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Say hello to syawal #1

The adikberadik

The ummi and abah

The abah and tok mok

The kakak adik

Ramadhan baby #yaseer usman

The ketupats
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| Ramadhan treats

Alhamdulillah , I got a delightful visit from my uncle . He brought along his wife and two gorgeous daughters , ainul mardiah and ainul madihah.
They reached at around midnight , and after settling down , the parents slept , but the kids were up for work.It was really tiring since they really were unusually hyper , but its not often that I get visit from Sabah .
Anyway , its really sad Ramadhan is coming to its end *teardrops*

| from your daughter

| a thought or two

al adiyat
By the racers, panting, And the producers of sparks [when] striking And the chargers at dawn, Stirring up thereby [clouds of] dust, Arriving thereby in the center collectively, Indeed mankind, to his Lord, is ungrateful. And indeed, he is to that a witness. And indeed he is, in love of wealth, intense. But does he not know that when the contents of the graves are scattered And that within the breasts is obtained, Indeed, their Lord with them, that Day, is [fully] Acquainted.

| the trails of love

'sesungguhnya di sekitar arasy allah ada mimbar2 dari cahaya.Di atasnya ada kaum yg b'pakaian cahaya, wajah2 mereka b'cahaya.Mereka bukan para nabi, bukan syuhada.Dan para nabi dan syuhada cemburu pd mereka kerana kedudukan mereka di sisi allah. shbt b'tnya 'siapa mereka wahai rasulullah?' baginda bersabda 'mereka adalah org2 yg slg mencintai kerana allah, bersaudara kerana allah, and saling mengunjungi kerana allah.' (hadith ditakhrij al-hafiz iraqi, prawinya thiqah)

| tips as medical students #1

| a land called paradise

| gone with the winds

It is a matter of shame that in the morning the birds should be awake earlier than you (Abu Bakr As-Siddiq)

My sister lost her handphone , and she was into tears when she called my mum.The hardcore and tough ifah turned into a delicate little sister all at once.

I'm sorry for the lost and trust me , its a little absurd since its ramadhan , but hey shaytan pun ada juga dari jinn dan manusia right?  i felt it to , some time ago , our feeling might not be the same but its similar.So , I'm glad you are all cool right now

Tertarik dengan satu statement that she wrote in her blog , 

"The outlook of things on the surface may not appear to be favorable & life is full of uncertainty. But worrying about things is not going to change anything or make anything better, in fact it's more likely to consume all your thoughts, and then at a time when opportunity awaits you, you will miss it because your focus is in the wrong place. Perception is key, do not perceive all doors locked, …

| 17th Ramadhan

yes , we may be glad we can look all around us , of the magnificent creations of Allah , but alas, are we aware of those who can't? yes , we may be grateful we could listen to the river flow , but alas , do we care to those who can't? yes , we may be thankful to Allah we are still here to breathe His air and repent our mistakes , but what about those who are unfortunate and completely gone from this world?

to what extent have we helped the the people who are in need ? (O Prophet!) Tell those of My servants who believe that they should establish Prayer and spend out of what We have provided them with, both secretly and openly, before there arrives the Day when there will be no bargaining, nor any mutual befriending. (Ibrahim:31)

I Islam Itu Indah ~ solat(pt 3)

solat itu , kita yang butuh
bukan ibu yang menyuruh anaknya makan membutuhkan makan
tapi anak itu yang membutuhkan makan
bukan guru yang mengajar membutuhkan pelajaran
tetapi murid itu yang membutuhkan pelajaran

solatlah sebelum engkau disolat
persiapkan diri kita
bisa jadikan solat itu sebahagian dari kita . . .

| Islam Itu Indah ~ solat(pt 2)

sembang-sembang 16 Ramadhan 1431
solat itu merangkumi kesemua rukun islam ucap shahadah , ada aje , sewaktu tahiyyat akhirnya berpuasa , ada aje , kerna kita tidak boleh makan dan minum sewaktu solat mengeluarkan zakat , ada aje , kerna kita menggunakan waktu kita sewaktu solat mengerjakan haji , ada aje , kerna kita mengadap kiblat sewaktu solat
subhanAllah ,
dakwah itu seni dan seninya itu kena jika kita membutuhkan islam , seninya kena jika kita ikhlas berdakwah. jika semua umat islam faham islam , maka tidak mustahil , islam kembali sebagai the way of life . Allahuakbar!

| with love ...

