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| pre emptive strike of the real war

With a nonchalant expression, I'm utterly bashing my eyelashes, not because I am trying to look all sweet and girlish but simply because I'm sleepy.


Yet, I continue to stare at the blank page in front of me, a screen of an electronic device used by people of all sorts of ages.

A minute ago my mind was enchanting loads of stuff it nearly made my brain explode because I really wanted to spill it all here, but the moment I'm about to write it down, everything goes away, like writings that are written on sand, the moment you are just about to read about it,the ocean washes it all off.

Just great.

But what I do realise is  that the clock is continuously ticking and time can just go pass by without even caring that you are left behind or what.

And that is exactly how I feel now.

So, here comes the point where I go ranting about a bunch of final exams, to be coming just around the corner,and yes there is LESS time to be laying my back down and having a sip of lemonade whi…