Monday, August 30, 2010

it is about time...

in front of Masjid Nabawi

sekitar Masjid nabawi

the picturesque of Bukit Uhud

Masjidil Haram and constructions here and there
Subhanallah,in less than a day I'll be in Medina and consequently move to Mecca.Ya Allah,I've been there last year and I'm going again this year?Allahuakbar.if I reflect back this whole year,too much have happened,I used to be,Aqeelah,the girl who slips in her fardh prayers,the girl who swears here and there,the girl who gossips and talk behind people's back and lots more.But no human being on earth is perfect!and of course that is so totally true and undeniable but still,I can change if i want to,and I realise,I rarely put any effort to change,thus how on earth am i suppose to become a better person!

Still,the biggest 'nikmat' that Allah gave me is that i'm still going through life as an islam lady and running through days of halawatul iman!Alhamdulillah.This whole year,no matter how bad I think I still am,I have been one year cultured with tarbiyyah.It has been a year and i sense changes in me.No matter how bad I think I am,but frankly speaking I know I Have changed,somehow.No matter how people accept me or see me,I am turning into someone better.I know that deep inside me,I can take care of my fardh prayers,I can bite my lips from cursing by simply saying astaghfirullahal'azim,I can stop being nosy and just know what I'm suppose to know.I can do it and I know I is only a matter of wanting it with Allah's permission.

I was praying terawih just know when something happened that kept me thinking.There's this little girl who I always bump into at the surau.She wears this 'kain sembahyang' which has shining red strawberries on it and  dark yellow in colour.i always see her either for Subuh or Isyak prayer.Well,thats not an issue yet,because yeah all kids end up in the surau.but mostly just goof around and jumps here and there doing there 'businesses' in their cosy little world.But this little girl never affords to leave the prayers,fardh nor terawih and she even listens to the tazkirah during the intervals!to me, that is quite something because she's just around 6 to 7 years old and I myself who is about to reach 19,still has this laziness to listen to tazkirah,yet she listens contently without any hesitation.To shorten the tale,today I guess she was extra tired,she slept throughout the tazkirah.But I must admit,the 'pentazkirah's' voice was kind of low and sort of like a so-called-lullaby voice which made me sleepy too.the only point that I could get was

'reciting the Al-Quran before fajr is a very good thing and it can be a ticket for us when we enter Jannah one day'

well then,after that,the tazkirah ended and the imam was ready for the next terawih prayers.The little girl was still asleep and her kakak had to shake her several times before she woke up.when i looked at her,half of her looked conscious and the other half was still having dreams.she stood up but was a little wobbly so she sat down in front of her kakak who was the same saff as mine.the imam was doing everything from rukuk-sujud-duduk antara dua sujud-sujud and the moment hestood up and cried out 'Allahuakbar' all of a sudden this little girl also stood up!Imagine that!I mean,I was shocked a bit and I had to peep at her to see what was going on,and I saw her eyes were half closed.A lot of things crossed my mind,was she going to sleep walk?was she ok?but I tried to get rid of the thoughts and continue praying.

but then, how focus could you be when you rukuk,and this little girl in front of you rukuk too,but in a totally opposite direction.its like a mirror image.she was doing what we were doing,only facing us instead of facing the kiblah!So towards the end,during the sujud she never rose up again.but don't fear, she didn't pass out or anything,she just dozed off.Because right after the imam gave salam,her kakak shook her again and took her straight to the a room at the back of the ladies area.poor little girl,she must've been superbly tired!

well,the point of the story was,that the little girls' determination to seek Allah in unbelievable!at a small age,she has this willingness and determination to listen to tazkirah,pray at the surau and lots more.she can even pray in her sleep just by listening to the cries of the imam!SubhanaAllah,it shows how devoted this little girl is.How many out there can compare to this little girls' highly spirit?I know that it is quite hard for me,yet I'm never going to surrender or give up,I am also determine to seek Allah 'azza wajalla.Allahuakbar

Labbaikallah humma labaik,Labaikalah sharikalakalabaik' innalhamdah wanni'mata lakawal mulk la sharikala!

it looks like,I should be going,I have a long way to go.


thyYunx said...

nawaitu nak pergi sane tetap ada

Aqeelah said...

insyaAllah nanti thiya sampai gak kat sane!~

Anonymous said...

take care kiki!

farah said...

Alhamdulillah.nnt bwk aku plo g sano. :)

Anonymous said...


khairummin alfisyahr