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| of buttercups and meadows

alhamdulillahpraise to the Creator,with his will,I am still able to live happily and joyfully on earth. alhamdulillah once again.
pacing footsteps on the pavement while looking above.
what do you see?
the sky?
the birds?
yes,absolutely.lets look a little longer.yeah,I know some may have already mentioned about it,i was talking about the clouds.just before we started chemistry paper,I mentioned about the clouds to her.
I'm a mere cloud that is shadowed by other magnificent clouds,but when you are in need,I'll be the first to rain on you.
And I meant it.
and I meant it big times.
InsyaAllah by the end of this year I'll be in a faraway land,nearer to the founder of roti canai and curry.And I have a dream,a big dream that will help in the road to meet the Creator.
And it is Allah who sends the winds, and they stir the clouds, and We drive them to a dead land and give life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness. Thus is the resurrection.(fatir:9)

| I want to stick with you :'(

I am still alive today and I'm still breathing in oxygen for my cells to respirate in order for me to walk and talk for the sake of da'wah.

my grandparents are in town,and I'm now in shah alam with them.boy am I overjoyed!since I have such little time to spend at home,I'm trying to use it to the fullest.Alhamdulillah,I prayed jemaah with abah and atok and I read ma'thurat with my little sister.Spent time with ummi at giant and then went to surau at-taqwa for night prayers.and there I go again blabbering about my life.but I wan to,I'm so happy to be with my family this weekend albeit exam is just the day after tomorrow.

do not maneuver a ship that is on land to head
because it will only move if its on water

arab poem

this was a poem recited by a panel of a forum i heard at surau at-taqwa.he was going on about how Islam can right away reach the top but it must be using the right methodology.and its hundred percent correct.who said Islam would…

| swirling in the winds for you

the cascades on the mountain flows never endingly,not knowing where to stop,just like the Creator wished.and there I was laying on the velvet grass,with air gushing pass by,soothing the heart which was full of misery.Suddenly, a rabbit comes hopping by,with its little baby could you not smile to such adorable creatures.

as if my feet has their own mind,i followed the two little creatures into a dark forest.And the ambience felt different,no more air gushing to my cheeks and the green grass caressing me feet.Instead I find myself enveloped in the darkness,with only the owls hooting,breaking the silence.I'm lost,and the rabbit is nowhere to be seen.

i keep on pacing footsteps at every place that had even the dimmest light,to get out of the stranded forest,the journey seemed endless as i pant and shiver as the coldness of the night embraces,and from afar , I see a silhouette standing in the midst  of fajr,subhanaAllah,i sense help is coming but ...

despair turns into hope as…

| fly away peter! fly away paul!

I use to hum this nursery rhyme back when i was still an infant.ummi would play the cassette again and again for me and ifah to jump around and have fun.
oh man,those days were good days.
Two little dickie birds,Sitting on a wall;One named Peter,One named Paul.Fly away Peter!Fly away Paul!Come Back Peter!Come Back Paul!
I'm peter and you're paul,no matter how I try to go far away from you,I can't and I'll be back with you again in no time.

| how smiles can bloom the hearts

once i was in kampong,my aunt brought back home the movie,hantu kak limah balik kampung for us to see,all my uncles and aunts laughed so much that they rocked the chair hard,still my granny topples everyone out,she laughs and giggles until she nearly fell out of the chair,

but me,I couldn't even stand the story for a quarter of an hour!OMG I really despise comedian stories especially this one,because they are not funny at all,I don't get the so called funny parts, when usop who was disabled and sat in a wheelchair,when he wanted to run for his life from this so called ghost,he mounted the wheelchair above him and ran away with his leg and feet,apparently just now he was disabled,duh!and what squints me and bugs me is that the so called ghost wasn't even a ghost,it was just a disturbed villager called Limah.sheesh,that wasn't entertaining at all.

and i really want to say that raja lawak is the most stupidest game show in offence but it enhances stupidity and …

of Red Dragons and Krisoberil Satu

For the second consecutive year,i didn't attend feskott again.And if people ask why,I would just smile or answer whatever pops in my mind at that time,truthfully,I don't feel the urge to go.So,to the Red Dragon members,I'm so sorry for being such a lousy member,but I've tried to be among the best and loudest supporter,*winks*.And right now,the event is ongoing,and whatever the outcome is,kudos to all who have participated and put one hundred percent endeavor to it!*claps*

well,what have I been up to this weekend,apa lagi,balik kampung makan nasi la!hehe,I just got back in shah alam,and everyone was home,all seven of us sat at the dining table and had the delicious dinner abah cooked,it was scrumptious!Una was here too and partly,the big dinner was for her too since she has finished menghafaz quran.Allahuakbar,dear una,you are so lucky to be chosen by Allah to complete your quran memorizing.May Allah reward you with Jannah,insyaAllah.

Sahih International: Indeed, Allah d…

wrapping up towels

i once asked you

pernah tak rasa,kalau kita rapat sangat dengan seseorang,kita rasa nak jauhkan diri je dengan orang tu?

and you answered

pernah je

and sadly you giggled,because i was serious.hey,i was being serious.

i hope we aren't that close enough,to make you want to back off from me :(

semua mukmin itu bersaudara,i'm your sister and you are mine too,forever!

she's cheer captain and i'm on the bleachers.

I was been told as a person who lives on a lie and there is lie on top of it and there is another lie above it,simply said,fake.

but thanks to this fellow of mine, because from that day onwards,i always question my acts,i'm no fake,but people don't see me as genuine,sadly said.

up until now the fact still haunts me and everything that happened today,bugged me thoroughly.

yes,I know that I'm glad to see you come back,smiling and happy with what you are currently,but what you said and what i reacted was was a conversation about you saying that you didn't attend the daurah because it was disturbing your holidays and the fact that the sharings can still be given back at your university.

hey,pergi programme bukan routine atau 'kalau ada masa aku pergi' thingy!

its about devoting yourself to this road!

me:i met her at bangi a few weeks ago,is she at your place?
x   :oh yes,she's at my place.wait,was it bangi or serdang?i was suppose to go there too,…