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Journey ahead

How beautiful, is this worldly life
But not a soul shall remain
We all come into this world Only to leave it one day I can see that everything around me Rises then fades away Life is just a passing moment Nothing is meant to stay, oh
This worldly life has an end And it's then real life begins A world where we will live forever This beautiful worldly life has an end It's a just bridge that must be crossed To a life that will go on forever
So many years, quickly slipping by Like the Sleepers of the Cave Wake up and make a choice Before we end up in our graves O God! You didn't put me here in vain I know I'll be held accountable for what I do This life is just a journey And it's taking me back to You
So many get caught in this beautiful web Its gardens become an infatuation But surely they'll understand at the final stop That its gardens are meant for cultivation, oh
an inspired poem by Fethullah Gullen.

Non parallel

Dan sungguh, kelapangan dan ketenanganlah yang didambakan di kala keserabutan atau kesempitan melanda.

Sungguh kita bukan seperti nabi muhammad, yang hatinya disucikan oleh Jibril, yang dirakamkan di dalam surah al-insyirah, ayat yang pertama,

bukankah kami telah melapangkan dadamu?
tapi kita dibekali kisah nabi musa, yang memohon untuk hati yang tenang, yang dirakamkan dalam surah taha, ayat kelima,

Dia berkata, "Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah dadaku," Jadi, kita tahu bahwasanya kita perlu memastikan jiwa kita besar, agar hidup dimaknai dengan sibghah islam itu.

Kerja-kerja nabi itu pun, banyak rintangan dan syaratnya,

sudah tentunya mereka punyai,
hati yang jitu, kesabaran yang padu namun masih perlu ada dada yang lapang itu agar beban terasa senang,

Sungguh bicara Allah tidak pernah lekang meniti dalam sanubari kita, kerna aku amat merinduimu Sang Pencipta!
We walked hands in hands through the meadows full of poppies and daffodils, with a smile on each faces.

Indeed I was happy, because

I'm Islam and you're Imaan.
Thank you Allah for this gift.
Anytime soon the plane was about to board. It was our last meet up and I still haven't said anything until now.

I started scribbling something,

" I love you ukhti fillah, see you at Home ,
          Take care."
I folded the paper and gave it to her.And upon recieving, she gave a sudden hug ,a brief but firm one, and tears started filling my eyes,

And, I was off.
I couldn't handle it anymore, tears started streaking down along with the pouring rain. I walked as fast as I could until I almost bumped into a broad figure.

"You again?" I said.

The figure smiled, while unfolding an umbrella, "Would you like to join me?"