Saturday, April 17, 2010

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your first impression of ktt?

first friend you made?
mayang,my room mate.her mum,told me to chnage my bed since it was a little wobbly,but didn't,and i still regret for denying to change my bed,which makes me end up sleeping on the utmost uncomfortable bed ever.oh god!*sighing*

first boy or girl that caught your attention through out the orientation week?

none or was there any?

favourite lunch,
anything from melayu cafe

favourite place to sit when you study in the library
i usually sit upstairs,but anywhere would do,as long as it is far away from others,i rarely sit in the cubicle,its a lttle suffocating.

your dinner place, mamak or melayu?
7-1-a4,i rarely eat at the cafe unless for any occasions,usually my dinner is at home ordered from melayu cafe.

favourite transportation when you go out.

favourite place to hang out
jiran tetangga ! to be precise 7-1-a1.

favourite game to play during the evening, or you just sit at your apartment and had naps every evening?
uishh..what a bad question,but still i rarely play outside because i prefer to be at home.doing what?nothing but not having naps of course.

favourite ktt's trasportation, van or bus?

what time do you go to sleep?
way after midnight,thats for sure.

favourite subject?
biology eventhough i'm always confused with the facts,still it has got to be number one.

favourite lecturer?
none because all of the are my favourite!(playing safe)

but i guess,sir kumar is superb,sadly i'm not that into physics :((

favourite classroom,cr?
CR 2,because before entering cr2,we will stop at the female lounge and talk.well actually *gossips.

favourite lh?
LH 2,i guess because it is my examination room.

favourite place to sit for an exam?
anywhere would do actually.

favourite clothes to wear to class?
baju kurung.never tried wearing anything else.

favourite mpp?
maybe pojie along with my other classmates and the other mpp's,they look dedicated enough.

favourite event you took part or attend?
isk.everything started because of matter how much people make fun of it,nor to what extend they say about it,bad or good,isk really gave the biggest impact to my life and it will be treasured.forever.insyaAllah.

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now i feel like doing this.thanks fara fro tagging~

1. Siapakah anda di rumah?

eldest!and proud to be one.i'm the eldest daughter and grand daughter.i'm bossy and i like to tease my siblings but i love them so much much much.i'm the loudest of them all,and i annoy them because i'm even loud and noisy during times when i'm suppose to be quiet.i'm also known as the sleepy head.i can sleep today and wake up tomorrow.fuuuhhh.

2. Siapa anda di samping rakan?

during secondary was known as nordin,haha.i'm not really sure how this happen,but i think it was started by pija ranzi.she said she called me for the umpteenth time but ididn't respond,so she called out my father's name,then i responded.from that time onwards,i was known as nordin.moral of the story,be alert when people call you and straight away respond to them.

since i'm now in ktt,i'm known as kiki,which sometimes makes me giggle inside,how on earth does kiki suit me?well,i guess we have to ask the co-founder of this name-nadirah ismail.but then again,its easier to call and remember.still,i'm already use to people calling me that and i like it.LOL

3. 5 benda yang belum tercapai.

be a doctor(meaning finishing alevels and medical degree)

be a good sister
hafal juz amma(completely)
get a husband and have kids *winks*
return to colchester

4. Siapakah nama pasangan anda?

can't say since i don't have one :(

5. Ceritakan 5 perkara yang anda suka tentang pasangan anda.



6. Bila tarikh anda couple?

if only i knew

7. Apa kenangan pahit anda bersama pasangan?


8. Lagu tema cinta anda

is there suppose to be one?

9. Apa perubahan yang anda ingin lihat dari pasangan anda?

we'll see to that later

well then,it's finished earlier then i expected.what do you expect,half of the questions were out of syllabus....LOL

Thursday, April 15, 2010

when love strikes you

it is so sweet to hear from a guy confessing he likes your best friend,and its even sweeter whe he says he's been liking her since primary school.imagine for all these years,he's been keeping this secret all to himself,and who's to think he does actually cares for her.besides,during primary all they knew was quarreling with each other,but he bluntly said that 'she has been in my heart all this while!' OMG i'm really touched by you for having the purest,sweet feeling ever shown by a guy!

dear adik pi,your one lucky lady!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mestica oil

fuh...i'm feeling a lot better after suffering a so-called cholera stomach pain for the whole week!i mean what more can you say when whatever you eat comes out from your body in liquid instead of solid!well thats enough about my tummy pain.

this week was tremendously exciting!Everyone was excited to end pre-as,i must say making the yeast 'beads' were awesome!mayang had her first niece,wanee was shining her yellow gummy braced teeth whenever she had the time too,and ruz was being so nice and comel,extra credits for her.and i must say,eventhough we rarely do cleaning at home but on monday,suddenly all of us became kakak cleaners and brushed the house like ever!ruz was the most expertise in scrubbing and scraping the dirt on the tiles in the kitchen,wanee mopped the whole house,and i just helped washing the place too,i was actually excited to splash water at them!the day before that,mayang wiped away the mosquito breeding area,and for god sake,thank's to Allah we decided to wipe the stagnant water under the washing machine,because we were close enough to receive the now,our house is more cleaner and hygienic than before.kudos to 7-1-a4 fellows!

and last night,after the biology lab test,i was on my way back to the apartment when miza called me hurriedly,she was near a booth at bintang walk and i could barely see a thing the booth was selling due to people hovering the table,but at last i could see that the uncle was selling buttons.miza came up with this utmost amazing idea of doing a button for AJGC and i agreed as abruptly as be frank,i miss moments with ajgc,we can't spend too much time together due to time consuming,so whenever we have the time to get together,it really lights my whole world.anyway,the button really showed simplicity but i love it <3!and i love you guys


i guess i always lit up when you do small things to me pause thanks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

oh la la

OMG! It's april already,pre as exams nearly over,which means that my as is getting closer which also means that gira will be going soon!oh no!I'll miss her alright.ok i'm getting all fidgety and bursting into tear glands have been functioning since march and i easily get sad and touched over small that an omen?besides i'm missing my family too much,ummi went to sudan for the whole week and i was the one who got so affected by her departure.i'm so embarassed with my sisters and ahmad.i mean i'm big enough to hold back those tears,and be a lady!but i choose not to.well not yet i suppose.i'm still daddy's daughter.well,today was quite a day,had biology papers in the afternoon,was kicked out from the examination room in the evening!(well actually,our schedule had a slight change),ate dinner with mimi and gira,celebrated belle's birthday and right now holding a sort of slumber-party-beauty-therapy and conducted by the beautician of our stairs,harisah.the girls were wanee,miza,nadiah,ayuni,nad and for the first time ever i'm wearing a mask which i really feel weird and excited mingling about.well lets see where this slumber party's going off to.

i'm in love with the Creator!