I'm not complaining nor am I making jokes , but it ain't easy choosing . If choosing was like eating a cake , i would have done that on the dot , sadly , it isn't.And night after night thinking and seeking , I hope I made the right decision.Yes , I do think I'm making a big deal out of these , its because I hope our hearts are bonded forever despite the miles we are parted by , I love you for Allah's sake.

There is always two roads in choosing , will we choose the road not taken by others?

Have a nice Ramadhan Kareem :)

| insight guides

follow your heart , its pointed towards the left side of your body but it's always right -lyana hamid
its not easy to follow your heart , since you don't know if your heart chooses correctly or wrongly? thats why , my ummi always says , do istikharah continually and make du'a . whatever intuition you have after all those stuffs that you did , insyaAllah may lead you to the right path.
I'm not going there as a medical student only , I know I have a much bigger responsibilty , 
And (remember) as your Lord took from the Seeds (Or. sons) of Adam, from their backs, their offspring, and made them bear witness concerning themselves, "Am I not your Lord?" They said, "Yes indeed, we bear witness." (So) that you should not say on the Day of the Resurrection, "Surely we were heedless of this, ".
Not everyone gets to be in the wealth of Islam and Iman , so if you are in it , be grateful.
I have not much to say , except , make full use of Ramadhan (really t…

| between two destiny


whats next , to be in Egypt or India?

I chatted with my beloved sis 'ain

and she told me this :

masa rasulullah saw hantar mus'ab ,
rasulullah tanya mus'ab apa rujukan dia di madinah nanti , mus'ab jawab, apa yg dia peroleh dr tarbiyah dengan rasulullah dan juga ijtihadnya , dan rasulullah saw tersenyum dan melepaskan mus'ab pergi , dan apa yg dia peroleh dr tarbiyah rasulullah tu antaranya tentang aqidah yg dirujuk dr al quran jadi, sebenarnya mus'ab bawa al quran dalam dada dia
Wherever I go , I hope I bring along the Al-Quran with me too inshAllah.

| of amporlo,high heels and terompah

Since little , foot wear has always been a big issue for me.Frankly speaking , because the shape of my feet is a little bit unique , I find it very hard to settle down with high heels and other shoes that are pointed.So right now , I am happy enoughto be with my amporlo (which are rubber shoes similar to crocs) just because it has a wide opening for the toes , and it enables my toes to breathe.Now , i find that high heels and terompah are very similar . Since terompah is usually found in masjids , i always hesitate to take my ablution in the masjid.Wearing them is a little scary for me since I always fear I might fall .And then , I'll end up with flat shoes ore easy said 'selipar jepun' instead.

So there you have it , foot wears.

In Malaysia on the behalf of my opinion , I find that many including me just see a big deal of it.Sometimes , some may have a whole wardrobe of shoes , just to match them with attires . If you wear limelight , then your foot wear must be a light …

| wisdom teeth on guard

I went to the dentist today , and did scaling.Astaghfirullah,when I gurgled after the whole operation was done,a whole mouthful of blood was gurgled out and it had that rotten smell with it.

A few hours later , my mouth ached and my gum was sore . I couldn't talk and think properly since the pain was agonizing and too overwhelming.

two words describing it was : it hurst!

My mind ran back to friend of mine who just had a mouth surgery , I feel like I want to burst in tears whenever I think back of it.I mean , try imagining your mouth not able to function properly. , its so painful and I'm so awed with her spirits , may she be among those who are patient . Coming to think of it , your mouth plays a vital role in your daily life , you talk with your mouth , you smile with your mouth , you eat and drink with your mouth and you breath through your mouth too !

Too many things done with your mouth , so when your teeth are in pain , it disrupts the mouth's function and you might turn …

| On your marks , get set , go ...

Allahumma innaka `afuwwun tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu `annee.

‘O Allah! You are forgiving, and you love forgiveness. So forgive me.’ [An authentic Hadith recorded by Ahmad, Ibn Majah and at-Tirmidhi.]