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plucking the petals on a flower

a few seconds ago, i was in a total go or not to go,to go or not to go.finally,i was determined and had decided.i was going.and now i'm here, in a beautiful mosque in uniten,bangi.tomorrow is going to be a blast(insyaAllah).i can't wait for it and i hope Allah will bless us.i don't have the energy to type the event yet and tell you more since it is very late and yet i haven't taken my sleep.i am at the brink of exhaustion since i have way passed my bedtime,nonetheless i hope i won't pass out.(thats a total fib).off to bed.

the call

there's so much to be compiled this week,i don't think i'll manage to organize it as neatly as i think i can.i'll just blurt out ,whatever i think i want to say!first,i went on a picnic with my family,everyone was there!!!ummi,abah,ifah,yam and ahmad.una dear i know you couldn't come due to classes.but we'll have fun some other time,ok?well,back to the story again,ummi came with a basket full of delicous and appealing meals!we ate steamed chicken with rice,crabs,mini pizzas, and honey dew finished the made me reminisce the days in pasir puteh,where i never went to picnics nor even went outings with my family.but i understood at that time it was due to distant predicaments.we went strolling near the rivers,captured a few shots,well i guess tonnes of them...credits to ifah and abah.and it was ended by a heroic act from me.we were jumping from stones to stones,and maryam kind of let her slipper loose from her feet,and the slipper drifted a way with the wate…

ad deen is directly proportional to science

i guess,to say i 'live in my own world' is quite true.i'm not that keen to actually read the newspapers,daily.what a bummer isn't it?i love to keep everything to myself and not now what is happening around me.(that was an ultimate lie!)the point is,i'm just lazy enough to flip through the papers.i'm trying though,and sometimes i end up screening through the titles and making my own self judgement.well,for me it was quite miraculous to actually read the newspapers daily for the pass few weeks,although not thoroughly yet,it still counts doesn't it?and fortunately,living in this world which is evolving day by day,keeping up with the world is necessary.i was just reading papers in the library when i came through an eye-catching said the islam and science correlated with each other.the first part was explanations on how science and technology evolved day by day from 2G,GPRS,3G and now 4G.everything related to human kind was changing.either becoming mo…

there is not much time left

tick tock tick tock
the clock is striking 1900 hours on december 12th,yet I still show no sign of utilizing the time for my AS this coming may.OMG!but i'm slowly pacing my steps and getting use to the fact that i will face the exam by hook or by crook, biology lecturer asked the class representative to do a countdown before the D-day,and gosh i couldn't believe my ears hearing there's still left approximately 120 days to go.suddenly,tummy does back-flips and stuff and my heart is pounding extraordinarily something coming up?i hope it's nothing bad.
looking back at my watch and counting every second and every minute.

never ending issue.

a weekend in your lonely apartment at an isolated college is quite irksome.i mean the quietness really gets on your nerves!nevertheless the environment still builds up my spirits to put some endeavor to finish my long never lasting list of topics to cover.i try to sit back,close my eyes,heave a sigh of blissfulness and start sorting out my plans for the weekend.exams are just around the corner,you can almost see it!its less then a fortnight and i still haven't got everything settled down completely.i need to revise back the topics during the first loads of past years questions.and just keep on doing it.i must say,being alone does make you idle and sometimes you realise you are drifted in another complete different world.but it won't be long till you step back in reality.i must go now.nature is calling and i have a big responsibility to do!oh my god,this sure is a never ending issue...
i don't know what happened to me just know.i trembled and tears trickled down my cheeks.i was not surprised at all,to know no one was looking.but i feel as if i'm in the darkest pitch hole ever.sitting alone with no one to lend their ears to hear what i say.i got ditched by my own friend and i feel horribly pissed off.i don't think she holds the idea of friendship very well.stared blankly at the papers in front of me.i haven't got a clue what to do?start from scratch?start doing past years?renewing and solidify the concepts.again,i easily misunderstand situations.don't bother me.

until i knock some senses in myself~
never leave till tomorrow what you can do today

-benjamin franklin

p/s procastination has never been an ultimate solution nor a destination!

nonstop full stop

it's way past midnight,and i definitely know there is nothing to worry when i'm no cinderella to be back at home before the clock strikes 12.but there's a major predicament here.i have just got back in my cosy apartment from my friend,leen's the way,we're just neighbours. never mind that.what i meant to say is ,whenever i start opening my jaw and sound coming out from my larynx,i get really intrigued when having conversation with people,and the next thing i know,is that i had just spent a few hours talking.there's never a full stop once i start!and every minute that passes through really is a waste if you spend it unwisely,like someone just did!it's good to have a chat,but having long conversations really aren't a good lifestyle for us.why?the conversations will end up,talking about people behind there backs,sometimes giving ferocious remarks of people's appearance or attitude and the list goes in the end,there's definitely no out…

blues clues

counting the days till the meet at the most exquisite rendezvous,Dewan Utama.everyone will be scribbling and jotting down anything that comes across the mind at that particular time.
that was like a couple of hours ago, when my spirits to face this AS was soaring and tumbling high above the sky.until night fell,and my feelings shattered to pieces.i was devastated,and i hope to Allah it is a blessing in heart pounded vehemently.i couldn't think properly and was flicking the shekels for the zillionth time.i went to the bus back and fro,checking whether there were still those who accidentally didn't pay.sadly,everyone shook their heads and my difficulty wasn't solved.finally,left with no choice and trying to be as willingly as possible(i am insyaAllah!)i used my first,i thought i was going to burst right on the spot,nevertheless it aggravated even more with my fellow comrades throwing empathy and thrusting ideas on how to solve it.their … won't be long.

in the world that is vast with technology gadgets here and cant help yourself but be updated to the latest and thrilling gadgets.after thriving with ace in spm,my mum offered me to choose a particular handphone as a gift,i couldn't help but felt jovially overjoyed.nonetheless i was going to enrol in college anyways,and handphones are a necessity.after flicking through pages of useful websites regarding superb handphones that were in style and magnficent,i ended up with sony erricson's walkman and owned a W595 on the 24th march little babe.

it has been helping me communicating in various places as far as europe and middle east to the nearest of south-east asia.aiding me capturing sceneries as beautiful as the sunset painted with streaks of gold and lavender strikes to the simple pictures of the backyard with flowers blooming here and there.anger triggered whenever my babe got scratches and even ensured that a black leathered casing would shadow it from any weat… year everyone!

lets get this straight.theres so much in my head right now and i just want to spill it all out including revealing some resolutions for 2010 of mine,off the top of my head:

seek blessings from Allah
stop bluffing parents about anything
capture and put as much endeavor for AS
not too close with opposite attraction(i'm right on with this!)
memorize and understand juz 'Amma
reduce avalanche of saliva usage!
reduce the amount of food containing low density lipoprotein
get out and inhale fresh air(oh man! do i have to!)
control my jealousy
love my sisters eternally
stop breaking promises!
a geeky kiki
a bookworm

ok,lets move on,and i'll try to compile everything.i have this upheaval of entering a few classes.whenever i'm in that particular class,i'm shrouded in misery.i guess reality does bite!ouch! I was stung again in the hurt and ached but it didn't scar.i guess i'm accepting it willingly.i have to agree i'm not born as a genius,nevertheless i don't intend…