Saturday, January 28, 2012

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hello upper east side!
whats is for today y'all,

I dont know whats got in to me,but lately i always recieve emails from ummi and I'm so happy and over the moon :)

and I had just came back from sending una off to Cairo,for a winter gathering,boleh ke saya request sahabat sahabat doakan adik saya,

and I am being shoved ahead,coming nearer than ever to the D-day,

may allah ease the way,plus,I was blog walking and I saw this picture and it made me sigh in relief,alhamdulillah

To una,fly to the moon,using your wings <3


Anonymous said...


kiki, i miss you :)

Aqeelah said...

Hey I miss you and your writings :)
i dont have blog friends here, T-T
so I miss you guys so much,thanks to Allah,i have all of mara girls blog link,and alhamdulillah everyone is still writing despite not as frequent as it used to be,some have become private,tapi at least i know you are all still there,struggling medicine just like me,so i know I'm not alone,

sorry for the long hiatus :)

Anonymous said...

i do miss writing too sometimes. when the urge to write comes, i hav to wait till i can really sit and write. but so many things going on nowadys till that idea simply *kaaapppuffff*. there it goes my ideas and feelings drains into no where -_____-


but alhamdulillah, you girls still able to share things in your blog and it always boost me up reading them :) please do keep it up. (one of the reason is that i miss you girls soooo much, so reading your updates would helps lots ^^ rindu terubat ehe)

i hope ur doing good there kiki. i am always here, reading your writing each time you update. you are never alone laaa :) aha.

xoxo. salam from manipal, india.