Friday, May 21, 2010

a walk to reminisce

i went to pasar malam...
but we didn't board the bus...
it was raining heavily...

try picturing three ladies under the rain with plastic bags of hot food,waiting to be filled in the tummy,walking for a few kilometres,passing muds and wet passing by skid there wheels ending us up jilted wet.

did any picture pop out?

to be frank,it was wicked!i mean,how often do you actually walk in the rain?anyway,i was'nt actually wanting to go at first?i mean i'm not a big fan of the pasar malam.yet,there was this intuition that was deep, i guess a big push from Allah shoving me to pasar malam and see the world a bit.not just ending up in this shorten the story,the only one i knew going was jawahir and athina,besides that the bus was no where to be seen and the time was 6.09 pm.we were on the verge of returning to our apartment when ,ustaz joe passed by with his avanza and kindly offered to give us a lift,so of we went.
buying here and there,and as usual i always felt like i wanted to buy the whole lot LOL!so after an approximately 45 minutes there,then we started to on eart are we going to get back!not to say we didn't think of this consequences at first,frankly speaking,i just followed the flow,so as long as i get to reach pasar malam,i didn't care about how to get,we exchanged looks,and tried to think of people back in college who got cars.the typical names came out,
dyg-went to pasar malam so no chance,plus don't know her well
miss syikin-troubling her
asep=zahrul's car=troubling plus always asking for their help before this

conclusion-walk back to ktt

so off we went,in the rain,thanks to Allah,it wasn't heavily raining,there were just a few drops of it by and by,and my god,the scenery was very Green and the atmosphere was humid,sekali terasa macam pejuang muslimin ketika perang badar,yang allah turunkan hujan yang cukup untuk hilangkan rasa kering at that particular time,sedangkan on the kafir's side,allah turunkan hujan yang lebat till they can't see what's in front of them.we walked and continued walking.we reached college and immediately heard the Maghrib azan.
Alhamdulillah , we made it.
safe and sound,

thank you Allah for the great walk.

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