Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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my first day of lecture in alexandria faculty of medicine .

such a meaningful lecture given by the beautiful dukturah hoda khalifa.

out of thousands of words coming out of her mouth.i was really fond of one of it and with a few modifications,it sounded more or less like this

"i consider every book as a journey,the journey gets more exciting day by day as
far as the book does page by page"

being in medical field isnt easy and i know that.just pray that allah ease your way along the path.

allah will insyaAllah repay our faith as long as we believe in him totally.
Keep on believing peeps.


NorAthina said...


doing fine there hmm?

:):) keep on updating :)

shepette said...

be a good doc taw noden.
as a reminder for me too.
let us help others in our way :)