Tuesday, July 24, 2012

| of tamar and siwa

Bags are packed, the floor is full with boxes of books spilling all over,souvenirs are stuffed in luggages, clothes are piled on top of each other making the room nearly upside down. Everyone is excited to go back home.And everyone has to clear the place, leaving batul talibah,leaving the MARA residential house for good.

Bait At-talibah,
No.17 sezostris streets,
Mahattah Raml,

Tomorrow, from twenty one girls, only eleven will be left behind, to carry on the Ramadhan mission in Alexandria,to count the days before returning, while nearly half of us will be boarding the plane back to tanah airku yang tercinta!

After nearly 10 months here, words cannot describe the tranquility feeling, living here in Egypt,to be specific, Alexandria. You've got to live through it to feel it,thus the key to lead a happy life.

If people ask,
why on earth choose Egypt in the first place,isn't there any other else in the world that is much better?

I can't answer technically because if been asked right now,the one answering will be the inner side of me. To say the feeling here is awesome, I consider awesome as a strong word to be used. The facilities here aren't up to its circumstances yet it suits me.The people here are living up to its par but there are people here and there who are homeless and living through lives you would never have imagine and experienced and thus makes me grateful of my own life.The weather here are extreme, if its cold, it can be very cold,colder than a refrigerator, while during summer, its even hotter than a hot fireplace making Malaysia a very cosy place to live in.

In the end, you'll get tired and give up living through the same life for six years to come, and you'll end up very unhappy to add up to that pessimist feeling inside.

To know twenty adorable little kids, happening to fall in my life. From a total stranger and turning into buddies, was a transition to be remembered.

To start off, I take my bed neighbour, Nabilah, the 'ajmal' of the floor, going through different phases in life and someone comfortable enough to chat with. Eyunis who has a voice like a nightingale, small yet love to bully people in her own naughty way, then there is Ummira who remembers nearly all the nasyids and has this habit of tightening her bedsheets almost every ten minutes, Fea or her real name which is aisyah the master of all birthday pranks, Nuna who loves to cook and bake, Farahanis the coolest of them all ,and Faezah who is the bubbliest and loudest, she loves to sing rock kapak songs too, they make a whole gang, gang ikip we call them, always together, making the floor liven with their loud voices, laughters, doing birthday pranks, pengunjung tegar city point, and coffee roastery! Rulers of the floor, they make the rules and they break them too ;)

And then there are the quiet ones, KR the leader of our floor, Syakina who skype's nearly everyday, Syafiqah , Sherub, Khairunnisa and Puteri who brought the running mans syndrome to the others and usually minding their own businesses but easy going as the rest.

Not to forget,we have Rizwana the Borneo girl, Raehan the cheerful one, Shida who loves explaining the parts of the lectures, Wafa who is a soft yet determined lady, and there is Nazurah with her tagline, 'kita nak main' whom always calls out for me 'ukhti!' which i will miss very much after this and finally Izza who never fails to stop talking and make us burst into fits of laughters.

so basically thats the household
and there is Me, of course :)

After going through many phases together, its time to set apart and meet the real world, off they go, back to where the heart belongs.

Have a safe journey guys, its been a year indeed ;)

I could be the blossom, and you could be the bee, and then I could call you honey

-Winnie the Pooh movie

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