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Indeed, words are beautiful.

I believe in expressions through words. Either verbally or written. Words can turn out as a magical incantation and for me, words from people out there, are words from Allah.

Benarlah, hakikatnya Allah yang mengilhamkan kepada kita semuanya.

And I will keep holding on to that.

Either expressed through the Broca's Area, a region of motor neurons in the brain that control speech or interpreted through the Wernicke's Area, a region also found in the brain that recognizes language, words communicate people.

And for me, I choose both, expressing verbally and through writings . But I somehow love writing more, because I can express things from the bottom of my heart and at that instance I feel the intimacy between me and that piece of paper. And that exclusive moment with my Creator is beautiful, because it is He who understand us perfectly.

Maka ingatlah kepadaKu,Aku pun akan ingat kepadamu.Bersyukurlah kepadaKu, dan janganlah kamu ingkar kepa…
Jumbling up words.
Running out of ideas.
Waking up as the sun rises.

The time is running out,
and I'm out of breath.

Sunburned, tanned, exhausted.

I always make du'a for Allah to hasten the jodoh for all my single sisters with a pious and great men who will be the coolness of their eyes. Please make loads of du'a for yourselves too. Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.  “Hook up with Allah and Allah will hook you up”, remember? :) A wife is like a gift to a man. And there is a hadith that goes like this:
"This world is just temporary conveniences, and the best comfort in this world is righteous women.” - Sahih Muslim 10/56.
So prepare yourself to be a gift (and not a test) to your future husband, so that one day he will hold you and look lovingly in your eyes and say “Alhamdulillah”.
took from ukht Zarina Zul Mukhshar, A note to all my single girlfriends.