Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the beauty of physics

Did it ever accustom to you that , if you punch a wall, for instance , you'll get hurt.In other words the wall sort of like punched you back?There is an equal force acting back on the original reaction.Well , in physics we learn that every reaction we put in contact with a surface, will have its opposite reaction.This could be related to the Newton's third law!

Since secondary,physics never captured my heart,it wasn't mr P's fault of course,but it was mine,because I was the one who failed to notice the beauty of it.until, suddenly today,the two-hours intensive learning with Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Saat,who is also an advanced level lecturer in Intec,made me realised that mr P is such a beautiful thing as long as the eye's of the beholder sees it that way.Like people always say,beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder,same goes here.Cikgu Ahmad helped me affirming the concepts that I thought I was quite lost and brushed up my understanding skills.Thanks teacher.Now,back to the situation above , there are several Newtons law that we will apply in our studies,Sir Isaac Newton acknowledged 3 forces that are known as Newton's Law of Motions.

Sir Isaac Newton

Newton's First and Second laws, in Latin, from the original 1687 edition of the Principia Mathematica.

Let the game begin :

Newtons First Law of Motion :

Every object in a state of uniform motion or tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.
(it shows that if an object is in motion with constant speed or remains stationary with zero speed unless there is force from other parties,it leads to the Law of Inertia)

Newton's Second Law of Motion :

Is defined as force to be equal to change in momentum (mass times velocity) per change in time.Which newton also develop the word 'changes' in calculus could be written in differentiation form.But if you put it in fancy words,the change of momentum of a body is proportional to the impulse impressed on the body, and happens along the straight line on which that impulse is impressed.

impulse is equal to change of momentum


differentiation form =

when mass is is constant ,F = ma

Newton's Third law of Motion :

for every action , there is an equal magnitude and opposite reaction as long as the force is of the same kind.for example if the force exerted in a contact force,the opposite reaction must be in contact force.

The skaters' forces on each other are equal in magnitude, but act in opposite directions.


miza said...

indeed!! soo beauty..so the lecturer..ahhaha x masal~

Anonymous said...

i wish i will find the true beauty of phy as soon as possible!!! hehe. great post! inspiring. hehe

aqeelah said...

btol2 !! miss yan indah sgt...justeru ditugaskan ajar physics.heheheh..neway I'll pray we all get to see the beauty of physics..insyaAllah..Lyana,ur blog enlightens me up too...

nadhirah said...

u been studying intensely?
even when i'm reading this, i cud feel ur passion..is dat scary?

Aqeelah said...

duh..nad ni namenye last resort..aku perlu gle smangat physics la...tolong someone!