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Happy New Year everyone! It’s nearly the verge of 2010 and everyone’s chit chatting here and there about Malaysia’s football team,winning last night.Despite losing in Indonesia they won overall and I must say they won our hearts too,don’t they,so a big round of applause once again. Like in one of a sports column said,after 14 years of ‘drought’,we have finally found our oasis,alhamdulillah! And to you,my housemate,you can do it okay,don’t worry  about people around you,Malaysia Boleh! Now,everyone’s talking about resolutions and renewing them.One of my lecturer told about putting a manifesto on our wall and before sleeping at night do a little ‘muhasabah diri’.I was thinking to do one myself,but I remembered my resolutions have never been finished,so instead of bothering myself to think and make up new stuff,I prefer to utilize my unfinished missions,insyaAllah To my kids,I owe you guys a sitting right?I’ll try to replace it as soon as possible,usrah’s can’t be postponed too long.tak elok …

Allah is with me,you and all of us.

Hadis Abu Hurairah r.a katanya:

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: Allah s.w.t berfirman: Aku adalah berdasarkan kepada sangkaan hamba-Ku terhadap-Ku. Aku bersamanya ketika dia mengingati-Ku. Apabila dia mengingatiKu dalam dirinya, nescaya aku juga akan mengingatinya dalam diri-Ku. Apabila dia mengingati-Ku dalam suatu kaum, nescaya Aku juga akan mengingatinya dalam suatu kaum yang lebih baik daripada mereka. Apabila dia mendekati-Ku dalam jarak sejengkal, nescaya Aku akan mendekatinya dengan jarak sehasta. Apabila dia mendekati-Ku sehasta, nescaya Aku akan mendekatinya dengan jarak sedepa. Apabila dia datang kepada-Ku dalam keadaan berjalan seperti biasa, nescaya Aku akan datang kepadanya dalam keadaan berlari-lari anak.

Allah is with me,you and all of us no matter what.

I wanted to start today with a such a sweet hadith qudsi.For me,the moment i hear this hadith being recited,its like a love letter from my lover,Allah.

Astaghfirullahal'azim.I would definitely have to remind myself to be pat…

happy birthday sissy

first of all,it's christmas eve guys!so i want everyone to smile the best they can and to put on their best behaviour ever,
its 24 december,I was wanting to do this whole heartedly,so I guess I would just simply say,Happy Birthday Ifah and May Allah bless you.

one two jus

suddenly on one fine morning,we were chanting

ola oli
ku beri nama
saudara saudari
chikaboom chikaboom
siang siang hari,malam malam hari
disco disco
putih putih melentik ali baba
merah merah menyala 
miow miow
siapa yang baik hati
tengok siapa yang kena

now after all those years,I get to conclude that,we were so childish at that time,besides how on earth could we chant something as preposterous as that!and if we sing it back now,its like uber hilarious and we would be cackling and rolling on the floor in no time!

today,PMR results were announced,and my friends who had brothers or sisters who sat for this year's PMR did excel these days are super excellent.

well,I'm not as allergic to the field now,as I do in the old days,at least I can profute water from my body and it makes me feel better,

last night's beauty class with miss zawani really made me thinking that I need to take care of myself better,jange bolo' sangat dih?

well then,I wanted to tell more,…

history repeats

I'm left behind,I need to buck up!!

Its hard when you don't want duniawi to linger you but whatever regarding duniawi is what people judge first.I'm in a class similar to 5f and my position is just like I used to be,the ones who need to be highlighted and taken care of,its like deja vu and very ironic,I feel surrounded by people who are magnificent and deserve the lime light,oh but then where am I?,Oh Allah,do I deserve India?do I deserve being a doctor?have I fulfilled being a full-time Muslim?

It's hard being in a group of those that knows everything and understand everything but I find myself  still bobbing up and down and clueless in what to do,Oh The Almighty,show me guidance,be with me ya Allah.

I find myself lost sometimes,I find myself embarassed and I find myself not worthful,remember! I have thousands of responsibility but I don't know which one have a catered yet.

I'm worried instead of being a muharikah,I'm a mayyit,my jasad is alive but my ruh …

menara bangsa

i survived throughout the whole camp

jika ditanya skala yang di beri untuk BTN tersayang ni,saya rasa akan berlaku fluctuation di sebabkan beberapa perkara,mainly sebab fasililtator yang kadangkala beremosi yang kadangkala menimbulkan emosi di dalam diri sendiri ditambah pula dengan penyampaian yang pada awalnya neutral bertukar menjadi berat sebelah di dalam sesetengah situasi,bukan jurulatih-jurulatihnya sebab pakcik-pakcik jurulatih sangatlah terbaik punya!kemudian faktor-faktor peribadi which i really don't want to start telling about,they're just a bunch of jerks,so never mind.

jika diberi peluang untuk pergi lagi saya mungkin akan berdalih,tapi kalau Allah izinkan saya untuk menuntut ilmu di luar negara lagi,saya mungkin terpaksa pergi lagi.aduhai.

sebenarnya saya tertarik untuk bercerita tentang beberapa perkara,

I'm so grateful for pak sameon because,he chose me to be the chairperson in one of the talks,and that is a good experience,I've always wa…


i want to go on a vacation not a silly training session!

and my ummi is chanting 'oh uniknya uniknya singapura!' along with una and maryam,oh snap, it just can't slip out of my head.

big picture

salamun'alaik to all/ as i mentioned in the previous post of how homesick i was,didn't i?well at that instant,i was at rumaisak and i was  left alone accompanied by rashidah and shazureen.well,anyway,to shorten the story,as i woke up from slumber the next day,we decided to join an intensive daurah that was made for folks who were on summer vacations from new zealand and australia.
so,after quite some time,we moved from bangi to putrajaya with kak aie.she drove all the way to botanic garden,putrajaya.
as i entered the botanic garden,subhanaAllah,it was a wonderful picturesque!as the four of us were heading to a hut,some group we running towards us,as they came closer,they panted,
"baru eh,jom la join kitorang,tak cukip sorang,"
and withour further ado,i joined running with them,with such a brief taaruf,i was told that they were attending an explorace and they already completed one checkpoint,there were four more to go.the clue was 'the journey begins here'
so we ran…

the rise of ummah

if a kid this big,could think  and given tarbiyyah as good as this its not long till  the rise of another salahuddin al ayyubi or even a rise of sultan mohammad  fateh AllahuAkbar

disclaimer:watch it until the end