Saturday, April 17, 2010

tagged by fara

now i feel like doing this.thanks fara fro tagging~

1. Siapakah anda di rumah?

eldest!and proud to be one.i'm the eldest daughter and grand daughter.i'm bossy and i like to tease my siblings but i love them so much much much.i'm the loudest of them all,and i annoy them because i'm even loud and noisy during times when i'm suppose to be quiet.i'm also known as the sleepy head.i can sleep today and wake up tomorrow.fuuuhhh.

2. Siapa anda di samping rakan?

during secondary was known as nordin,haha.i'm not really sure how this happen,but i think it was started by pija ranzi.she said she called me for the umpteenth time but ididn't respond,so she called out my father's name,then i responded.from that time onwards,i was known as nordin.moral of the story,be alert when people call you and straight away respond to them.

since i'm now in ktt,i'm known as kiki,which sometimes makes me giggle inside,how on earth does kiki suit me?well,i guess we have to ask the co-founder of this name-nadirah ismail.but then again,its easier to call and remember.still,i'm already use to people calling me that and i like it.LOL

3. 5 benda yang belum tercapai.

be a doctor(meaning finishing alevels and medical degree)

be a good sister
hafal juz amma(completely)
get a husband and have kids *winks*
return to colchester

4. Siapakah nama pasangan anda?

can't say since i don't have one :(

5. Ceritakan 5 perkara yang anda suka tentang pasangan anda.



6. Bila tarikh anda couple?

if only i knew

7. Apa kenangan pahit anda bersama pasangan?


8. Lagu tema cinta anda

is there suppose to be one?

9. Apa perubahan yang anda ingin lihat dari pasangan anda?

we'll see to that later

well then,it's finished earlier then i expected.what do you expect,half of the questions were out of syllabus....LOL

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