Saturday, November 14, 2009

glad to be home:thanks nani

i hear tremendously a lot about ktt.some say they could hardly believe there eyes the first time they entered here.some say its pretty cool.some obviously,have never heard about it(hey hands up over here excuse me!).no matter what people say,what i say about ktt is that, it is what is(the most boring comment ever!)but what i know is that,i'm glad i'm stuck there for the rest of my preparation years but everytime its weekends,i rebel and urge to return home.i wonder why?haha,i guess its due to my really long period at scipp.

actually this post is for nani!!something happened when i returned home.
i was on the couch doing nothing when ummi said i had a parcel.its been ages since i ever recieved parcels!so i was overwhelmed to know what it was and who it was from(of course,who doesnt!).i quickly snatched the parcel that was positioned behind the air filtration machine in my house and peeped inside the paper bag.speechless i was indeed to see inside was a cute cuddly white teddy bear.there was a card in it and i was so excited to know the was from nani and i was about to end up in tears because its been such a long time since the last time i hang out with her.she sort of lives 'next door', well not precisely but we are in the same neighbourhood.but we rarely see each other because she's in cfs pj and im in we have totally different schedule.but i really hope we will meet up somehow before this year ends.and again thanks nani for the little 'baby' which currently has no name.
thanks dear
ukhwah fillah abadan abada

~shocked to see kak aina suzaily as finalist penyampai ikon!

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