Saturday, April 17, 2010

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your first impression of ktt?

first friend you made?
mayang,my room mate.her mum,told me to chnage my bed since it was a little wobbly,but didn't,and i still regret for denying to change my bed,which makes me end up sleeping on the utmost uncomfortable bed ever.oh god!*sighing*

first boy or girl that caught your attention through out the orientation week?

none or was there any?

favourite lunch,
anything from melayu cafe

favourite place to sit when you study in the library
i usually sit upstairs,but anywhere would do,as long as it is far away from others,i rarely sit in the cubicle,its a lttle suffocating.

your dinner place, mamak or melayu?
7-1-a4,i rarely eat at the cafe unless for any occasions,usually my dinner is at home ordered from melayu cafe.

favourite transportation when you go out.

favourite place to hang out
jiran tetangga ! to be precise 7-1-a1.

favourite game to play during the evening, or you just sit at your apartment and had naps every evening?
uishh..what a bad question,but still i rarely play outside because i prefer to be at home.doing what?nothing but not having naps of course.

favourite ktt's trasportation, van or bus?

what time do you go to sleep?
way after midnight,thats for sure.

favourite subject?
biology eventhough i'm always confused with the facts,still it has got to be number one.

favourite lecturer?
none because all of the are my favourite!(playing safe)

but i guess,sir kumar is superb,sadly i'm not that into physics :((

favourite classroom,cr?
CR 2,because before entering cr2,we will stop at the female lounge and talk.well actually *gossips.

favourite lh?
LH 2,i guess because it is my examination room.

favourite place to sit for an exam?
anywhere would do actually.

favourite clothes to wear to class?
baju kurung.never tried wearing anything else.

favourite mpp?
maybe pojie along with my other classmates and the other mpp's,they look dedicated enough.

favourite event you took part or attend?
isk.everything started because of matter how much people make fun of it,nor to what extend they say about it,bad or good,isk really gave the biggest impact to my life and it will be treasured.forever.insyaAllah.


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