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| Ramadhan Kareem

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious of All.

Alhamdulillah, it getting near to fajr, and after a few minutes of time, it will be the seventh day of Ramadhan. Wait, seventh day of Ramadhan?

Oh man :'(

I have been wanting to write a travelog of Ramadhan since I am going through it here, in Egypt. Frankly speaking, fasting here is a bless, especially waiting for the tarawih prayers, you just can't get more excited then to perform the prayers.

And to think that my delay, has caught me by surprise since its been a week already, fasting here. And too many things have happened, not to mention with some of them returning back to Malaysia for the summer holidays, some going off to the Holy Land and a list of  a whole bunch of many places on earth. Which I must say, I am glad to say that, I am still here in Alexandria.

Tak terlalu lambat untuk mula kan?

The Ramadhan started of incredibly awesome.I didn't eat like a king during sahoor nor during iftar, and managed to pray the tara…

| of tamar and siwa

Bags are packed, the floor is full with boxes of books spilling all over,souvenirs are stuffed in luggages, clothes are piled on top of each other making the room nearly upside down. Everyone is excited to go back home.And everyone has to clear the place, leaving batul talibah,leaving the MARA residential house for good.

Bait At-talibah, No.17 sezostris streets, Mahattah Raml, Alexandria.
Tomorrow, from twenty one girls, only eleven will be left behind, to carry on the Ramadhan mission in Alexandria,to count the days before returning, while nearly half of us will be boarding the plane back to tanah airku yang tercinta!

After nearly 10 months here, words cannot describe the tranquility feeling, living here in Egypt,to be specific, Alexandria. You've got to live through it to feel it,thus the key to lead a happy life.

If people ask,
why on earth choose Egypt in the first place,isn't there any other else in the world that is much better?

I can't answer technically because if been…