Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Morning :

followed my mum for her car service and shopped at Jusco Bukit Raja

Afternoon :

Slept because of nothing to do

Evening :

Had a girls outing with budak-budak MSU-adilah,aisyah,rafiqa,atie and met up with budak-budak INTEC-maziah,arinie

Night :

Ate spaghetti ummi made,it was so delicious!!!oh la la!!

Today's pick : number 2009 (the 'number giliran' when me and ummi went for the car service)


neko said...

my dear qeelah..
i hope so..
may ur dream become true..
luu ya!!
do keep in touch..

reyhan(~_^) said...

fully routine ..
xpnadai la nk tulis2 in bi nie
cm wat essay la+nga ms abby