Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Antidote 1434

We welcome you month we all adore
We pray for happiness and more
to all the people open up your door
Peace, Love and Joy
Let them soar

Welcome holy month Ramadan

Warning! you are in need of listening to a nasheed while reading the post below,
Sung beautifully by Sheikh Mishary Alafasy entitled Ramadhan.

It's true, its nearly week since we've been fasting, and I have just being through it, trying to enhance a feeling. A feeling that I wasn't actually feeling whole heartedly. A feeling only that I discovered in this video did by my fellow cliques in Alexandria. My hearts was captured with the words, and I couldnt hold the tears anymore.
We need therapy and remedy for our soul.
Take the opportunity from this Ramadhan to remove all the 'zombies' in ourselves.

Jazakumullah khair to those involved in the making of this clip and sharing it.

The antidote.

Antidote for the sins i did.
Antidote for the bad deeds I'd done.
Antidote for my misguided actions.

And this month is the month for me to grab the chance, to scrub the dirty sins off, to reposition myself to the correct way, and performing good deeds.

To those reading this, can I ask for a little favor,

Please make du'a so that me and you can become a better muslim after Ramadhan which is to become

an IbadurRahman and a DaieRabbani

Ramadhan greetings!

In arabic :
بالحب تلقاك البدور ضيف الأماني والسرور
فيك العطايا والاجور يا مرحبا زين الشهور

In french :
Jour après jour , un monde d'amour des océans ,
soyez la bienvenue
Meilleur des mois , bienvenue bonheur et joie
Notre mois saint , bonheur et bien

In english :
We welcome you month we all adore
We pray for happiness and more
to all the people open up your door
Peace, Love and Joy
Let them soar

Welcome holy month Ramadan

احلى القوافي والنشيد في مقدم الشهر السعيد
النور في الدنيا يزيد والرب تواب شكور
رمضان رمضان

Welcome holy month Ramadan
welcome ramadhan

Something happened in Egypt again. Not now, oh fatah assisi, not again, not during Ramadhan!
Dear Egypt,
I hope from deep down of my heart, as the opposition hits the muslims, the muslims rise higher, we have Allah right!
From me.
Yasmin Mogahed said,
Dear Egypt, 
"Do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear God; indeed, God is Acquainted with what you do." (5:8)
Another akh from Bangladesh wrote,
Dear egypt, May Allah bless u and save u from secular filth.

May Allah protect us,

Ramadhan Kareem ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Vibrating falsetto

It was just last night, I wrote about the positive vibe.

Striving happily to live on.


Irhal means get out in arabic.

Lightning struck, it was like a nightmare in daylight.

The 48-hours to politician given by the army, ended when the leader announced overthrowning of Dr Morsy and reelection will be done for everyones satisfaction.

Dr Morsy power as a president elected in a democratic party was toppled by an order given by the army.

Who on earth do they think they were?

But still, damaged was done, fireworks were cracked and gunshot struck the darkness of night, the tamarrud (anti-morsi) celebrated, and tearful tajarrud(pro-morsi) also celebrated with takbir and tahmid.

Muhasabah mode.

a beautiful graffiti on the wall of a building

The battle in Egypt is crystal clear,

its light against darkness,
its white againts black,
its haq against batil.

Up until the moment where us the muslims, are still carried away by the fana of the dunya, it is until then, Allah wants us prepare thoroughly to meet Him in Jannah.

Selagi kita tak baiki diri, selagi itulah kita kena berada di atas jalan ini, membaiki diri, sehingga al haq itu menang.

maybe we won't live to see, but we will play the part towards it,

sementara itu, sucikan niat dan emosi,
jangan pernah bersangka buruk dengan Allah,
kita merancang, mereka merancang,
dan Allah sebaik-baik perancang.

Ramadhan mode.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Positive vibe

Tarik nafas, buang nafas.

Dengan menyaksikan ribuan penyokong alHaq, 

Permulaan bulan masihi, bulan julai, 

Dr Morsi sekali lagi memulakan tampuk pemerintahannya untuk tahun kedua ;)