin yang kuat LEBIH BAIK DI SISI ALLAH dan LEBIH DIKASIHI daripada orang mukmin yang lemah, sedangkan setiap seorang itu mempunyai kebaikannya ; oleh itu hendaklah engkau bersungguh-sungguh berusaha memperoleh apa yang memberi manfaat kepadamu, serta hendaklah meminta pertolongan Allah dan janganlah engkau bersikap segan dan malas; dan sekiranya engkau ditimpa sesuatu, maka janganlah berkata, ‘Kalaulah aku lakukan itu ini, tentulah terjadi begitu begini’, tetapi katakanlah ‘Allah telah takdirkan, dan apa yg dikehendaki oleh kebijaksanaaNya Ia lakukan, kerana perkataan ‘kalau’ itu membuka jalan kepada hasutan syaitan.”
 (hadith riwayat sahih Muslim).

|mirror mirror on the wall

an ukhti did something so sweet to me,
and since it was beyond what I expected,
a greet of jazakillah was all that I could give

but alas!

she noticed something wrong and quickly but softly corrected me,

"what does jazakillah means aqeelah?"
smiling while shrugging the shoulders
"it means May Allah Reward you,so whenever you want to thank an ukhti,never forget to finish up the sentence,say jazakillah khayr,which means, may Allah grant you with goodness."

and I smiled back at her,
"jazakillah khayr ukhti"

and till now,
i will never forget that, inshaAllah

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

| taking a sip of coffee

yesterday night,

my floor mates requested to see the videos when me,ifah and una were kiddos,i barely remembered most of them thanks to my dear hemisphere cerebrum,but i'm glad i can still see that I had so much fun,

those days when we couldn't care less about money or looks,those days when we were carefree and just enjoyed the great blue sky,strolling in castlepark pretending to be butterflies and flying in the winds,

those were memories
and good ones,

I vow myself to create memories too,enjoy life and be grateful to whatever that will be stored ahead,life is short,but memories are infinite.

And I'm so glad along the journey,I knew Him <3

| a tale for an ukhti

Dear Adilah,

I know a lot of stuff are going on to us all,separated by miles away,going on life,solving problems realising that only Allah will never leave our side,swallowing the fact that we are not as close as we used to be,but thank god,no feeling of anxiety or awkwardness anymore,no jealousy or fed ups of emotions,no su'uzhun or expectations,and accepting each other for who we are,alhamdulillah

how does it feel,when you are not anymore together with your best friend?
a room mate of mine asked,

it made me ponder,it doesn't matter,as long as we are friends because of Him,even if we couldn't communicate for a couple of years,only the fact of wireless doa to know that the friend is okay

because you know,that deep down,you love this friend of yours because of Allah.

So my friend,

Happy Birthday,
May Allah Bless you,
And may your wishes and prayers are answered by Him