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wondering in wonderland

i badly wanted to go after a week lagging,at last yesterday una my little sis and me finally reached the mines.having virtual tour guides,shakira and jawahir,we reached there without any doubt nor hesitation.taking the KTM from shah alam to serdang,we walked,followed a couple who i assumed were going there to(and fortunately i was correct) and in no time we were inside the mines.the moment we put our foot in that gigantic mall,the first thing we did was seeking a place selling ramen.well,getting addicted with korean movies made us eager to try this particular food that korean people eat.ramen is similar to yee mee,but slightly larger.we decided to park ourself at mr raymen's and ordered lunch,i ordered tomyam seafood ramen and it was jolly scrumptious!

i couldn't remember my sisters meal because the name was super weird, but she really got herself tucked in it.
with a happy tummy and full of ramen,we decided to shop till we dropped.the first place we went were reject shop.and OMG the sales were ongoing and the price were ka-boomly cheap and when it goes to shopping i'm really the choosy one but this time everything were so cheap and i couldn't help myself by taking everything.well not entirely the whole outlet!there was also this group who were performing for the CNY celebrations and i had time to record a few of their tricks and they were stunningly adorable!

(you need to slant your head a little to the side)

well after that we performed zuhur and we carried on adventuring the whole mall.we entered a bookstore which was fascinating with a chandelier in the middle,the place was like a grand library.and then i went to some kiosks and searched for some slippers.i did get one with rm15 and couldn't stop smiling.well call it satisfaction.and we returned home right after we performed asar.i still couldn't forget i misguided these girls by showing the wrong direction to the prayer room,she was asking directions and at that time i was busy fondling with a bear at a kiosk,so confidently and trying to be brief i showed her the direction,they said thank you and were off.a few minutes later,una tugged my t-shirt and said that  had wrongly shown them!OMG why didn't she tell me JUST now! i was a little pissed off but being optimist i tried calming myself and bearing in mind that hey will meet the prayer room burden me with more guilt,we were heading towards the prayer room ourself and so i put high hopes to meet them there and apologize,but unfortunately they didn't turn up.i was totally in a guilty mood but una tried to cheer me up and think we headed home and caught the was stuffed but then again,its KTM so its nothing surprising.we reached home pretty late and it was nearly dusk but i definitely enjoyed the day!

moving on......
tomorrow i have to head back to KTT,and it means i have to be a geek back.-_-.and also,i'm wondering how the celebration for CNY at college will be like,the fellas were practicing thoroughly since before holidays,can't wait for them to perform.LOL


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