Thursday, August 4, 2011

| of amporlo,high heels and terompah

Since little , foot wear has always been a big issue for me.Frankly speaking , because the shape of my feet is a little bit unique , I find it very hard to settle down with high heels and other shoes that are pointed.So right now , I am happy enoughto be with my amporlo (which are rubber shoes similar to crocs) just because it has a wide opening for the toes , and it enables my toes to breathe.Now , i find that high heels and terompah are very similar . Since terompah is usually found in masjids , i always hesitate to take my ablution in the masjid.Wearing them is a little scary for me since I always fear I might fall .And then , I'll end up with flat shoes ore easy said 'selipar jepun' instead.

So there you have it , foot wears.

In Malaysia on the behalf of my opinion , I find that many including me just see a big deal of it.Sometimes , some may have a whole wardrobe of shoes , just to match them with attires . If you wear limelight , then your foot wear must be a light coloured one and it depends on the event you are going whether to wear sandals,selipars or shoes.

This foot wear stuff came across my mind when I went to our surau , Surau At-Taqwa.Since its ramadhan , many ambush masjids or surau during night to perform solat terawih , and as excited as they are , I am excited too! Who wouldn't grab the opportunity of multiplication of rewards , right? So whenever wanting to enter the surau , you can see all sorts of footwear of people belonging to little kids and grown ups , and there are so many types , and so many colours with different shape and sizes , so I get awed.Subhanallah , the ni'mat Allah gives to us to wear whatever we want is huge!

Designs from Bata , Nose , Primavera , Vincci , Sembonia , Carlo Rino , Prada , Everlast , Crocs , Camel Active , Cotton On and the list continues are outlets selling foot wears , so you just name any design you prefer , in Malaysia semua ada!

But , have it ever come across you including myself that , Allah doesn't count what design we wear or how beautiful we look in it.He counts the steps we take to His road using our feet.

That , when we die one day , we won't have enough space to fit our wardrobes of shoes to bring along .

So , since its Ramadhan , lets increase our good deeds and regularly use our feet to get more and more rewards. just wear anything that comforts you the most despite what design it is and walk the steps to Allah's path.

p/s  I was even thinking of wearing the amporlo during Raya , tak kisah kan?


miza said...

letak la gmba..amporlo tu ape dikkk?

Aqeelah said...

kasut yang mcm crocs,hehe yang besar kat depan,memang mummy xpernah pkai la kn , kaki halus mulus je:)

miza said...

heh mane ade awak dapat genetik mummy la kaki kecik tp leba..hehe

Anonymous said...

mashallah. beautiful :)

its so great that u can think of something really good simply from shoes. hehe. thats what ustaz mention as fikrah islam.

great post. jazakillah kiki


nadhirah said...

tak kisaaahhhhhh :D

Aqeelah said...

lyana : really?jazakillah,my mum said sometimes my posts are a mess and the message delivery isn't very good,need to do loads of readings and researches

nadhirah : what?tak kisaah?