Sunday, September 27, 2009

snap...snap...[part 3]

yum..yum...the nasi bukhari was undescribable...along with the choc moist cake..umphh

a little briefing by ayah jeet before taking their family pic.(happy belated b'day adib-1909)

sisters in action!

credits to photographer-ifah

snap...snap...[part 2]

its just good to be home,isnt it...


3 generation-atuk,abah,ahmad

with atuk and nenek

with tok mok

down the memory lane [part 3]

venue: DM
date:not sure
remark-petrified (in a good way of course) to bump into this picture.its so precious!half of the people in the pictures are future docs and engineers,good luck guys,may Allah bless us,insyaAllah

venue:4 balqis
date:9th july
remark-a norm for boarding school students i suppose(whos with me),are there such things at college,i dont think so,but who knows?!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

heading my way back to college

The holidays are nearly over,which means that college is about to open I ready for it?got several checklist before I go back

read biology - chapter DNA
do chemistry-practice examinations for chapter 1,2,3
do physics-Mr Zaini's compilation
do maths-past years Q

I'm nearly done with some yet there's still which I haven't even started.what a shame!Now I think I'm beginning to feel the heat of the journey towards being a doctor- insyaAllah.How does it feel when a relative of yours come to you with a smile and says while patting your back 'the future doctor,don't forget to give us treatments in future...heheh' and I smile and laugh back.Yet,when I sit back and think,wondering and realising how important this is ,not for my own bloody sake,but for the people around me.It effects me,in a way!My atuk and nenek aren't thoroughly well for the time being.its a norm of 'sakit orang tua' but they really hope to see me being their tok mok is also not that well,and I hope I still have the opportunity to treat her one day.i love them all,my parents,grandparents,families,relatives,muslims,and people on earth.for the sake of Allah,I'm going to take this challenge and determined to become doctor Aqeelah InsyaAllah.don't look back you have a gigantic responsibilty ahead

getting ready to let the study conquer me .I'm going to let myself be a physic maniac,a maths maniac,addicted to chemistry crazy and induced with bizarre biology!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

snap...snap...! [part 1]

manage to fit in some pictures from my phone.the girls wore abaya and ahmad with his jubah. l.o.v.e. them so much!

eid mubarak everyone!

Friday, September 18, 2009

15 09 09

first of all

thanks to my ummi for the delicious tiramisu cake!

i'm 18 now

and fully legal to do a lot of things

i've got a lot of wishes

a lot of dreams

a lot of goals to aim

either long term nor short

to name some

not to become a sleep freak

a much nicer nicer sister

addition of ibadah sunat

and last but not least

pass A level

and I hope they will all come true


a sweet gift

talking about memories in KTT

theres loads of it


but I must say

the 'break' fast at restaurant Bandar Baru Nilai was the best

because it fell on my birthday

I loved it and appreciated every second

though it was just a coincidence

that we went out on my birthday

but the bonding between us was marvellous

love you guys

this is the sweetest gift anyone could ever give


ALL 12

ukhwah fillah,abadan abada

eid mubarak!


where are you guys?

missing you guys like always

wanee-so sorry for the abrupt going home thingy , I couldn't do anything about it though...

miza-really wanting to hear your consolation again...

nadh-I want to see you more alive,dont be sad anymore...

to you guys

if theres anything I did that hurt you guys,apologies from head to toe

selamat hari raya

eid mubarak!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


a superb date
for an amazing lady
living her life to the fullest
I know its very late to post this
yet I still need to convey this message
with all my heart and soul
happy birthday
dear zawani
may Allah bless you
it 's not everyday you wake up
and find yourself eighteen , right?
enjoy yourself
you are who you are suppose to be...
thats all I have for the time being

Saturday, September 5, 2009

unity creates integrity

It was an exciting day today,I met up with my colleagues from scipp and we chatted like the world was ours!They are all studying from various colleges and doing a levels and foundations.Really miss them and glad that we are united again.Che su,a'a,reyhan,gira,bytol .Really miss you!Hope we'll unite again someday.In India maybe?oops gira,I forgot,we'll visit you in czech republic somehow.May Allah bless us.InsyaAllah.

keretapi tanah melayu (ktm)

I usually don't like the idea to actually bombard people through words especially related to the government,but last night was beyond the limits.I've had enough of ktm!i was on my way from nilai station to shah alam,but of course we had to transit at kl first,my patience was beginning to diminish when I was packed inside the nilai train.mashaAllah the train was so packed and we were squashed like maggots!I was with mayang and I must say I was lucky that I had a companion!I was relieved once I reached kl sentral but it was already 5 so I was eager to reach shah alam as quick as I can.I ran to the other platform and waited for the train to pelabuhan klang.I waited and waited ,at last the train came,at the exact moment people swarmed the train ,suddenly the guard officers who were on duty blew their whistle because it was full.Damn it! I was just this close to get inside the train.i was determine to board the next train so I went to perform Asar Prayer first.But the next train came and again I was being push by a sea of 'delocalised' people and didn't manage to board the train.the people increased and then I realise that malaysians population are surely increasing tremendously.There were so many that I really couldnt help it but ask myself , where on earth do these people come from?!After several attempts,I managed to squeeze in the fourth train and was on my way back.But by then it was 7 and I was totally exhausted that I couldn't think properly ,talk or even walk.All I wanted back then,was to reach home.Alhamdulillah I reached home.But I swore to myself that ktm was surely my last resort of public transportation.Come on KTM! , you surely need to do something about this problem,people are increasing day by day,so for the benefits of the people,surely an addition of trains and the time interval of a train and the train after it ,must be shorten too.I may use the ktm in future,yet the incident that happened last night will be carved in my heart.

I wonder

I wonder
through glances,the eyes speaks
the heart ponders and smiles
it flutters and does somersaults
its aching and hurting
I wonder if thats just a game
a game of wonder