Thursday, April 23, 2009

the diary of a wirawati

I was doing a sort of so-called spring cleaning where I found a book that looked pretty familiar. I knew it was mine but didn’t remember exactly what I wrote in it. As I started to read the very first page, I suddenly smiled and my mind sort of rewinded back the memories like a tape cassette. Well it was a diary that I recorded during my time at the National Service Kem PLKN Similajau.Beware what you’re about to read is a diary of a girl throwing her thoughts and not meant to hurt any parties. All written are based on a true experience except a little correction due to some grammar mistakes. Enjoy~

Hemingway once said life breaks us apart but the fallen bits tend to make us grow stronger and more willing to face the and downs in life are a norm and we are the one that will determine what we’ll be. The past few months had really changed and differ me being a new person Duh...those kinds of feels weird and innocent and that it’s totally not me!!!Well as a starting, my new year began at a whole new world [sounds familiar] I mean I was in a totally different place with different people, I was at Borneo island,Sarawak.well how on earth did I end up there?

The journey begins here at
Kem plkn similajau
Jalan tanjung kidurong
97000 bintulu, Sarawak
Bumi kenyalang

Satu hasrat
Satu semangat
Satu tekad.

Ns! gathering at the stadium shah alam with my mum and dad along with Ahmad.boy were we early. And early as in the gates weren’t even opened yet!!!Just sitting at the stadium on the tar road wasn’t really what I pictured as an ideal sleeping place but looking at the time that was around 3 o’clock and my eyes were really dozy I ended up sleeping beside my mum. I wasn’t excited at all knowing that I would just be off to Sarawak. Finally after sleeping and waking up again and some snapping pictures,alas!they finally called us, with the ns theme song on air that I suppose was to ignite our spirit we were gathered for a roll call. While waiting unsurprisingly I was eyeing some dudes.huh! Typical me. And of course my eye caught one yet I know I shouldn’t be having this yuckiest behaviour. Forget it! We then took the bus to KLIA and were stuck there for like forever. In addition, there were some flight delay so we had to wait for our turn to board the plane.alhamdulilah!why because I made some friends and with god’s power i met up with my old friend that i hadn’t met since standard six!could you imagine meeting up with an old friend that you haven’t met for the past six years .Siti noor syakira md isa.well, with her I made some friends with hazira and Diana which we sort of like formed a gang but the bond between us was pretty strong.cayalah!Well as the saying goes ‘berkawan biar seribu bermusuh jangan sekali’and not to forget my centre of attention ,mar fresh and white.(a little round of applause would be great)Well, until then i didn’t know what to do while waiting to departure to kuching.just wait and see...mind you why kuching huh?well I don’t know why but from KLIA we were suppose to transit at kuching then to bintulu so it would and should be a really long and exhausting journey for us. tick... tock... tick... tock... the time was passing by as fast as lightning yet we were depressed because we were still stuck here not to mention tired,nauseous,sleepy and even though it hasn’t been an easy journey ,the funny thing was we still haven’t reach the ns campsite.hahaha(get lost).
Being far from ummi and abah, dear adik-adik, ifah, una maryam and Ahmad isn’t easy .Not at all, I just hope I turn into a new leaf. More pious, humble, quieter and I really need to work it out fast. Pin-drop silence. It’s getting boring now, despite the delayed flights the only thing making me happy is mingling with other races. Hope it works and sparks many new relationships. Especially with Mr. Fresh and white.
Now we’re getting ready in the aeroplane to while waiting for the lovely stewardess and charming steward check that everything was okay. I just couldn’t sit still and reached out my hand to read ‘Going Places’. I reached Kuching around 1.30 p.m.Ate a magnificent lunch and had fun in the Malaysian Hospitality plane (MH).
Our transit was at Kuching so we rested at the Kuching airport. I’m dead boring (you could count how many trillion times I mentioned how bored I was).Alhamdulillah I finished praying jamak taqdim.Well I was in a group of four. We were a foursome, me, shak, zira, yana.We giggle together and gossip (typical girls) but it was really fun to have companies like them. There were times when they LOL and I quite disagreed fearing it would disturb others. But who cares? Now having to say that I’ve actually landed in Sarawak I must say the environment here is freezing its lucky enough we haven’t transformed into icebergs!!
We then boarded another plane to Bintulu using MAS wings and around 6.30 we reached here, where we also were given a permit to ensure we could stay there longer.(Despite the long journey, it really didn’t become an enjoyable journey and also made me not eager to write in it.)
Well after registering and knowing that I’m placed in company DELTA I really was impatient to reach my dormitory-BP 9 and just really couldn’t wait to doze off. Not to forget I made more friends –Isen, Jen, Serina, Joyn, Menz, Ummi, and GG.

