Monday, October 29, 2012

| ilaliqa urdunn

The clock is nearly striking midnight, and this reminds me of one saying,

The man who decided to change on the twelfth, died on the eleventh.



Al Asr.

Demi masa.

Indeed, time is the the most obnoxious silent killer than cancer. You cant sense when its getting too late, because you just never know when death might be inviting you.

Well back to the story, I'm almost done, here in Jordan, we feel gloomy, but thats what we think. Since we are leaving the people here, the food and the places.

No more, laughters of Husna Ishkandar, coolness of Una, sly ammu khalid, and tonnes of akhawats who are sweethearts and smiling throughout the brief taaruf.

Its gonna be a while since, I'll be returning to these places biiznillah, Petra, Jerash, Maqamat, Ajloun, Balad Amman and many more, is a beautiful gift from Allah, to me.

And delicious food, such as maklubat, mansaf with laban either the classic laban or the modernized laban.

Series of stories shared throughout the journey in the car rented during the whole trip. I must say, ruhiy sharings and warm hearts welcomed during the ziarah around Irbid and Amman

'alla kulli hal,

It was wonderful.

Allah gave this feeling, and thus, Allah.

Tanah syam, was divided into 4, urdunn, suriya, filastin wa lubnan.

And alhamdulillah, being in either one of it, makes me feel honoured to be living in such a holy land.

How I wish I could be s strong as khaulah, or as sincere as khansa.

These people are epic.:)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

| Raya Sakan :p


Its nearly midnight here in Urdun. Alhandulillah, we managed to visit akhawat's open house near masjid thal's area and near arabella.

Their laughters, smiles, and hugs will really be some meaningful souvenirs that will be brought back home.

As normal human beings, we need to be reminded, over and over again.

Thats what exactly happened today, I was reminded for His Greatness and His Mercy. Indeed I am aware but I tend to forget.

So when it came from an akhawats mouth, it gave a different impact.

Sungguh aku mahu Allah memelukku.
Memujukku dan menghalau kerisauan yang sering singgah di hati kecil ini.

Aku merinduiMu Ya Rabb!

Friday, October 26, 2012

| Takbir bergema di Syams


Salam peeps ;)

I almost forgot, Eid mubarak people and like the arabs say, kullu sanah wa entum tayyib.

Hari ni hari raya la :p

Indeed it is, and alhmadulillah, the atmosphere is slightly different here in Syams.

Therr is something here, and I know I am in need of it.

From batra' until syarie hussani.
From Amman to Aqabah to Irbid.

Now, one of the essential part in Tarbiyyah, is also jaulah.

As I was about, to feel a slight of frustation regarding not able to go to nearly all the places here, I really did some spanking regarding my nafs.

Tajdid niat. Keep on track,

Every breath and inhalation of air, because of Allah.


SubhanaAllah wal hamdulillah walailahaillallah.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

| if he ran, then we sprint

When the guys run like the wind and the ladies walk lazily.

It stirs me.

I feel like being slept and buried to the ground.

I've always heard, dakwah doesnt need us, we need it.Allah doesn't need us, He could do completely fine without us, but we need Allah.We need Him very much.

When I ponder back my ' business' with Allah, my face gets flushed and my ears go hot, I'll tend to stare at the ground and can't seem to bear to look whats in front of me.
This is pure embarassing.

I claim, that I want to settle down in Jannah, I want to meet al-habib, want to.met al-khaliq.

But I keep on sinning, and the jahiliyyah is lingering harder on me.Grasping strong not wanting to let go.

Yet others, seem to be enlightened bu Allah's Deen and seem be soaring in the sky, aiming for paradise.


I have been through so much things yet I have been ungrateful endlessly.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am so thrilled to see many are starting usrah, realising how much vital tarbiyyah is to us. But I am embarassed due to the fact that I do not seem to be helping more or less.

If guys can do it, so can we.
Maybe better?!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bed of roses

When you are nearly in the verge of death, millions of things will come across your mind.

Your mum and dad,
Your last words,
Your last meal,
Your last deeds.

Death always knocks on our door, its either we greet it as the guest of honour, or we keep denying and refusing to care of him.

Oh Allah, if my next step is my last step, may it be because of you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

| 1 zulhijjah 1433

If blogs could be written by heart talks, instead of manually typing and stuff, then I guess, I'll be posting each post frequently.

But alas, even though, technology is evolving, the world is becoming a borderless world, yet, Allah still puts a limitation to all. Allah still preserves some very important features a s a human being that can't be replaced by gadgets nor technos.

Thus, intuitions or heart talks, will always remain between Allah and you, even your mum doesnt know what is in your heart. Thus, thats why Allah is your true lover.

