Friday, January 1, 2010 year everyone!

lets get this straight.theres so much in my head right now and i just want to spill it all out including revealing some resolutions for 2010 of mine,off the top of my head:

seek blessings from Allah
stop bluffing parents about anything
capture and put as much endeavor for AS
not too close with opposite attraction(i'm right on with this!)
memorize and understand juz 'Amma
reduce avalanche of saliva usage!
reduce the amount of food containing low density lipoprotein
get out and inhale fresh air(oh man! do i have to!)
control my jealousy
love my sisters eternally
stop breaking promises!
a geeky kiki
a bookworm

ok,lets move on,and i'll try to compile everything.i have this upheaval of entering a few classes.whenever i'm in that particular class,i'm shrouded in misery.i guess reality does bite!ouch! I was stung again in the hurt and ached but it didn't scar.i guess i'm accepting it willingly.i have to agree i'm not born as a genius,nevertheless i don't intend to be a genius.yet i hope i get to be a knowledgeable people can't bluff me easily.well thats that,i'm also having problems with the way a sit.i mean i'm always hunched up especially when i hit the books and by the time i'm finished , my backbone aches thoroughly!sometimes i feel that i'm like quasimodo in the hunchback of notre dame!how cool is that?and to get over the pain,its soothing to lie on the floor because it sort of repair the misplaced bones.moving on,i attend tuition at different places for chemistry and physics and they're both tremendously fun!due to my long period for A level,my class in college is quite far behind in the AS syllabus,thus when i went for the chemistry tuition where everyone requested to learn the organic compounds.we agreed half heartedly,but in the end i must say i'm totally into organic chemistry.and there's some part in geometrical isomerism known as cis and trans,where theres a few conditions about it,where it must have a double bond,each carbon must be attached to two different groups and restricted rotation of carbon carbon double bond that end up forming cis and trans.well,the funny part is ,to identify cis,it must be the same group that is on the same plane and cis is so similar to sis(ters)!what a coincidence.(i know it doesn't sound at all funny but still it humors me -_-).physics is super duper enjoyable.nonetheless,physics is so freaky freaks me out having to remember so much principles and conservations.i still can't exactly imagine a visualization of  isolated systems.this goes for both conservations of energy and momentum,where the conservations are valid as long as it is in an isolated system.for example,in conservation of energy,the initial condition's energy is exactly the same as energy at the final condition.where we know perfectly in real is so illogical for energies to be conserved because in anything we do or in any particular movement or action,energy is released,even a teeny-weeny bit.but then again,it is in an isolated system,so theres no external force disturbing it.i guess it is true somehow.hmmm(still wondering).also there was usrah with sis hanem and i would like to share a bit about one piece of verse in the Quran ,which comes from surah al a'raaf:172,where it was mentioned.before Allah created our body,he created our souls first.and these souls have sort of like signed an agreement with Allah that,they will always obey and do Allah's when He blowed the souls into the bodies which leads to who we are at the is so wrong for us to disobey Him.since we are just normal homosapien muslims,it helps if we continually seek forgiveness from Allah and remorse the wrong doings.and lastly it was memorable enough to cherish sweet moments with fellow schoolmates,mimi,gira and chuelah.we kind of did a surprise party to chuelah since it was her birthday on the 31st december,excluding the birthday pranks ok!and it was just relieving to sit down together,hover over the most delicious cake ever and talk,talk and what else,talking of course.its just so good to be able to talk klate(kelantan dialect) after suffocating weeks of using urban malay language.i guess i am that pure klate girl.and i'm surely proud of it!so all in all,there were days that had its ups and downs.i like quoting from jean ure's book,there are days where you are over the moon,but suddenly you end up down in the dumps.but then again,that is called life,what else do you expect?

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