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la dolce siblings!!!

peace no war!!!

una's not in the picture....una we miss you!!!I'll post a picture with you dear...

spice up the world!!!

I was a spice girl fan during my early ages.Well don't be surprised regarding the pictures above!!!I didn't actually meet them in person,it was picture taken in those machine thingy and you could see how Over The Moon i was, wasn't I???I still remember there nick names, posh spice,ginger spice,sporty spice,scary spice and baby spice.

down the memory lane[part 2]

I was helping my mum scanning her photos during her years in the US ,when I bumped into this photo of a friend of mine that I truly adore.
sharifah aiman al jafri syed ihsanoh yeah she's the one wearing the red scarf.sweet isn't she!!from left:aiman,irfan(her sis),maryam,me,aishah she's my age and we were together during primary school at SK Sura.Boy was that a long time ago and to think I'm about to start my uni years!!!She's now in England and after like more than half a decade not contacting her,we started contacting each other via email.I can't afford losing her again.The value of a friendship is indeed priceless!!

the grass on the other side is greener

the grass on the other side is always greener its an english proverb which was told in a story i read ages ago when i was in primary school. it was regarding a goat which was always unsatisfied of the grass in its area and thinking that the grass on the other side of the village was much better and greener than its once the goat had the opportunity to shift to the next village it was then the goat realised that the village where it used to live was much greener and better!!! the moral of the story is to teach us to be grateful of what we have no matter what just remind ourself that Allah has gave us the best if we have a car and we get jealous of those with bigger cars think of those who don't even have a transport to move here and there if we don't always eat delicious meal everyday think of those in Gaza who are starving and have difficulties to eat anything! if we don't own fancy attires and so think of those who wear rags and dirty cloths theres a hadith about gratitude which will mak…

down the memory lane [part 1]

fatin amirah md fuad from left : me and fatin
I never thought that after so many years being apart,today I met up with my so called long lost friend Fatin Amirah Bt Md Fuad!!!We met at Midvalley Megamall around lunch hour .The moment we set eyes upon each other i gazed her in awe.She is just so gorgeous.She is still the same good Fatin and she still has the character of the goody good girl in her. hope that our friendship will never end...


Morning :

followed my mum for her car service and shopped at Jusco Bukit Raja

Afternoon :

Slept because of nothing to do

Evening :

Had a girls outing with budak-budak MSU-adilah,aisyah,rafiqa,atie and met up with budak-budak INTEC-maziah,arinie

Night :

Ate spaghetti ummi made,it was so delicious!!!oh la la!!

Today's pick : number 2009 (the 'number giliran' when me and ummi went for the car service)

mama mia!!!

I love you Ummi!!!

Today's pick : finger lickin' lasagne

Queen Of My Heart

Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly
-sarah malin
Hello there! Yesterday was Mothers Day and i really feel that it was the most memorable day ever! As it was a Sunday ,it was like any other weekends: I woke up late,attended swimming lessons,read books and had lots and lots of fun! As night arrived,my mum and dad went to the surau near our home,Surau At-Taqwa and that was when we carried out our plan . Me,ifah and kak ina started to make lasagne ,and then ifah and me arranged the living room a bit.We placed a laptop in front of the sofa and in the end it looked like we were setting up a home theatre! We then put the bouquet of chocolate flowers on it that we bought a couple of days ago and voilaaa... everything was ready.So,in the end we were just waiting for the lasagne from the oven.when ummi came back everyone was …

feeding the soul [special edition]

Thoughts of Allah, then say ...

When starting to do something, say Bismillah - In the name of Allah

When intending to do something, say Insha-Allah - If Allah wills

When something is being praised, say Subhan-Allah - All praise due to Allah

When in pain and distress, say Ya Allah -Oh Allah

When expressing appreciation, say- Masha-Allah - As Allah willed it

When thanking someone, say- Jazak-Allah - May Allah reward you

When awakening from sleep, say- La Ilaha ill Allah - There is no God but Allah

When taking an oath, say- Walla Billah -I swear by Allah

When sneezing, say- Al-hamdu-lillah - All praise is due to Allah

When someone else sneezes, say- Yar Hamok Allah - May Allah have mercy on you

When repenting of a sin, say- Astagh Ferullah -I seek the forgiveness of Allah

When giving to charity, say- Fi Sabi Lillah - For the sake of Allah

When having love for someone, say- Lihub Bullah - For the love of Allah

When getting married, say- Aman to Billah -I believe in Allah

When parting from someone, say-

fajr du'a

بسمك اللهم ندعوفي غدو وروىلك منا كل حمدفي مساء وصباح حبلنا منك رشداواهدنا سبل اصلاحإن تقوى الله نوروطريق للفلاحbismikallahumma nada`u= in the name of Allah fi ghuduwiw wa rawah= we pray,in the morning and eveninglaka minna kullu hamdin= for u all the praisefi masaiw wa sobah= in the morning and eveninghablana minka roshadah= give us the guidewahdiina subulasolah= show us the right pathinna taqwa allahi nurun= truly, taqwa to Allahwa toriqul lil falah= is the light and way to successDengan namamu Ya AllahKami meminta pada waktu pagi dan petangbagi mengisi pujian pada waktu pagi dan petangkurniakan kami dari sisiMu petunjukTunjukkan kami jalan kebaikansesungguhnya ketaqwaan kpd Allahcahaya dan jalan kejayaancredits for ifah my little sister for her effort on the jawi version!!!thanks ifah!!!~~here is the lnk for those that want to convert your writings to jawi~
its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...

happy birthday!

