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sir general!

i was doing a never ending list of things to bring to college,the list increased tremendously from numbers of baju kurungs,scarfs,toiletries,undergarments and the list won't stop.but after chatting with a friend who is about to fly anytime soon made me excited to return to college and get things geared.the list reduced to the only important things in a list.there were two things that i had to add though,
mind you nak jadi da'ie nak jadi aktivis palestin nak habis A2 faster nak fly to india faster nak jadi doktor insyaAllah


Dear Abah,

it is never too late to say

no matter what you did or what you say,you are always loved!

love, aqeelah

heads and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes.

location:7-1-a4 first day in ktt me:hi,awak dah lame sampai? mayang:baru je(smiling) me:saya aqeelah,awak mesti hazwani mayang:eh bukan,mayang me:ooo puteri mayang... mayang:panggil mayang je smiles to each other and continue unpacking and know we have become great room mates,well to me she is,a very tidy person and particular about even small stuffs.who could have known that we could talk and gossip all night long and forget that the clock is ticking.anyway thanks for being such a are the best
location:du during the brief talk by mara executives bersalaman me:hi,aqeelah,awak? miza:hamizah me:dulu sekolah mana? miza:smap labu me:ooo kenal tak adiba,budak debat? miza:kenal-kenal,classmate,sekarang dekat jordan me:ooo bestnye dah fly kan? both smiles and nod and from that day,i got to have a very good friend,we are totally different but we share the same thoughts are like a lady knight in a shining armour and spread love to others. aJgc
location:lh 1 during the first meeting of mara …

nuisance in the labs

I can now peacefully huff some puffs after three practical experiments. starting with physics, chemistry and finishing off with biology. The routine was, checking my license to enter the examination room, which was my statement of entry, id card and stationeries along with the clean and white lab coat, the first practical exam was one whole shot of nervousness, I felt spooky because there were rumors that electrical questions will come out and I’m totally a goof in anything related to circuits.

There were two questions, the first one was to find the terminal velocity of a ball, where the ball was sunk into a measuring cylinder filled with vegetable oil, we had to find the time of the ball to fall in a given displacment.alhamdulillah it was pretty easy to be done, since we had to collect the data without setting anything up. But moving on to the next question, I never knew what was coming ahead. I switched tables with my partner and so, I had to set up this bloody circuit according the…