Tuesday, December 14, 2010

history repeats

I'm left behind,I need to buck up!!

Its hard when you don't want duniawi to linger you but whatever regarding duniawi is what people judge first.I'm in a class similar to 5f and my position is just like I used to be,the ones who need to be highlighted and taken care of,its like deja vu and very ironic,I feel surrounded by people who are magnificent and deserve the lime light,oh but then where am I?,Oh Allah,do I deserve India?do I deserve being a doctor?have I fulfilled being a full-time Muslim?

It's hard being in a group of those that knows everything and understand everything but I find myself  still bobbing up and down and clueless in what to do,Oh The Almighty,show me guidance,be with me ya Allah.

I find myself lost sometimes,I find myself embarassed and I find myself not worthful,remember! I have thousands of responsibility but I don't know which one have a catered yet.

I'm worried instead of being a muharikah,I'm a mayyit,my jasad is alive but my ruh is as dead as a corpse.

I'm always worrying and worrying

and continue to feel worried,

when will I take serius action?

now !

can I?


norathina said...

kiki, jangan risau sangat..

I know it is easier to say than going through it.. Truly i understand as I might go through the same thing if i'm in ur position.


take a step at one time, do one work at one time. Settle things one by one.

problems come and goes, but the way we treat and handle it will make the one's coming next looks lighter insyaAllah.

same goes for me to practice this..hu. still trying~

Aqeelah said...

jzkk athina,now,memang sangat susah nak adapt diri,dgn kelas yang berlalu sgtlah lembap,i mean one class takes forever,and dgn org sekeliling yang sepantas kilat,adui macamana kalau diri in terkedek2 thina?