Waking up pretty late and streaming with tears because of a so-late Subuh.Pissed off like hell.Today, I collected our attire and it was too much that I couldn’t believe my eyes. The wardrobe given was just enough for the attires given by them, excluding my own clothes. Whoa...
Pakaian A-Physical Training
Pakaian B-Class Attire
Pakaian C-Half Celoreng
Pakaian D-Full Celoreng
Well something shocked me too since I never knew before that boys had to shave hairs. Pity them, I wonder don’t they mind???
That night we were given a little briefing and we were introduced to the orang-orang kuat in the camp.
Encik Mazlan-Ketua Komanden Kem Similajau Sarawak
Kapten Khadri-Timbalan Ketua Komanden
Encik Jeffrey Din-Ketua Disiplin Kem Similajau
Ustaz Mohd Nazarey-Ketua Unit Rohani Kem Similajau
Encik Mahali-Ketua Jurulatih(KJ)
Cik Mariam Ida-Ketua Pembinaan diri
Finish with all the introductions we had supper(mcm kat sekolah je Ni)and then we went back to our dorms.zzz....

Hello upper eastside!
Looks like someone is looking for a friend and
It looks like that person is stuck on a major crush that is burning up
But what will continue to happen
We’ll just wait and see
You know you love me
xoxo gossip girl
cewah buat opening gossip girl pulak.
Anyway, I’m sitting in my class PK1 and doing Module 1 SAYA for Pembinaan character. Frankly speaking ,classmate stinks, don’t understand a word mcm a chicken and a duck talking.Dont understand.
Ok regarding this class, frankly speaking I didn’t elaborate more about this module 1 later in my diary due to one reason, we were appointed to do journals so I expressed all my thoughts in that journal and none were left to be written in my diary, yet I will tell you a little of what happened during this one week.
SAYA-we discovered that our brains were alert to 3 major things, it loves to begin in the middle, loves visualizations, love colours. Then we also learned that nothing is impossible and we had to say BOLEH no matter what. We also learn a new word GERAMJI which means any negative attitude, such as frustrated,angry,give up ,sad and the list continues. I was in a group named RENTAP-agi idup agi ngelaban.and as mentioned earlier how the classmate stinks, well slowly ii ked them so much that I really must say,tak kenal maka tak cinta old saying realy works out. my group consists of-gloria,endu,amy,low,ah ee,letchumanan,anbarasan,zhi wen and ajiep.with our two coolios cikgu Lawrence and cikgu Norma. Guys you’re the best.

It’s the final countdown
During the day, did a bleep test level 2..3(worst in the company I guess)
Just waiting for a happy new year with Ummi,GG,Wahida and Rose.

We had a marching brief by the KJ and he said there were 4 objectives
1-bermegah dengan tatasusila dengan taat setia
2-berkerjasama dalam kumpulan
3-menerima arahan sebagai satu kumpulan

Started the day with usual schedule, morning roll call, marching and senam aerobic.

We had a KKJ(kontrak kita janji) had to do things like,objectives,mission,the group name and a lot of other boring stuffs.

Were given hand phone and immediately had a call from Ummi and family,felt on top of the stars!!

Miss ummi and abah damn much.Pembentangan KKJ
Alpha-Nation Genesis
Bravo-Rosli Dhobi
Well that night there was a tazkirah in the musolla about
We need to be aware and understand each of he five pillars of Islam
There is no god but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is his messenger
Solah fives times a day
Fasting during the month of Ramadhan

OMG.Its been nearly a week I haven’t polished my writing skills. due to the hectic days I'm having here and there is no other reasonable reason why I didn’t have time. Just hope I can bear with it here and theirs one thing I’ve realised being here,IMAN has to be taken care because majority here are non-Muslims compared to the minor who are Muslims.

