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a week back in college was just a waste of time,classes cancelled every minute,tuitions was pushed back due to the responsibilty attending peer group counselling(pgc),and now its nearly the end of february?when i think back,i feel like i have done nothing worthless all february?it's creeping towards march and i'm really despising fesni and feskott!please don't force people if they don't want to!but then,i should give it a go and try to be as nice as possible to these to extravaganza festivals,but still,the coming pre As and As are still my priority.I'm not going to abandon them due to fulfilling the needs of these festivals.i really hope i do well.anyway,the not-so-productive-week ended superbly with having to meet the sisters from trisakti universitas in indonesia,one of these sisters was a former ktt student and she was actually studying as a poland bound student,but somehow,there were some complications and she ended in indonesia,nevertheless she loves being in …

wondering in wonderland

i badly wanted to go after a week lagging,at last yesterday una my little sis and me finally reached the mines.having virtual tour guides,shakira and jawahir,we reached there without any doubt nor hesitation.taking the KTM from shah alam to serdang,we walked,followed a couple who i assumed were going there to(and fortunately i was correct) and in no time we were inside the mines.the moment we put our foot in that gigantic mall,the first thing we did was seeking a place selling ramen.well,getting addicted with korean movies made us eager to try this particular food that korean people eat.ramen is similar to yee mee,but slightly larger.we decided to park ourself at mr raymen's and ordered lunch,i ordered tomyam seafood ramen and it was jolly scrumptious!

i couldn't remember my sisters meal because the name was super weird, but she really got herself tucked in it. with a happy tummy and full of ramen,we decided to shop till we dropped.the first place we went were reject shop…

the full version of the prophet's last sermon

This is last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h);

"O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and take these words to those who could not be present here today. O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your LORD, and that HE will indeed reckon your deeds. ALLAH has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. Allah has Judged that there shall be no interest and that all the interest due to Abbas ibn 'Abd'al Muttalib (Prophet's uncle) shall henceforth be waived... Bew…

thanks athina for tagging

i guess this will continually be the title for those who tag me...anyway,here it goes

Hee.. Pelaksanaan tag ini mudah saja. Tiada soalan yang perlu dijawab, cuma praktiskan kemahiran copy dan paste anda=)
Merujuk kepada entry saya sebelumnya yang di bawah, copy khutbah terakhir Rasulullah S.A.W dan terbitkan di blog. Moga pesanan baginda dalam rangkap terakhir tersebut terlaksana (^_^)~
Hendaklah orang-orang yang mendengar ucapanku,menyampaikan pula kepada orang lain. Semoga yang terakhir lebih memahami kata-kataku dari mereka yang terus mendengar dariku. Saksikanlah ya ALLAH, bahawasanya telah aku sampaikan” (Rasulullah S.A.W)
and again this reminds me i haven't posted my entry on shahadatul haq,it will be coming as soon as possible.
so for those out there reading this,this isn't just about tagging,it's about us being da'ie or the chosen is our responsibility to spread islam,so lets continue and spread this post all over the world.

bob the builder can you fix it!

my atok is what one calls,bob the builder.he just can't see something out of place or broken,he'll fix it and mend it till it functions,once he went to our home in shah alam,and he was looking around when he spotted a drawer full of unused,don't misunderstand,it wasn't put their just for fun,all the phones were broken.there were nearly five of,he decided to take this LG flip which was used during 2007,which was a long time ago and tried to fix it.The next thing we know was,he was using the phone as though nothing happened!OMG!so my mum asked him how he did it,and casually he answered,"la,pegi beli bateri jela,pahtu beli charger baru" and chuckled.we laughed till our jaws ached,because all this while,we thought that something was wrong with the charger so we kept buying new ones and still the phone gave us predicaments.but the real problem was on the battery.whoah!anyway,so once it was fixed,i started fidgeting the phone and cam…

serenity lies beyond it

it was a jolly lunar celebration back in soon as midnight struck,you could here all sorts of fireworks or fire crackers from every part of the village.i just couldn't stop smiling,eventhough they were merely enjoying themselves not knowing that it sort of disturbed the elders sleeping,poor atok and nenek.but it did accustom that malaysia is surely a united nation,we all live under the same roof and i'm definitely proud being a malaysian.

here's some photos of my grandparents home in wakaf bharu.

thanks ain for tagging me~

Rules: once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tag.

first and foremost,thanks to ain aka itekkiut for tagging me.i've never been tagged before,nor do I know what is the main reason people tag others,yet thanks again and let me see if  i can finish it in one shot

1.I can hibernate for the whole day,wake up and not guilty to still feel sleepy,i'm one sleepy head

2.I hate cancellations of classes,call me geeky but I really do,and I don't understand why some want it badly.

3.I'm a homy person and i could bear spending the holidays stuck up at home

4.I really want to be a Genius,i'm not but i've always wanted to be one

5.I want to live in a cottage like Little Red Riding Hood and make my my own Ginger Breadman cookies

6.I once wished to have a genie and grant my wishes.

7.I am so soft hearted towards friends and totally opposite of that with my siblings(no wond…

the BIGgest loser

whenever i look at the scales,i get goosebumps and unwanted feelings creep inside me.i'm 18 going on 19 and still young and healthy,but at my age,my BMI is way beyond the ideal one.i guess i am overweight and that sickens me out.i hate strolling around and definitely hate exercising!i just love to EAT,and even when i'm not doing anything,i'll automatically walk to the kitchen and open the refrigerator to scavenge for anything to put in my mouth,who knows if i'm lucky enough to find a piece of chicken!i really have bad eating habits where my likes are just towards low density lipoprotein sort of food instead of going for high density lipoprotein there you go,at the very instant,you'll definitely picture where the fats came from and build up.i often look in the mirror and see a very gigantic person in it,but sadly i'll deny thats me,and so i continue eating as though tomorrow will never come!Ironically,i was at my granny's house in wakaf bharu,and eve…
a couple days ago i was in the cinemas watching valentines day,the actors didn't fail to make me touched by the affection they showed of reed didn't see the love of his life that was just in front of him and realized his best friend complement the missing part of him,Julia.Alphonso definitely proved that theorically best friends do end up being best kate suffered more than a decade not seeing he dear son,Edison.and Edison,no matter how small he is,he is still eager to open his heart to his valentine eventhough they had major age distance honesty sealed the love between edgar and estelle also towards liz and the freshness of love is felt by the sweet felicia and willy where felicia carried the gigantic bear given by willy all day long!and also kara and kelvin who formerly were loners but managed to knit great love between them both.kudos to them!now, is such a cheesy matter,yet either you're in love unconditionally or n…

blend of cuteness and grumbles

just now you were soaring high above the sky,but a minute after you're down in the dumps.that's exactly what i feel right now.i'm left alone solving my puzzled labyrinth of's kind  of weird when you can't solve your OWN predicaments,trying to sound nonchalantly as possible,thats who i am.pretty tiring and pity isn't it?in bottom line,i just need a hiatus.thank god the CNY holidays are just any seconds from now.i need to sort out my priority.

talk about cuteness...