Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Antidote 1434

We welcome you month we all adore
We pray for happiness and more
to all the people open up your door
Peace, Love and Joy
Let them soar

Welcome holy month Ramadan

Warning! you are in need of listening to a nasheed while reading the post below,
Sung beautifully by Sheikh Mishary Alafasy entitled Ramadhan.

It's true, its nearly week since we've been fasting, and I have just being through it, trying to enhance a feeling. A feeling that I wasn't actually feeling whole heartedly. A feeling only that I discovered in this video did by my fellow cliques in Alexandria. My hearts was captured with the words, and I couldnt hold the tears anymore.
We need therapy and remedy for our soul.
Take the opportunity from this Ramadhan to remove all the 'zombies' in ourselves.

Jazakumullah khair to those involved in the making of this clip and sharing it.

The antidote.

Antidote for the sins i did.
Antidote for the bad deeds I'd done.
Antidote for my misguided actions.

And this month is the month for me to grab the chance, to scrub the dirty sins off, to reposition myself to the correct way, and performing good deeds.

To those reading this, can I ask for a little favor,

Please make du'a so that me and you can become a better muslim after Ramadhan which is to become

an IbadurRahman and a DaieRabbani

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