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I'm about to depart to Jeddah from KLIA.So now,nawaitu kena jaga,jangan fikir nak melancong,not even having thoughts of enjoying,jangan fikir nak shopping,jangan fikir nak rasa great sebab dah pergi sana several times,tolonglah Ya Allah,correct my niyah and let me go there to just seek your blessings especially since its the last days of Ramadhan.Ummi also reminded me to keep my mouth tightly close and not giving blunt comments(especially kalau bab mengata orang)!So I'm zipping my mouth right now and I hope it doesn't stop here but also onwards.

it is about time...

in front of Masjid Nabawi

sekitar Masjid nabawi

the picturesque of Bukit Uhud
Masjidil Haram and constructions here and there Subhanallah,in less than a day I'll be in Medina and consequently move to Mecca.Ya Allah,I've been there last year and I'm going again this year?Allahuakbar.if I reflect back this whole year,too much have happened,I used to be,Aqeelah,the girl who slips in her fardh prayers,the girl who swears here and there,the girl who gossips and talk behind people's back and lots more.But no human being on earth is perfect!and of course that is so totally true and undeniable but still,I can change if i want to,and I realise,I rarely put any effort to change,thus how on earth am i suppose to become a better person!

Still,the biggest 'nikmat' that Allah gave me is that i'm still going through life as an islam lady and running through days of halawatul iman!Alhamdulillah.This whole year,no matter how bad I think I still am,I have been one year cultured …

happy fasting day

it is already the 19th day of Ramadhan and it is important here that you are able to prepare your body physically and mentally to face a new day tomorrow!

are you ready to be different and leave a mark anywhere you go?

spread the words of islam...


how far are we going?

Alhamdulillah,its already the 18th of Ramadhan,sadly the Maghfirah phase is about to end.To what extent have we put effort in order to gain maghfirah from the Ghafur!A saying from an ustaz giving a talk at surau at-taqwa that, as far as the phase of rahmah passed by,how many out of all these billions on earth,have felt the Rahmah Allah gave? how many have felt that they just want to quadruple the amount of ibadah they are doing right now?how many have the ability to differentiate between the bad and not so bad things to do right away?Its not as easy as it sounds to totally transform into someone who we call 'bertaqwa',but it is worth trying.

Well,my heart right now is pounding while doing the countdowns to fly to the land of anbiya'.thinking of it,makes me shudder.excited and scared.its exciting and i'm glad to be lucky enough to walk on the pavements where Rasulullah used to walk on!and also the pavements the sahabah used walk on.besides,we know that a new building up…

drive ahead

it has been a year through sweet symphonies of the bluebells and weeping down in the dumps together, AJGC forever.

like I care ?

i'm no good writer nor a good thinker,i sometimes do weird actions,but that's me.Alhamdulillah and tonnes of appreciations tokens to be given away especially to The Creator,who already wrote and destined whatever happened and happens to me.AS is over,A2 is bobbing itself up and down waiting when on earth am I going to grab it.Still, I need to settle loads of things here,whether or not retaking biology,going to Allah's house,adik-adik mutarabbi and mid semester examination besides wrapping up the whole Ramadhan with it.What has Allah encountered for me next?SubhanaAllah,may i go by the days sincerely because of Allah

marhaban ya ramadhan!

salamun'alaik to all,may Allah bless all of you.
after nearly a year passing by,we have reached the month of ramadhan al karim.i was talking to my housemate,mayang and ruz about ramadhan,and throughout the chat,i got to know that whenever someone greets you with "marhaban ya ramadhanulkareem" you should reply back "allahu akram".Well then,i wanted to share a few things regarding ramadhan,whenever we mention ramadhan,we know automatically that we have to fast throughout the month,Allah gave his orders to the muslims,to fast starting from the year 2 hijrah.So,imagine that people have been fasting since the medievals,why shouldn't we?Fasting or puasa in arabic is said to be,assiam.It also means,leaving or meninggalkan and in istilah syarak means,ensuring that we don't eat or drink and do actions that can misguide our fasting starting from dusk till dawn.This month is also very special and means a lot because the syaitan's are captured and cannot distur…