Saturday, January 28, 2012

| pause.breathe.think


hello upper east side!
whats is for today y'all,

I dont know whats got in to me,but lately i always recieve emails from ummi and I'm so happy and over the moon :)

and I had just came back from sending una off to Cairo,for a winter gathering,boleh ke saya request sahabat sahabat doakan adik saya,

and I am being shoved ahead,coming nearer than ever to the D-day,

may allah ease the way,plus,I was blog walking and I saw this picture and it made me sigh in relief,alhamdulillah

To una,fly to the moon,using your wings <3

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Una boona

Una's here!
Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah,she has safely reached alexandria at last,after the long endless journey, all alone as early as 17,I really salute her,she is one strong lady!

Anyway,this is una, and her first egyptian meal,well I consider it as a snack,gambari baneyh,shrimp sandwich and it really taste scrumptious,nothing can describe the taste -,-

I'm just glad that when my heart is suffering from mildness 'rindu' of home,una came,besides,I secretly cry when she goes to sleep,because the happiness of having her here is beyond that.


doakan kami adik beradik dan satu keluarga,

hmm you got me,that's una,its not me,

haihhhh many have mistaken me with her,do we really look alike :)

dan diizinkan allah,dapatlah saya skype dengan ummi and abah for the first time ever,yeah baby yeah!dan betapa besar nikmat yang Allah bagi,bukan saja ummi dan abah,malah seisi keluarga,


I mean, I got to talk to nenek and atuk and even Ahmad,and the most surprising thing is,its 8 in the morning but its so alive over there,I wish I would stop sleeping after subuh here,I mean even my little brother in malaysia doesnt sleep after subuh,common la,dont say I lose to my brother?

oh allah,please give me that inner strength,the strength that i need to withstand internal and external pressure of life.

Life is a like a rollercoaster,its either you close your eyes throughout the journey just because you cant stand the world,or you just go with the world and scream when in need,

dont push yourself if you aren't ready,but always tajdid niat so that, no matter what choice it is,it still counts in front of Him,

I mean,who is cooler other than Allah?

no one.

only Him,and I am in love with Him,inshaAllah

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

| it's raining,quick grab an umbrella!

linked by the unseen bond, thats how ukhuwwah because of Allah works.

Happy New Year to all,and what a nice way to start the year with,tajdid niat fellas!

| janji Allah memang benar

He said,

Berpenat lelahlah kerana sesungguhnya kesenangan itu selepas kepayahan.janganlah berdukacita kerana hidup ini meletihkan,kerana demikianlah hidup itu diciptakan 

Imam Syafie