Even a small whine or a sigh of exhaustion, He knows.

Even a small flinch of crushes or a tiny feeling of brag, He knows.

Tell me what Allah doesn't know?

Because He knows all. Well , He did create us, why wouldn't He know about us then.

I express through words better. After reeditting and rewriting things that could be publicised, only wanting to ensure that the post are also reminders for me.

Despite that not the whole world would read such insignificant writings from such an unimportant person but if there is, may Allah bless us. Me and you.

Forgive us during the times we almost forgot Him and bless us in the times we remember Him.

Zulumat ilan nur

From darkness to light.

I just had my sharings last night. Its been a while since my last sharing with them before the summer holidays. Just like a thirsty lady on a sunny day, who was given a lemonade drink.

Despite the ups and downs in dakwah and tarbiyyah, never leave usrah said k.ness during my jaulah to borneo island sone.time ago.

And indeed I agree.

Never leave usrah.

Never skip usrah eventhough we think we more busier than a prime minister.

Sesibuk mana pun kita, dulu, kini dan nanti, carilah masa untuk usrah, lebih-lebih lagi doktor.


These days, we are learning thoroughly parasites, bacterias, viruses with their tongue twisted name, we face troubles to memorize and even pronounce their names. Sarcodina,matigosphore, fasciola, schiztizoma mansoni and the list continues.

But , are we awared that SubhanaAllah, these are creations of Allah. Thus, its our responsibility to get to know them, to taaruf with them, as we are going to be dealing with them sooner or later.

And how magnificent Allah is because He made by himself this vast knowledge regarding the world and its creations.

Sedangkan makhluknya yang mudah bagiNya untuk diciptakan, sudah begitu complex untuk kita,namun kita harus mengenali mereka. Maka lihatlah pencipta kita.
Cukupkah taaruf kita kepada Dia untuk buat kita fall madly and deeply in live with Him?
Cukupkah kita taaruf dengan Dia?
Cukupkah usaha kita untuk cuba mengetahui tentang Dia?


Today is the first zulhijjah.

Its not wrong to renew intentions and refresh the old intentions.

Whatever they are, may we this month shower us with barakah.

And may we become 'someone' in His eyes and gain some scoring points to grab His redha.

Allahu Allah

Ya muqalibal qulu, thabit kulu bana ala dinik, wa ala ta atik.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

mim sod ro, Mesir.

"I wrestled with my soul as with a foe,
It bidding me to err, I saying no;
We were ancient enemies at large.
I put on patience, to withstand its charge.

Imam Al-Ghazali

Patient honey. Real patient. I realized, I'm such an impatient person. Whenever my desires are denied, I get real mad, I nearly turn into The Hulk.

Dalam al-quran, Allah pujuk kita, suruh bersabar.
Dalam usrah, murabbi pesan, bersabar dengan ujian.
Dalam daurah, penyampai share banyak-banyak pasal kesabaran.

We always get reminders about being patient.

Yet, to what extent is our patience?

Whenever we come across problems, its our iman against ujian.



Monday, October 8, 2012

| make a wish lady

After all these while, I have been wanting it so much, thus,

He granted my wishes.

That tiny, unimportant but one of the most desired wish.

Oh Allah, Thank you,

closing eyes, inhaling deeply.

"Just sit down and relax. Take a minute to realize, after all. We are a human. 
We make mistakes. And we are not perfect. 
We are only,

 a human."
-J.K Rowling

Sometimes, in life, we are too hard on ourselves. We tend to blame every wrong things happening to us, and we grumble every second. Sometimes, what we encounter is not our cup of tea, thus we tend to spit it out. 

Sometimes, human beings themselves don't understand them, nor others and thats where the root of the problems start.

I wanted to go somewhere, yet she didn't allow me.

I wonder, whether by still going for it is the right decision, but my heart seems to obey its owner.

Please don't be mad nor hate me.

Please don't.

I think I want some time alone with Him, to discuss with Him, and to ask for His solutions, because again,

He is the best Planner.

Please Ya Rabb,

Help me, your slave.

I Letter to Your Highness

I spent the whole day with Eka, an adorable ukhti that I really admire for her determination, coolness and punctuality, subhanAllah are blend all together perfectly.

And we talked about Zikr Fatimah,


Thirty three times after prayers.

Its called Zikr Fatimah, because according to the seerah, Fatimah was exhausted throughout making the dough bread and thus asked her father for some solutions, her father, who was Rasulullah(pbuh)  gave her an advice, which was reciting this zikr as to help her through her problems.

