Sunday, October 25, 2009

the snap shots

venue:in front of biology lab

venue:bangi ,open house ISMA

venue : nilai ,usrah ISK

venue : LH 1 ,deeparaya for A level 2 years students

venue : KTT's hill

a couple of weeks compilation

occasion : open house ISMA
location : bangi
remarks : suddenly felt like I was back in England,whenever there are gatherings especially raya,everyone brings there cookings from home and the place is crowded and packed.especially with kids

occasion : usrah ISK
location : nilai
remarks : the most inspirational usrah I ever attended!Glad I went there.Learned a lot and hope I get to contribute in building up the ummah.but i'm struggling right now in fixing myself.somebody help!

occasion : deeparaya for students A level(2 years)
location : Lecture Hall 1
remarks : an exciting night indeed.but it seemed that my heart just wasn't there at that time.wondered what was the problem but no solution came up

occasion : the climb
location :the hill at ktt,where the water tank is placed
remarks:Alhamdulillah,I have safely reached the peak of the hill.i wanted to climb it for ages and at last it wass thrilled i was!

roads diverge

i yearn for my life to be better
i long for my self to realise life is just a journey
i want my self to aim ukhrawi
when two roads diverge
the choice is in our hands
yet each road has its own storyline
pick one
and follow it accordingly
run with the wind
but don't let the wind drift you away
carry on moving
stop for a while to see the past
but dont let the past overcome you
keep on moving
till the end of your breath
goodbye dear duniawi
i'm on my way to paradise

Sunday, October 4, 2009


viva forever!


out of sight , out of mind

a reality that i have to accept

the wrong dogma in KTT

in ktt,us mara scholars are said to have the most lowest figure for those that manage to pass the A Level examination.Some say it is due to the long period of the A level itself,2 years!some say that it is a curse that mara students sadly end up this way,whatever the dogma is,i'm determined that my batch will change it somehow.insyaAllah

oh man!
i've managed to get all my exam result
and it doesn't seem to make me in cloud nine anyhow

i guess my endeavour isn't to its maximum yet!

i'm grateful i passed,yet i need to get more
some say the more you fall the harder you bounce
some say vice versa
i guess whatever people say
it goes back to you

i would like to share a quote that i'm currently inspired with

who the hell says the fire has gone completely!it may seem
to flicker a little, but it is definitely still there.

~glad to see gadis with her jejaka!can't wait for the updates ;)