[part 1] 2nd may 2009

guess i missed an entry for ahmad's birthday,but it still could be done next year,insyaAllah.

Well,Maryam Haaziqah,Happy Birthday to you from your beloved kak long!!

It looks like my post is a belated one,

but better late then never

and its not everday you turn 10..

so enjoy your year

May Allah Bless you and the rest of us...

its not much,its not a masterpiece,but its sincerely from me...

halalan toyyiba

world halal forum w
Well, I was out and about again! This time with my sister ifah,where we heading to KLCC for a world halal forum with the theme Achieving global halal integrity, it was a 2 days forum and she insisted us to go since we had invitations, and she said that those with invitations were honoured to attend this particular forum, and I guess we were among the honoured people then! Sounds cheesy enough for me.Well the forum started like around 10 and ended at 5, and with ifah having her school hours and stuff we had to like set off from home at 3 and after a little delay here and there we managed to reach KLCC at about 4.30.What!!I repeat at 4.30.and to think it ended at what to be expected!!Ifah seemed to not give in while I was like wanting to back off as quickly as possible.

Well, we managed to reach their safely and also we were like lost among the ocean of people wearing suits and we were like looking at each other gasping OMG-wrong-dress-codela!!

But who cares duh...w…

advertisement of BEANZ

3...2...1...Presenting you the opening of our new shop
Your satisfactory is our priority
If you happen to be wondering about in Times Square
You are most welcomed to walk in our shop
We sell stuffs of Tommy Bahama,Adidas Originas,Robert Graham,Bugatchi,Andrew Christian,Nike and the list goes on.
So , there you go
For any further enquiries your are welcomed to visit directly to the owner at
Have a nice day
Shop till you drop~~

*ehem* *ehem*

Don’t I make a good advertiser???Please agree!!!

Well, the shop above of course exists somewhere in Times Square, can’t actually remember the exact location and mostly it sells men’s attire, so I don’t really have a concrete reason to go there unless I’m getting something for my dad.

I found it by accident I guess, me and ninie was walking around and we were indeed shopping till we dropped (yes you have a point there Mr. Wafy) when I suddenly cam across these two mamat that were holding plastics bag with the BEANZ on it. So I was …

Ekspresi Remaja Ambang IPT (ERAT 09)

the most sensational camp of the year goes to

*drum rolls*


*a round of applause*

well I must say it has been totally the best camping days that I ever attended.Million thanks to those involved in this camp directly or indirectly,plus thanks for the mentors for taking care of us and the support given by the proteges brothers nor sisters.


after and ninie straight away entered the hall to hear the remaining of the brief given by sis aminah(well we did reach pretty late,but it wasn't our fault right?)then,after the microphone was handed to bro dhany,the camp officially started with Ayuh Kenal Yuk! It was totally fun because the ice was broken in a completely different way,it didn't go like the old-fashion style

my name is...yada..yada.I live at...yada..yada

but the approach was completely absurd.we had to write on a small piece of paper,three things,1.our favourite food,2.the name we will give to a pet(someone somehow shouted dhany an…

(ahl bayt) أهل البيت

cheese!!i still remember whenever you want people to smile when snapping a picture,you tend to say this word.and it somehow worked!!cheese...i mean common whats so special about it?nothing! for goodness sake.Well I managed to scrape these pictures while doing a little spring cleaning,unfortunately some were somehow unavailable,you can somehow see the evolution of the Nordin's family.I'm really proud being Dr Nordin's and Salwana's elders daughter and to have five siblings all together,Nur Naelah Ariefah,Nabiela Husna,Maryam Haaziqah and Ahmad Nabhan Fikriey.All the laughters and tears are endured together.Really hope we'll stay as one big happy family.InsyaAllah .May Allah Bless us.Now in Islam family is considered as ahl bayt and there is a mention of it in the holy Al-Quran.

Ahlul Bayt (Ahl al-Bayt) in Noble Qur'an
The Purified Ones: The Highest degree of purity means to be kept constantly away from all the causes of impurity. This is termed as the state of inf…

journey of life

i've always been thankful being grown up in an environment that puts education as a priority,the two pictures above shows my first year at school at Kendall Primary School in 1996 and next to it is a picture of my last year at school at Pasir Puteh Science School in 2008.The years I faced during my school years were memorable years.But what I thought was the most valuable experience is getting the opportunity to be in two different countries at England and Malaysia.Eventhough both have different education systems I know I recieved proper education taught by superb teachers and having understanding friends.I remember the awards given like the gold and silver awards because I excelled in the task given like reading and spelling tasks.when i returned to Malaysia I even achieved Tokoh Pelajar award.And not to forget for the major examination like UPSR,PMR and SPM,Alhamdulillah I managed to get straight As in all the examinations I sat for.It does sound that I seem to always face over-…