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the diary of a wirawati

I was doing a sort of so-called spring cleaning where I found a book that looked pretty familiar. I knew it was mine but didn’t remember exactly what I wrote in it. As I started to read the very first page, I suddenly smiled and my mind sort of rewinded back the memories like a tape cassette. Well it was a diary that I recorded during my time at the National Service Kem PLKN Similajau.Beware what you’re about to read is a diary of a girl throwing her thoughts and not meant to hurt any parties. All written are based on a true experience except a little correction due to some grammar mistakes. Enjoy~

Hemingway once said life breaks us apart but the fallen bits tend to make us grow stronger and more willing to face the and downs in life are a norm and we are the one that will determine what we’ll be. The past few months had really changed and differ me being a new person Duh...those kinds of feels weird and innocent and that it’s totally not me!!!Well as a starting, my new year …

feeding the soul

[part 1] Today,around lunch hour,Nanie came and we chatted.I was totally like a cow jumping over the moon(if that is rasional though)to have her around.But,in our long conversation there was a small issue that touched me deeply.Here's how it sounds roughly,
me : suka tak dengar lagu ni?(while pressing the play button for the song Taylor Swift-Love Story)
nanie :hmmm(politely shaking her heads)
me :oooo.hmm.jap I mean ko tak layan lagu-lagu cenggini?
nanie :hmmm(again shaking her heads)
me :takkan kat smss tak dgar lagu2 cenggini?
nanie :dengar tu dengar jelah but tak pernah terlintas nak suka lagu cenggini(now giggling seeing my face)

that was when I was like struck by a thunderstorm.could I be like her?would I be able to?what with my obsessiveness towards akademi fantasia(actually minat akim and aishah je).how could I resist songs from like kate perry,taylor swift,jason mraz or even siti nurhaliza(sheesh!)and also not to forget soundtracks from my all-time favorite korean drama-Boys Over…


I still remember my pal Suhana a.k.a Geniu5 president stressing me and farah in doing a slide show.well yeah i knew she hit the nails and we didn’t had the desire to deny,yet could you imagine that we were given the responsibility to do something that was beyond our priority (trials) which was within two weeks time.Well,we faced hardships but we manged to finish may be just a memory to others,but its a masterpiece for me that is.credits for :
aqeelah++being me
munira++Ulead thingy
ezza++being clumsy loyal
suhana++giving us the opportunity to do this piece of work
oh yeah and cikgu zamri+cikgu wan shukri
and to all Geniu5es its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...

aspiration and determination

to be a doctor isn't easy
i know that but then again to have an aspiration as a doctor you have to urge a certain determination in order to reach to the peak of success by right that is being a successful doctor to me,an incident that occurred to me and my family really made me set my mind in determining my goal the incident was me and my whole family were all admitted in hospitals due to a very small creature none other than mrs mosquito well it happened ages ago during December 2008,and the above picture was a picture of me on an IV drip.Only Allah knew how painful for me recieving the drips but I mustn't forget to say thanks to the nurses who patiently took good care of me+kak nawwar,kak masitah++As we know dengue is caused by aedes mosquito its a viral infection and there is no spesific cure to it theres only medications that are given to alleviate the signs and symptoms and I hope one dayI am going to be among the researches and doctors to find the cure to dengueMay Allah grant my …

self realization

i'm a nobody remind me again why i'm here i always think to myself wondering thinking after reading bean's post the other day it kind of gave me a minit or two to think life is not only about living finding the eternal happiness is important The concept of happiness in Islam is expressed in the Qur’ân and Sunnah in a number of different ways. First, we find the Qur’ân discussing the “good life”. Allah says: “Whosoever does right, whether male or female, and is a believer, we shall make them live a good life, and We shall pay them a recompense in proportion to the best of what they used to do.” [Sûrah al-Nahl: 97] think about it have we found our happiness? its not much,its not a masterpiece,its sincerely from me...

a refreshing beginning

My new beginning started when I was asked to join the National Service at Kem Similajau Bintulu Sarawak.I wasn't happy nor sad I chose to follow the rhythm,so in the end,Alhamdulillah I did eventually reached borneo island on 27 December 2008.Briefly I was placed in Delta Company and did the daily routines ala-ala tentera gitu but yet I'm going to tell the details later on.Don't worry.But I wasn't long here as was offered a place in MSU(Management and Science University) and was suppose to register on 19th January.So then again bye-bye Sarawak,here I come Shah Alam and tadaaa!! I was on my way home.Well,I registered and was already given assignments to complete(imagine facing that on your first day of college,well as Hlovate's saying live hell or live well I choose)and I did choose to just bear with it when suddenly I got to know that the programme offered wasn't recognised my MARA .Oh dear!!Can you believe that and to say I just started the whole thing, but wi…