Thursday, October 27, 2011

| a sweet homemade cup of coffee

I can now hear clearly my sisters, my brother's, and my aunt's voice.My first time skyping home, and I surely miss home, so much.
The smell of my house, the noisiness of the adikadik fighting, laughing, giggling and the loving biah we live in.

We are not so expressive and sometimes I'm mad towards myself because, I get so many but I always feel ungrateful, astaghfirullah.

Tomorrow will be a big test for us,Alexandrians freshmans,  since its our first and foremost welcoming exam, so I'm a little scared although I know Allah has layed the results in luh mahfuz, way before I went out of my mother's womb.But I still seek for a good result, to please Him, being a good muslim medical student and to please people that I love.

I want to be a doctor for the sake of Allah.

Its a big thing, but I'm sure of that, InshaAllah.Please pray for me and my dear sahabats too :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

| 1110011

my first day of lecture in alexandria faculty of medicine .

such a meaningful lecture given by the beautiful dukturah hoda khalifa.

out of thousands of words coming out of her mouth.i was really fond of one of it and with a few modifications,it sounded more or less like this

"i consider every book as a journey,the journey gets more exciting day by day as
far as the book does page by page"

being in medical field isnt easy and i know that.just pray that allah ease your way along the path.

allah will insyaAllah repay our faith as long as we believe in him totally.
Keep on believing peeps.

Monday, October 10, 2011

| A day in Kaherah

We started the journey with bismillah, and we headed straight away to muhafazah(state) giza where ahram(pyramids) were built.There were bascially 3 big pyramids in the area, and the inventions of pyramids at first was as a graveyard for the dead bodies.But later on, it was for the empire's fame.So in the end, Egypt didnt do pyramids anymore.It came to me,that if we become to greedy of fame and richness, it can harm us in away,we can lose control of our behaviour and act beyond norms.

And then, we moved on to muhafazah fusthot, here, Amr Al Asr,the founder of Egypt,one of Rasulullah's sahabat, left his tent undetached due to some birds laying there nest on the tent.Later on, people made a small valley around the tent which now became a state called Fusthot, the tent itself now is known as the Masjid of Amr Al Asr.It was amazing, how kind hearted Amru Al Asr was to not shoo the birds away but instead just left the tent as it is.How empathy he was to birds,and reflecting us, as upcoming doctors,we need to have that feeling towards all living creatures, be it animal,humans or anything else,as long as it is Allah's creations.We stopped for Jamak Zuhr and Asr,and I felt as though I couldnt lift my head up from my sujud.I was so sad, my soul was longing for spirits like Amr Al Asr who lived because of the Deen,my soul longed for the Jannah,my soul longed for Allah.

Moving on, we also went to the Fortress of Salahuddin AlAyyubi,and it was Him who freed Plastine from the Kuffar.We really need a Salahuddin Al Ayyubi in this millenium era, and who knows,it might be your own kid?InshaAllah.We entered the National Museum inside the fortress, and one thing captured my eyes throughout the visit in the museum, how the soldiers of islam back than, showed the identity of islam by even wearing a 'serban' during war!
But alas,what about us?There is no 'literal' war at the moment,yet why is it so hard to show the identity of Islam itself?Why have we lost in the Battle of Nafs?! Why sisters and brothers,why?

And then before we ended the trip with dancing in the crowd in Suk Hussain or better known as Pasar Hussain which was so similar to Jalan TAR.We stopped at Imam Shafie's Tomb at Masjid Imam Al Syafie and again i couldnt stop but let my eyes water.How great Imam Syafie was and how he was great with Allah's please.
I would like to memorize hadith as much as I want,
I would love to memorize the whole Quran and understand it with my heart,
I would love to learn Arabic by heart and understand it as the Quran speaks of Allah's words,
I would love to gain knowledge as much as I can,
I would like to be as great as the mother of Imam Syafie'e and give birth to such a great child
I would love too so much
oh Allah 
this humble slave pleads for your inayah and forgiveness

And we ended the whole chapter in Cairo by performing solah in Masjid Al Azhar, a place known for its rich in knowledge and 'ulama.

May my sujud for today be sincere because of You.

And I got a phone call from malaysia!
My mum and dad called and I got to hear Ahmad too,my dad wanted me to go to Tahrir Square,and I did,well we were on the bus and we couldnt go down due to the zahmah.
So sorry Abah,I'll take pictures of the Tahrir Square next time,I love you all!

With love from Cairo,Egypt

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Egypt as it is.

I have been in Alexandria city for almost a week and everything is sailing smoothly and safely.Just after landing in Cairo for a few hours,we moved on to Alexandria hurriedly using a bus and reached there 3 hours later.Imagine being cramped in the plane for 8 hours,and then being stuffed in the bus for 3 hours!

the smell of the surroundings is just fine,it smelt like mecca so I surely do miss mecca so much!The sound of people chit chatting around me in Arabic soothes me and I think I'm used to it and now the honking of cars anywhere are just like a hit song on the radio!Amazingly,they have traffic lights but they rarely use it so in other words,they dont use traffic light,and so,during zahamah(busy) hours the cars fall in a major traffic congestion but it happens in Malaysia too right?

Expect the worst.

What more do you expect than just be grateful of having to land in the land of Moses and also a land that used to have the respected Hassan AlBanna,Umar Tilmisalni and loads more amazing and cool people who live their life for the sake of the Deen.

Tomorrow,we'll be going to Cairo for a trip.Doakan agar saya tajdid niat dan pergi berjaulah ke sana kerana Allah :)