Well thats the story of its origin, today, we were returning home after finishing from some matters done in Mena Tours and 'Asar prayer in Jamek Ibrahim, we conversed, we talked about a lot, and suddenly, we were conversing about Zikr Fatimah.

Okay, there was something regarding this zikr,what touched me was the arrangement of the zikr itself,

First, Rasullulah, the al habib, told us to recite,
SubhanaAllah which means Glorious is Allah.

Imagine the things we do before prayers, the sins we did that we didn't realise, the things we said which wasn't nice, the things we see which we weren't suppose to be seen, thus, Allah wanted us to be purified, just like how Exalted Allah is, so we say subhanaAllah to cleanse and wash off the sins that grew inside us.

Then we say, alhamdulillah which means, praise to Allah.

For every single breath should be followed by every single second of saying thank you to Allah especially for the non-stop supplication of oxygen, but alas, we aren't capable of saying it every single second, thus, whenever we remember of His mercy and kindness, quickly say alhamdulillah.

For every, rizq and pleasure that we encounter in life, for every forgotten gratitude,thus keep saying alhamdulillah, to repay Allah's kindness although, by saying thank you isn't enough compared to what Allah has given us. But remembering Him is more than enough for our hearts, for by remembering Him, know that He is definitely near.

Lastly, we say Allahuakbar which means Allah is the Great.

As a timid slave of Allah, He is the great since He made us, He made everything inside us and everything around us, thus to meet Him, we must be aware of His Greatness.

For every pyramids in the deserts, there is a Lord beside it and it isn't the Pharaoh,

For every golds and jewels, there is a Lord that owns it which isn't Qarun,

The milky way that consist of the earth and planets, there is a Lord that controls it,

The stars twinkling, brightening the dark sky, there is a Lord that twinkles it,

For every leaf that falls and blankets the ground, there is a Lord that is aware of single drop,

For the Lord that witnesses my writing because of His greatness,

May You Bless me for every single tap on the keyboards.

My Highness, the Exalted.

The Lord,

Allah the AlMighty.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

| Some humble du'a for such a great ukhti

Its been a while since I felt the night breeze of Alexandria City. Its good to feel and smell the not so fresh air with the moderate humidity.

Unusually, tonight was extraordinarily nosier and people seem to be flooding almost in every places. But as long as the hearts was filled with love, then everything was okay regardless how bad they seem to be.

I was with Nini, my so called holiday-mate and a dear ukhti and I was also with me dear little ukhti, Ekha. We managed to sow some seeds of love fillah,  and celebrated humbly Nini's birthday.

I think I did mention some time ago, how birthdays were very important to me. Birthdays was a must to celebrate, along with a cake and a gift.

I think I told Nini this and she just laughed at me. And must I tell you, she has that very hilarious laugh that always made me easy. We had such a brief taaruf, which was during a kenduri kesyukuran held by my friend, Azila back then in KTT, but we managed to keep our friendship on going until now.

Now regarding birthdays, she didn't seem to mind, not celebrating fancily the birthday itself, since I myself am not so good in planning fancy events but I really hope that you had a wonderful time.

I know Nini, that you might not be reading this nor would you agree for me to publicly write lovey dovey words, but just so that you know, jazakillahu khair kathiran for being such a meaningful friend. Listening to all my blabbers, laughing to my lame jokes, reminding me to dhuha, reminding me to recite the qur'an,reminding me to pray on time, knowing my weakest point *winks deeply* and the list goes on in my heart.

Wherever your heart is tonight, I hope it is always with Allah,

Happy Birthday Nini and May Allah Bless you.

| did I press the delete button?

I stared viciously at my blank post, only a minute ago was I typing ferociously regarding my jaulah to kaherah, and with a blink of an eye, everything was gone.

It was too quick, since I cant even remember what I pressed on the keyboard, but every single thing is gone!

 this is citadel of salahuddin al ayyubi

 the view of Cairo City

 inside Masjid Ali Pasha

masjid azhar

Shocked and exhausted, thus I'm deciding to only post pictures.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

| nafak camp caesar , lau samaht!

In Egypt, us pedestrians unite with the road, we blend with the traffic, because its like we are another type of 'vehicle' over here.

That's how cool the traffic here is, honking of horns everywhere definitely causing noise pollution, passing through the floods of fast furious, cars, buses, tramco's let alone trains too.

I find myself annoyed at first, and now, fonder of it.

They have adjusted the system ever since Dr Morsy took over, they even have speed traps now!

I enjoy the heavy, intense, restless ongoing traffics here because this is the life of people here.

To survive here, you've got to be in the life of it ;)

Fi amanillah people.