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holidays filling.

well the days are moving and I'm here,safe and sound in shah alam.On one of the nights,where that evening we made cream puffs(best sangat okay),I followed my mum to incief,it is sort of like an open universiti for students who take masters or doctorate as a part-time.

It was a class for Quran and Economy,conducted by Prof Abbas.We reached late since we got stuck in the highway,but at last we got there,Alhamdulillah.

He was ranting about Riswah(bribery),Maysar(gambling),usury,tijarah(interest) and all these things about ecnomics where I could figure out some and the rest was history.But I didn't sleep or what,I just listened.I was amazed by the way he conveyed everything in Islam's perspective.The fact that he always smiled when relating to the Quran and he had this fatherly look.

In the middle of the lecture,he suddenly mentioned about sibghah,sibghah is dye,then he gave a situation,in morocco,there is this place for dying clothes and so every piece of the cloth will have that particular colour.the same goes to us,we need to have the sibghah,which is controlled by Allah in determining the concentration of the sibghah.

We reflect back during the sahabat's ages,how bilai bin rabah and sumayyah reacted eventhough people provoked them badly.

they could just think of Allah,the one and only.

this is one of an example that the sibghah has suceeded.

Our religion is the Colour of Allah,and who can colour better than Allah?And it is He Whom we worship.

al baqarah:138

Besides,professor abbas also added,when Allah created mankind,he patted himself for the good work because he himself admitted that mankind were the best creation ever,Subhanallah!

Thats why,if we do wrong doings,we seek for tawbah.Tawbah is not about repenting it is all about returning.

Imagine,you have strayed away too far from the real and true road and you don't know where to go,at that moment,you will feel so bad and seek forgiveness from Allah,for He is the most Merciful.So when you turn back to return to the right pathway,you see Allah opening his arms and waiting for you in open arms to hug you.You will cry you heart out,but don't fear Allah has always been with you all this while,Allahuakbar!

so lets together sit down and think for a while,that Allah is the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.


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I was helping my mum scanning her photos during her years in the US ,when I bumped into this photo of a friend of mine that I truly adore.
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which if spelt together, جرح .

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