Friday, October 26, 2012

| Takbir bergema di Syams


Salam peeps ;)

I almost forgot, Eid mubarak people and like the arabs say, kullu sanah wa entum tayyib.

Hari ni hari raya la :p

Indeed it is, and alhmadulillah, the atmosphere is slightly different here in Syams.

Therr is something here, and I know I am in need of it.

From batra' until syarie hussani.
From Amman to Aqabah to Irbid.

Now, one of the essential part in Tarbiyyah, is also jaulah.

As I was about, to feel a slight of frustation regarding not able to go to nearly all the places here, I really did some spanking regarding my nafs.

Tajdid niat. Keep on track,

Every breath and inhalation of air, because of Allah.


SubhanaAllah wal hamdulillah walailahaillallah.

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