Sunday, July 19, 2009

KTT(2nd edition)


me with leen!!

this was taken nearly midnight,we were doing preps for the closing ceremony

Kolej Teknologi Timur

Hello guys!!

It's been a while since I posted here,and I'm totally lost for words.I've been to KTT and started my Alevel,I'e been stuck in the gigantic fridge!some say chill! Its still first semester,but then,with hopes higher than mountains,who will take blame if anything goes wrong!!!I'm glad that I'm not alone in KTT,theres still mimi,gira and chuelah,but we rarely meet up,thanks to the surau near tangga 1,there are sometimes we manage to squeeze in a couple of laughters.Not to mention,apartment-mates,mayang,wanie,ruzek and lots of new friends who i mostly adore,leen,nadh,farhah,jawaher and the list goes on.I don't know why suddenly this post has turned to an appreciation post,but the people there are amazing!!!Lecturers who teach me,Miss Yan-physics,Madame Faezah-chemistry,Miss halimatun-biology,Miss fatehah-maths,Miss ranjen-ielts,Mr shahril-pengajian am and ALL 12.We have 28 of them.Starting with or class representative amirul asyraf and his assistant azila,then theres amirul fauzi,amirul zakwan,idris,hazrol faisal,sufian,safwan,zaim zharif,zulhelmi,nuril anwar,wafi while the ladies, theres alyani,adilah,harisah,nur nabila,nabilah,ayunie,khairunisa,ilani,jawaher,nadhirah,nadiah,zawani, zuraidah,anis amira,and last but not least hamizah.I love them all!!!they're super duper funny and brilliantly brainy!i know class is tiring,especially physics class!!Gosh!there was once i just felt like i wanted to quit!But common , when I think back,am I failure!!!I've reached this far,eventhough I know theres a lot of things ahead of me,but I have to be brave and determine to face it.May Allah Bless me.