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heads and shoulders knees and toes knees and toes.

first day in ktt
me:hi,awak dah lame sampai?
mayang:baru je(smiling)
me:saya aqeelah,awak mesti hazwani
mayang:eh bukan,mayang
me:ooo puteri mayang...
mayang:panggil mayang je
smiles to each other and continue unpacking
and know we have become great room mates,well to me she is,a very tidy person and particular about even small stuffs.who could have known that we could talk and gossip all night long and forget that the clock is ticking.anyway thanks for being such a are the best

during the brief talk by mara executives
me:dulu sekolah mana?
miza:smap labu
me:ooo kenal tak adiba,budak debat?
miza:kenal-kenal,classmate,sekarang dekat jordan
me:ooo bestnye dah fly kan?
both smiles and nod
and from that day,i got to have a very good friend,we are totally different but we share the same thoughts are like a lady knight in a shining armour and spread love to others.

location:lh 1
during the first meeting of mara students conducted by miss azi
me:kau name ape?
wanee:zawani,panggil wanee,kau?

location:cafe melayu
teman wanee dinner before going to du during orientation week
me:kau sekolah mane dulu?
wanee:pernah dengar tak?smk taman melawati
me:oh pernah la,famous kn sekolah tu,aku pernah lawan during debate kat uia
wanee:oh ye ke,kau debat jugak eh?
me:used to be,not anymore.

location:the whole ktt
during the 'tour' around ktt conducted by miss rajesh during orientation week
me:eh kau lagi!
wanee:ye la kau lagi!
and from that day onwards,we became housemates,and no matter what happens,eventhough my 'request' is still pending,you will always be never fail to put a smile on me.

location:at 7-1-a4
spending the first weekend in ktt
someone knocks on the door and enters
was about to wash some clothes but halts
nad:hi!saje datang melawat...
me:muka familiar la,org kelantan ke?
nad:org terengganu.haha kenapa?
me:macam muka senior,sekolah mane dulu?
nad:mrsm beseri,sekolah mane?
from that day,you have been marked as a someone in my heart and a sweet pal,always being innocent in a lot of ways and cracks jokes here and there.good to know that you really highlight honesty is the best policy and never lies.

wanee,me and mayang
miza and me
me,baby acca,wanee and nad
the trios and baby acca
nad anggun serta miza jelita
wanee gadys


miza said…
waa!!!!!!!!!1 nape ko upload gmbo ngokngek tuh..yg pkai spek tuh..hahahahahah x ske2..nk pncung qila..euuww!! hahaha
babe, sape adila?? ak x ingat pon..ahhaha
.w a n e e. said… mana sorg lagi?LOL.
tribute to ajgc.
Aqeelah said…
wanee-EH mane ek sorang lag??i(buat gaya ala-ala pikaboo)lala~
miza-i should have known i got the wrong person...adiba la..hhaha(
*malu gak*
mayang said…
gambar aku satu je? mana keadilan. haha. yeayy QSB :)

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