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| swirling in the winds for you

the cascades on the mountain flows never endingly,not knowing where to stop,just like the Creator wished.and there I was laying on the velvet grass,with air gushing pass by,soothing the heart which was full of misery.Suddenly, a rabbit comes hopping by,with its little baby could you not smile to such adorable creatures.

as if my feet has their own mind,i followed the two little creatures into a dark forest.And the ambience felt different,no more air gushing to my cheeks and the green grass caressing me feet.Instead I find myself enveloped in the darkness,with only the owls hooting,breaking the silence.I'm lost,and the rabbit is nowhere to be seen.

i keep on pacing footsteps at every place that had even the dimmest light,to get out of the stranded forest,the journey seemed endless as i pant and shiver as the coldness of the night embraces,and from afar , I see a silhouette standing in the midst  of fajr,subhanaAllah,i sense help is coming but ...

despair turns into hope as every step I take,brings me closer to that light and as I draw nearer,I see someone,standing,with arms stretched out,waiting for me to take it.That someone appeared oddly familiar to me..It can't be,I said to myself.

but apparently it was,the same crooked smile,glowing face beaming at me,without hesitation ,I stumble upon the figure,hugging as tight as possible,tears trickling down,i had waited too was unbearable,words could not be spoken,only the bodies played its part instead.As if the two bodies were talking,the figure,wipe the tears and rubbed the nose.the two walked hand in hand back,but the warm atmosphere abruptly changed when I suddenly stepped on a big fat hole and cam tumbling down,leaving the figure gap in awe,I tried to stop myself from tumbling deeper,but,

it came to no use.I tried to reach for something anything to hold on to..but I realise i was only reaching air.All efforts were futile.i continued  falling,with every second passed,I was falling faster.And I know that I was going to die any second once i reached the ground.There and then,I flash back into my mind,image of my mum kissing me before first best friend,my dad and his temper and I can't believe that I'm about to leave it all behind...

collaboration of me and ukhti adilah
jazakillah ukhti,


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Aqeelah said…
:D,reveal yourself,haha

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