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the cake and the not so small boy

<3credits to ifah for the cake and photography

hey,don't mess with us!

alhamdulillah,it was just last night that I was in college,and now I'm celebrating my little brothers birthday at home,yes thats right.I'm in Shah Alam,and even I myself can't believe how fast everything happened that right now I am with my siblings and parents here.

I was wanting to return home this weekend,but due to a daurah I wanted to go,I had to squeeze in some time to pop back at home for a while which ended up today.besides,for us,birthdays are big issues.not that it must be a grand celebration like having a party full of balloons.But just a simple and warm get together with cakes and presents would do the trick,and I must say,lots and lots of presents may be handy.

So this year,sadly without Una as usual as she is nun jauh di dungun,we chanted 'happy birthday' at the dining table with ifah's home made cake,kudos ifah!you finally made it,didn't you?so for the birthday boy,Ahmad,he got everything he requested and was smiling ear to ear!

moving on,I w…

commotions of the heart

I know I should be happy of you,you're great at everything,but the weird thing is,deep down inside,i don't feel that excitement.Maybe you could see the insincerity if you look deeply inside me,but then again everyone is happy of you.So why shouldn't I?

The feeling creeps in every inch of my body and it bothers me.I'm a person with an infinite perception,and I know its bad to give bad perceptions,su'uzhon,but I merely do it without realising it.I'm sorry again.Iknow you deserve it and Allah has planned this for you,so congratulations anyway.

But it doesnt make my day anyway :(.I don't feel miserable but I feel terrible as a daughter.I've never been a good daughter since I was small until now.The aqeelah you see now is full changes since you've all just known me temporarily.Now I know the reason why my siblings dislike my personality is because of my evergreen 'bossy'ness and my furious temper!They've known me since small and you don't…

of 16 GB memory card

dear ahmad,

happy birthday little brother!

nothing much to say,but I'm happy you're growing well and healthy,still wondering and hoping that you'll grow out from being too indulge with your psp you know!Plus,I couldn't help but smile,the fact that,a little girl commented on my little brother,how handsome he's becoming into,LOL Ahmad,you must be beaming thoroughly brother,anyway,you're such a sweetheart and no matter how often you put on you temper,we all love you full heartedly,always

kak long

thanks zaim for buying the memory card and azila for the stupendous card!

when butterflies leave

When butterflies leave their silk palaces  the scent of the garden blows towards Heaven's way.  Like the toils of man,  those who work to tomorrow  will not miss the dreams of yesterday

Amir Awan - Don't you worry my sisters

Abdullah Shukur - Light the way

saairun - pengembara

jika rakyat muslim di mesir bangkit menentang pemimpin mereka dalam mempertahankan agama Islam,ayuh bangkit wahai muslim sekalian untuk terus berjuang mempertahankan al-aqsa,kita hanyalah pengembara yang merantau di dunia ini,sebagai abid dan khalifah,wallahua'alam.

I'm not a girl,not yet a women :)

I've actually filled my holidays with baking and cooking a little bit here and there

and I must say I really am working hard on my next project,patchwork,here I come!


a chinese proverb recited by professor abbas was

it is easier to stand by the window than to look in a mirror

we will always feel that we are in a comfort zone when we look at others and blame them.

and the feelings of 

proud,arrogant,pleased easily,bossy and a lot more,shows that we are in zulumat(darkness)

so we need to get out of the darkness and get into the light.

holidays filling.

well the days are moving and I'm here,safe and sound in shah alam.On one of the nights,where that evening we made cream puffs(best sangat okay),I followed my mum to incief,it is sort of like an open universiti for students who take masters or doctorate as a part-time.
It was a class for Quran and Economy,conducted by Prof Abbas.We reached late since we got stuck in the highway,but at last we got there,Alhamdulillah.
He was ranting about Riswah(bribery),Maysar(gambling),usury,tijarah(interest) and all these things about ecnomics where I could figure out some and the rest was history.But I didn't sleep or what,I just listened.I was amazed by the way he conveyed everything in Islam's perspective.The fact that he always smiled when relating to the Quran and he had this fatherly look.
In the middle of the lecture,he suddenly mentioned about sibghah,sibghah is dye,then he gave a situation,in morocco,there is this place for dying clothes and so every piece of the cloth will have tha…