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it may be any minutes soon

no one knows when death will approach us it may be today,it may be tomorrow,it may be years from now,it may even be any minutes soon,whatever may happen only He knows. so,for the time being ,its never too late to change for the sake of Islam. don't think twice to choose and walk on the right path. open up your heart to Allah and Allah will guide us,InsyaAllah. either now or never let us spare our time to do tawbah for Him as for He has blessed us with uncountable things. May Allah be with us Ameen

sit down and think

what have we done for Islam today?

hadith 6

Daripada Abu Abdullah al-Nu'man ibn Basyer r.a. رضي الله عنهما beliau berkata: Aku telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda:

Sesungguhnya perkara yang halal itu terang jelas,
dan sesungguhnya perkara yang haram itu terang jelas,
dan di antara kedua perkara tersebut ada perkara-perkara syubhat yang kesamaran yang kebanyakan orang tidak mengetahuinya.
Barangsiapa yang menjaga perkara syubhat maka sesungguhnya dia telah membersihkan agamanya dan maruah dirinya.
Dan barangsiapa yang terjatuh dalam perkara syubhat, maka dia telah jatuh dalam perkara haram, umpama seorang pengembala yang mengembala di sekeliling kawasan larangan,
dibimbangi dia akan menceroboh masuk ke dalamnya. Ketahuilah bahawa setiap raja ada sempadan dan sesungguhnya sempadan Allah itu ialah perkara-perkara yang diharamkanNya.
Ketahuilah bahawa dalam setiap jasad itu ada seketul daging yang apabila ia baik maka baiklah seluruh jasad dan apabila ia rosak, maka rosaklah seluruh jasad.Ketahuilah ia adalah hati

Hadis riwayat al-l…

glad to be home:thanks nani

i hear tremendously a lot about ktt.some say they could hardly believe there eyes the first time they entered here.some say its pretty cool.some obviously,have never heard about it(hey hands up over here excuse me!).no matter what people say,what i say about ktt is that, it is what is(the most boring comment ever!)but what i know is that,i'm glad i'm stuck there for the rest of my preparation years but everytime its weekends,i rebel and urge to return home.i wonder why?haha,i guess its due to my really long period at scipp.

actually this post is for nani!!something happened when i returned home.
i was on the couch doing nothing when ummi said i had a parcel.its been ages since i ever recieved parcels!so i was overwhelmed to know what it was and who it was from(of course,who doesnt!).i quickly snatched the parcel that was positioned behind the air filtration machine in my house and peeped inside the paper bag.speechless i was indeed to see inside was a cute cuddly white teddy bea…