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a walk to reminisce

i went to pasar malam...
but we didn't board the bus...
it was raining heavily...

try picturing three ladies under the rain with plastic bags of hot food,waiting to be filled in the tummy,walking for a few kilometres,passing muds and wet passing by skid there wheels ending us up jilted wet.

did any picture pop out?

to be frank,it was wicked!i mean,how often do you actually walk in the rain?anyway,i was'nt actually wanting to go at first?i mean i'm not a big fan of the pasar malam.yet,there was this intuition that was deep, i guess a big push from Allah shoving me to pasar malam and see the world a bit.not just ending up in this shorten the story,the only one i knew going was jawahir and athina,besides that the bus was no where to be seen and the time was 6.09 pm.we were on the verge of returning to our apartment when ,ustaz joe passed by with his avanza and kindly offered to give us a lift,so of we went.
buying here and there,and as usual i always fe…

picnic on the cliff with mummy,kakak,nenda and aunt may-ang

sperm inhalation alert!

all of a sudden i have a mummy,a daddy, a kakak and a whole bunch of relatives in ktt LOL.this is what happens when As examinations becomes a vengeance for us.the thing was,it all coincidently started in alamanda where harisah proclaimed me and ayunie to be the little sisters and belle and her as the big sisters.i guess the height significance was the main reason at first right?but then the whole thing expanded and now we live happily ever after in our mansion,tangga 7.its quite comforting eventhough you live just nearby but the fact that you're away from your family and you haven't seen them for nearly a month.You know that there's a whole bunch of your family's here to support you and be with you.Now speaking of being with us,the usrah with kak ain last week was so meaningful,Allah is with you no matter in what situations nor on what conditions you are facing He will be with you,as long as you want to be with Him,and amidst the examinations showering on us,the feelin…
kirimkan surat pengharapanmu di tengah keheningan malam.jadikan airmatamu sebagai dakwatnya;kedua pipi sebagai kertasnya:kepasrahan sebagai setemnya: dan Arasy Ilahi sebagai alamatnya.setelah itu tunggulah jawapannya.
-Dr Aidh Abdullah Al-Qarni-


i'm exactly in the amidst of thorough intense.i want to get everything over as fast as possible.but i think i'm still floating in my own wonderland.wondering what is going to happen to me next.stacks of footnotes to be done,piles of books unfinished,tonnes of past years to be done and redone.the trials turned out not so good,and i'm going to ensure that i'll retaliate it during AS insyaAllah.exams are just beyond the junction.i'm stuck in the middle of nowhere,deciding to continue walking or take a car.i'm scared to death right now.everyone's talking about exams,everyone's on a hiatus from doing unnecessary things,when am I?

millions of love to you maryam