Raptai for lots of things like perbarisan commandant and there’s going to be a visit by dato’ Dr Tiki Lafe.

It’s kind of exciting combined with a feel of exaggerating being here within a month. It’s true what you say about people, the more you mingle you’ll experience a journey of all kind of people and not all are as kind as you think.well,Dato’ Dr Tiki Lafe came and we were on our best behaviour. Trying to be as good as angels. Well here, there were a lot of inputs he gave, such as the main reason why the country youths to enter PLKN-melatih menyedia pelatih untuk bersedia berkhidmat untuk Negara. He also added that the existence of Malaysia was due to perpaduan(unity) so as the world of tomorrow it is our job to ensure the stability of our country. well I don’t know to others but it only thumped me something, I suddenly realize what a big responsibility we were all carrying, could we really shape a good future??

Click! Snap!
Guess what? It was a photography session and we were the pictures were taken according to our company and class. it was fun.

Entered class now module 1 was done(and to think I didn’t write it in my diary, Apologies!!)
Now module 2 was about KITA and with the absence of cikgu Lawrence and the replacement by cikgu kiran,everything was just not right. again I slowly reminded tak kenal maka tak cinta.we formed a new group called LIC Lawrence in da club which consists of mumtaz,sakinah,janet(my buddy),reza,asip(boy),anbarasan,ridhuan,poh.well the main thing was we earned about others and also we learned how to juggle!!

Class as usual and we learned the topic jujur and kepercayaan.There was once we had to just go to anyone and say I trust you or I don’t trust you. I was really devastated when azie came u to me and said she didn’t trust me, Why? Because we were in the same flight so I expected the bond we made was strong enough, but I don’t think so. so now I’m in the mode I-hope-we-don’t-meet-each-other-often. Well the big events now were the perlantikan of 7 ring holders in each company.

SUO-senior under officers
JUO-junior under officers

Well for delta the ring holders were, zombie(nazrin),Albert, Indian guy,jay,wahida,Cynthia,malati
Penghulu was-saddam(alpha)
Penghuluwati was-siong(delta)
Besides that, we also played a game called Alien Delight where we had to get pas an obstacle that consists of ropes and cannot touch it. team work was definitely needed.

These were the saddest moments of my life.Eventhouh I’ve been here for not even a month, yet to know that I had to get back home due to an offer to pursue in medicine wasn’t enough to cover the frustration. I had to admit,eventhough I used to really hate this place yet I really felt attached to my friends,cikgu-cikgu especially cikgu hapsah and cikgu nolee.words can’t describe my emotions I’ll just insert farewell pictures. It was sad. I’ll miss you all. Till I see you all again.
BP9 coolios~
Alyssa lo li lin
Chua hooi hien(jing li)
Jenny anak basik
Rosyati ngang
Pang pin jie
Nor Nabila safari(GG)
Ummi shazriena azhari
Cyrine anak Dennis urie
Tan jun yi(June)
Helen bandie anak lagat
Agnes voon pick seang
Farah wahida
Amy ting mong ling


Anonymous said...

hello... i`m athirah from mukah, sarawak. i also got the chance to participate in plkn kem similajau, kump 2 siri 6/2009 (selepas you). i also the kompeni delta's member here and my room was BP 10. i aso want to inform you that our company can rampas "kompeni diraja" title from Alpha. our "nama samaran" 4 delta is ELIT. do you know/remember cikgu sulai, cikgu hapsah, cikgu eila, cikgu agustine, cikgu bada, cikgu yunus & cikgu mama? these teachers are our company'S teachers and they are the most sporting and the best teachers i ever had! thats all 4 now bye......

Anonymous said...

hi there..reading ur diary make me miss d camp once again...btw,i'm fizah (ex-penghuluwati,DELTA) frm kump2 siri 7/2010 in similajau...i had kinda d same situation with u...hate d camp so much at first but when i had 2 leave d camp last tuesday,i was feeling so sad cz i like it there! now i'm going 2 pursue my studies n i only get d chance 2 spend a month there..gosh,i miss it so much...anyway,just wanna let u noe that DELTA is going 2 b d kompeni diraja tis time..XD hope u will still keep in touch with all d DELTA squad...take care...