Saturday, September 5, 2009

keretapi tanah melayu (ktm)

I usually don't like the idea to actually bombard people through words especially related to the government,but last night was beyond the limits.I've had enough of ktm!i was on my way from nilai station to shah alam,but of course we had to transit at kl first,my patience was beginning to diminish when I was packed inside the nilai train.mashaAllah the train was so packed and we were squashed like maggots!I was with mayang and I must say I was lucky that I had a companion!I was relieved once I reached kl sentral but it was already 5 so I was eager to reach shah alam as quick as I can.I ran to the other platform and waited for the train to pelabuhan klang.I waited and waited ,at last the train came,at the exact moment people swarmed the train ,suddenly the guard officers who were on duty blew their whistle because it was full.Damn it! I was just this close to get inside the train.i was determine to board the next train so I went to perform Asar Prayer first.But the next train came and again I was being push by a sea of 'delocalised' people and didn't manage to board the train.the people increased and then I realise that malaysians population are surely increasing tremendously.There were so many that I really couldnt help it but ask myself , where on earth do these people come from?!After several attempts,I managed to squeeze in the fourth train and was on my way back.But by then it was 7 and I was totally exhausted that I couldn't think properly ,talk or even walk.All I wanted back then,was to reach home.Alhamdulillah I reached home.But I swore to myself that ktm was surely my last resort of public transportation.Come on KTM! , you surely need to do something about this problem,people are increasing day by day,so for the benefits of the people,surely an addition of trains and the time interval of a train and the train after it ,must be shorten too.I may use the ktm in future,yet the incident that happened last night will be carved in my heart.

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